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By Greg Evensen

August 27, 2011

ASSESSMENT ONE: "Know the enemy—engage and quit playing games."

The Muslim threat in and toward America is greater than the pending banking debacle, US currency inflation/deflation and debasement, or even the illegal invasion along our border. It is so because the Muslim threat is insidious and unending, it is religious on the surface, but is really an economic and social system. It has the “look” of a religion, but is clearly the fictional ranting of a false prophet named Mohammed in 630 A.D. However, the Quran is their “holy book,” an instruction manual for killing all those who do not accept their bigoted, subversive view of the world, and once it gains a 20% cultural foothold, it is unstoppable. These are the established population densities where the surge toward not just “acceptance,” but indeed an official promotion of its cultural stranglehold on government. Add to that a fatally flawed public view that “we are just being tolerant and Christian” in our support of the “one Muslim Mosque on every corner mentality” within the so-called democracies in Europe and North America, and you see how we have exposed our collective necks to the Islamic executioner.

This is the perfect “blending” of cultures that will leave only one standing at the end of the day. The first, called Christianity promotes a loving God that gave His son Jesus Christ so that all who accept Him alone are forgiven and taken to Heaven on death. The other, called Islam promotes a vengeful “kill all Christians or Jews that will not convert to Islam, and teach that evil hatred is normal. There is absolutely no tolerance for any other belief system under Sharia law. There is only one belief and that is a made up god called Allah, who provides paradise ONLY if the Muslim slave carries out the luciferian ideals hell bent on absolutely ELIMINATING all other people—read that Christians and Jews.

Make no mistake here, or it will be America’s last mistake. The war is with Islam first and foremost. Our ongoing struggle against the illegal invasion from Mexico, the banking cannibalism (eating the depositors wealth), the ongoing communist threat from Washington and the open treason by Eric Holder, Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and of course, the Muslim in Chief. It is an eternal slap against veterans, who gave their all to insure victory in defeating communism, and we are once again pitted against the same socialist, communist, one world corrupted, demon inspired legions of people who now are “occupying Washington.” May god forgive us and deliver us from evil---AMEN!

ASSESSMENT TWO: “It is Time To Resist and Defend Yourselves.”

The continuing build-up in America of foreign military assets from Europe including ground and air units that have been reported by radio talk show host “Hawk” (Strive To Thrive) as billeting in motel facilities in southern Michigan, central Indiana, and western Ohio, indicate that these levels of preparation rival that of a war footing—and not just cooperative/mutual training exercises.
The money being spent at this moment to transfer air units, security forces, support combat air crews, armor, anti-aircraft, and ground force suppression with forward perimeter staging areas, fuel, food, transportation and lodging costs, etc., move light years beyond ordinary alert and disperse drills that a military force will engage in when domestic peace reigns, and the government is working with and for the people. Only a rogue government, that government’s internal police authorities, and the armed forces themselves--who are seeking a continuing position of hard containment and suppression of the people--would engage in the rhetoric about you and me being “domestic terrorists,” and the tagging of people with Nazi-like pejoratives normally reserved for North Koreans, Iranians and the Chinese, The U.S. is absolutely preparing for war against the American people.

ASSESSMENT THREE: “He who hesitates loses.”

So, all of this begs the question, “What more is needed to finish the run-up to War for Independence, Part Two?” Answer, Absolutely nothing.

We stand at the doorstep to a three phased, pre-planned, precisely rehearsed final assault on the last resistance to world conquest, by the “Council of the Most High Demon” (Bilderbergers, Illuminati), upon the people of America, in a blood sacrifice unprecedented in all of human history.


It will bring the Muslim invasion, the banking cartel and the on-going weather wars technology into a gigantic collision within America’s heartland. Like it or not, believe it or not, accept it or not, the final steps are being taken to make it happen. You will either be a part of it with your denials and support of the very people who are hell-bent on destroying YOU, or you will stand up with other Americans and muster the same kind of courage that Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock, displayed. Long departed veterans who are lining the sacred halls reserved in heaven for men and women of valor, who went all the way for freedom given to generations yet unborn, are watching and waiting for our response. Can we do any less? Of course we can not and must not.

So I ask you with the same conviction of those who have borne the mottos, “Do What Has to be Done,” and “To Free the Oppressed,” and “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way,” among hundreds of others, are you willing?

FINAL ASSESSMENT: “Judgment will follow for those who quit and run.”

At the end of the day, “Don’t Tread on Me seems to be the most urgent and compelling. So, America, are you ready to go, ALL THE WAY, or just a whimpering, “I guess I’ll just get out of the way, while someone else gears up to do battle for me.” Bring me breakfast and wake me up when it’s over………..


Q: Once the hammer drops, will there be time to react and come up with our own personal strategy?

A: NO.

Q: Will there be “clues” that we can pick up on in the media, or from officials in government?


Q: Can we count on the military or police to help us during this time of chaos and upheaval?

A. NO. The only thing they will do is escort you to the camp. A few will help.

Q: Will there be others to protect us and fight for our rights and freedom?

A: Some. Many will not. Some will collaborate with the government, some will hide, most will just get by badly off the good will of others.

Q: Is this avoidable?

A: No, not likely.

Pray for guidance, wisdom, mercy and the courage to do what you must, and to give you the friends and family that it will take to get through this intact and safe. One of the lessons God is giving us is how to rely on Him and then our loved ones, in a time of great trial and tribulation. As selfish, spoiled Americans, we have believed that we were exempt from these things as our “divine right” as Americans. It is abundantly clear now, that it is our turn to dance in the arena of the damned. We paid for the ticket for admission with our greed and lust.

There will be no early release from jail on this one. As Tennessee Ernie Ford sang in the 1950’s hit, “You load sixteen tons, and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. St. Peter don’t you call me ‘cause I can’t go…..I owe my soul to the “company store.”

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� 2011 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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We stand at the doorstep to a three phased, pre-planned, precisely rehearsed final assault on the last resistance to world conquest, by the “Council of the Most High Demon” (Bilderbergers, Illuminati), upon the people of America, in a blood sacrifice unprecedented in all of human history.