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By Greg Evensen

July 31, 2011

There is only one way to measure complete success. It is pure, across the board, superlative, goal accomplishment. That level is seldom reached by anyone or any organization. Even the military and police agencies seldom come within range of that elusive, yet very much sought after prize. So, is a high level of personal preparation, training, and the in-field application of survival skills a desired goal, or is it out of the reach of many who seek it, but few who actually study and master its many requirements?

The group that braved high heat and humidity in a heavily wooded section of our recent retreat in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, received some surprising and in many cases reassuring answers. Ticks and mosquitoes were a nuisance but the crews that sat late night watch—alone---found that the price for freedom is not just “eternal vigilance,” but rather “nocturnal vigilance.” Packing equipment on one’s back while walking timber strewn and rock infested paths made the 40 lb. extra weight daunting as well for the majority of 50ish cadets on the move.

Just as important were the discussion topics that were a critical part of this effort as well. This had much less to do with the “instruction” given these hearty souls than the great direction offered by seasoned woodsmen to the rest of the cadre. Truly, this was shared experience at its best, given by those who know nature’s challenges the best. Raspberries, elderberries, choke cherries, blueberries, wild garlic and onion, medicinal herbs and friendly fungus sprouts gave the participants the sense that they could live off the land and to do it well.

Communication was fairly sophisticated with long range high end radios available to the night watch and carefully used so as not to give away locations to potential bad guys.

This was a good effort by those on the move and was humbling for some who suffered with the high heat. It was a very good first effort for the group. Friends were made, lives were affected, and considering the impact of the ultimate reality with our collective national debt mess and potential future lifestyle were encountered up close and personal.

We had several cancellations within two or three days as some chose other events to occupy their time and still others who just could not take the challenge. It was their loss with no adequate substitute available like this one. Like many Americans, talk is what you get, results are never met. Regardless of your feelings about an event like this, you must accept one undeniable fact.
Huge numbers of Americans are going to be forced off the grid into a no-frills lifestyle that is inconceivable to most and unachievable to the rest. Do nothing at your peril. The enemies of this once free nation found in government, banks, government licensed churches, industry, pharmaceuticals, industry agriculture, security/intelligence, military and police agencies, are banking their success on your continuation of a do-nothing lifestyle that will doom you and your family to a resettlement camp or……….

We have all watched this week as imbecile government whack jobs and fairly unbalanced talk show hosts pick around the issues of financial collapse, worthless inflated currency, higher taxes, and more invasive, no privacy, watch your every move government agents outlawing every shred of sacred and inviolate liberties and offer no solutions.

While Obama threatened to stop medicare, social security, veterans and service members pay, other pension checks and food subsidies, absolutely nothing was mentioned about foreign aid, bank bailouts, payments to foreign banks, checks to Brazil to drill for oil, or thousands of other worthless extortion bribes to the U.N., the I.M.F. and on and on and on……. No mention of these, but burn the common man’s house and all that is in it to the ground.

This is our promised change, this is the “heroism” of Barack “social narcissist commie to the core” Hussein “can the Christians, hail the atheists, bow with the Muslims” Obama? Yes, it is.

“Squeaky” Harry Reid, “TV Mama” Charles Shummer, “Botox Beauty” Nancy Pelosi, “Bumbling” Boehner, and the cast from Hollywood Squares 2011, the Republican Rodeo clowns running for president, round out the sick joke that is American leadership.

At this point, I would take a continent twisting pole shift over our “choice” for government leaders any day.

Police agencies and military units are gearing up, training in unprecedented numbers for “street” duty from sea to shining sea.

Plans for mobile courts, to take “justice” to the scene of the crimes, master search and arrest warrants to snatch and grab “offenders,” political crimes housing for millions, and the clipping of the eagle’s wings, are the end result of government of the powerful, by the corrupted and for the chosen elite. It is a dead on reality for everyone except the infirmed, the mentally deficient and the incredibly stupid who lie to themselves about this nation’s disgraceful choices for public office at every level and in every election. We have what we wanted and what we deserve.

So, $6 per bushel corn (useless fuel source), $10 per bushel wheat, (can you say $5-6 a loaf of bread), $16 per bushel soy beans, millions of acres of farm and fruit grove land underwater, along with cotton fields, vegetable truck farms (lesser crops found in your produce section), fewer cattle, hogs, chickens, turkeys, lamb, and skyrocketing market prices, withering berries from heat or corexit but unavailable to you this fall---WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE---THE RESULT IS THE SAME---YOU CANNOT AFFORD THIS OUTCOME!

You see, the people lodging horses, putting in wood stoves, insulating their homes and camps, collecting hand tools, reinforcing windows and doors, setting up short wave radios and solar amplified water systems are investing just as surely in their future as was the stock broker, investment banker and working people across this land. The difference is, the “common person” who invested in preparing, outlived the “paper investment gurus” because the preppers efforts made a difference. All you can ever do with a million dollars of paper money or stock dividends is heat your room for an hour and then it’s gone. “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow it is all gone and so are you.” Cash some in and use it to keep life and limb together.

There are many lessons to be learned from training together for a common goal. You will learn that some of the people have their own goals and they will not ultimately want you “in the group.” That comes from personality quirks, background differences, cultural clashes and religious hard lines. You may have to work with quick reaction people who cannot or will not contemplate a sound strategy and follow a plan. These folks can make good efforts lead to nothing or mess up the best because they just must do it their way. These circumstances have been around since day one and will always be present. In the end, form a nucleus of people you absolutely trust to:

A. Get the job done quickly, quietly, carefully, and completely.

B. Be spiritually of one mind and adhere to the mind of Jesus Christ, no one else….period.

C. Share the burdens as fairly as possible and when in doubt go the extra distance to prove your love of commitment and completion of the task.

D. When you are tempted to have the last word….don’t. If a person appears to be against you or the group, then confront it, discuss it, contemplate it, and then correct it. Do whatever it takes, up to an including separation from that person or group. Apologize when in doubt, sincerely, and then move on, with or without those people. Bless them in God’s name and let them go.

E. Double and triple your supplies, obtain the minimums in many areas so that you can barter for what you did not get or could not find.

F. Agree to disagree agreeably until you reach agreement.

G. Be defensive minded and do not engage bad guys just because they are there. Avoid conflict when possible, it is preferable.

H. Disregard G. if attacked. Fight like hell to win and don’t try to take a time out. You will not survive.

I. Allow people do gravitate toward the activities and chores that they do the best. If ordered to do something really disagreeable, then they become disagreeable. Do that whenever you can.

J. Stay in constant contact with those other groups around you who have different make-ups, but are generally in agreement with your goals. Exchange items when you can and help when asked.

K. Remember, gold and silver are great, but you can’t eat it or shoot it. The barter of the future will be ammo, food, and natural medicines.

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This is a summary of the past two weeks and does not take into account the current political, monetary, military or natural challenges facing us 24/7. You must analyze that by reading all of the highly gifted writers who contribute to this great information source at

We continue to answer hundreds of e-mails and phone calls from those who are trying so desperately to catch up and get ready. The recent in-field training was recorded on DVD and will be available exclusively through our “Castle Defense Collection” for your use at

Please keep your faith and continue to reinforce all that you have done to date. You will never, EVER be sorry that you did. God bless each one and in His Holy name……AMEN.

� 2011 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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We continue to answer hundreds of e-mails and phone calls from those who are trying so desperately to catch up and get ready.