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By Greg Evensen

July 10, 2011

It is far too easy to “just tell it” than to try and actually do it. Or as my southern kinfolk expressed it, “it’s better felt than telt.” This week, I will host roughly 25 dedicated fellow countrymen at my homestead in Michigan. People from around the country will meet here to put their minds, bodies and spirits to the test. When the weekend is finished, I believe that each one will say to the other, and themselves, “well done……” This is a race set before the participants to see if they can accomplish something nearly all have never done.

They will live, work, defend the group and emerge from whatever the north woods throws their way. Sun, heat, humidity, rain, cool night dampness, critters of all kinds and the up close and real sense of making it without electricity, cell phones, running water, flushing toilets and micro-waved food is the goal of this training. Sitting on watch for two hours by yourself on a compass perimeter point, staying awake and not making a single move or sound that would alert a bad guy that you are close by, is combat readiness in every sense of the word. Unloaded weapons will be carried and accounted for at every moment. Three highly trained instructors including myself will be carrying “hot” and capable of dealing with 300 pound black bears (like the one my wife and I saw today) wolves, coyotes, owls, hawks, eagles and assorted other game including moose and elk (not usually seen in our immediate area but within 20-30 miles).

So, is this adult boy scouting gone amuck, or is this part of the real life antidote to the freedom robbing poison shoved down our throats by every manner of crooked banker, bought off politician, and tyrannical judge? The eager folks who called and asked to be put on the list have said, “I’m not sitting on the bench for this game. I will be ready when the team calls and I will join the huddle fit and eager to do my part for victory.” That may sound John Wayne corny, but I assure you it is the view of the oppressed as they torch the hell out of their chains of oppression.

As I carry this effort on the road as well, the people who greet me for the first time in a driveway at the home of the brave, a steely eyed moment of “let’s get to the task” takes place and we execute this drill with great precision. Working together, setting huge goals and not stopping until the job is done, is what we are talking about here. No shortcuts, no let someone else do it, and no “when do we eat” mindsets will be standing at the defensive line. On that acre of ground are the true souls who understand the idea of the “land of the free.” F. Scott Key knew well what he wrote when he penned, “O thus be it ever when free men shall stand, between their loved homes and the (coming) war’s desolation.”

We have reached the same moment that those long forgotten tri-corner hatted patriots knew that not one more inch of ground could be allowed to slip away because of their indecision, fear, denial of the British tyranny, refusal to give up their 18th century comforts, and the heartbreak of leaving—perhaps forever—their “loved homes” and the unacceptable choice of surrender to a King’s dictatorship.

Must I say it? The 20th century succession of Kings in America and the King’s army of taxmen, enforcers, armadas and jailers have been with us for a full century. After a long train of abuses, have we no shame? After swarms of officers have taken our liberties, have we no courage left? Have we not heard thousands of Paul Revere’s riding through our land, and we still closed the shutters, locked the doors and pretended we had not heard the warnings? The pulpits are silent, the town hall is complicit with the King and the Magistrate governs like a great warlock bent on taking personal freedom and then tearing away all of the hope from the victim accused of standing against the rule of the corrupt. How horrid, how meaningless, and how despicable is this nation of thieves. Must we be forced to watch our children torn from our arms and stand helpless as our homes, our lands and our destiny is burned before our eyes?

That is what is taking place at this moment in the once great, moral and God-fearing Republic of the United States of America. We luxuriate in our crimes, brag about our sins, use our wages to purchase all types of putrid access to drugs, adultery, homosexuality, gambling, child abuse, abortion, forced state schooling and hundreds of other “tax supported” evils that allow subversion on our borders and in our council chambers.

Make no mistake, we deserve our fate simply because we could not say no to evil when everyone was encouraging it, and we could not say yes to the Godly thing when no one was supporting it. We would not stand in church and challenge the lies and distortion coming from the mouths of blasphemous men of perdition masquerading as “Holy men.” We were unwilling to march on the police chief’s office or the Sheriff’s Department when uniformed violence was an everyday event. We could not withdraw our funds from banks that perpetuated policies which took from the poor and gave to the rich. And yes, we refused to protest the killing of babies or shout down the perverts who stand before an evil clergy official and embrace their sodomite lovers in a charade called “gay marriage.” We witnessed and did nothing as “church members” held horrible signs up along the funeral routes of fallen soldiers and proclaimed that God was glad that their son or daughter had sacrificed their life.


Do we really have to waste one moment trying to figure out why our nation has experienced more “natural” disasters on a cataclysmic scale this year alone than at any other time in our continent’s history? Is it mere chance that the nation is plagued by debt that cannot be accurately determined or imagined? Food is not growing in burned or soggy fields. Do you begin to grasp why people from ALL backgrounds, ALL geographical locations, and ALL walks of life are coming to Michigan next week to see if they can withstand what some would say is the “worst case” scenario they may be forced to endure, so that they can live another day free? Let me assure you that our future may be far worse than what they will face in the “friendly woods” of Iron County.

That is the very reason why millions of Americans have quietly begun to prepare for life off the grid. It is why these same millions are becoming more involved than they have ever been before in their lives. It is also why, sadly, many other millions have simply given up and figure moronically that the government is here to help you and after all, this can never happen in America. Those millions will either perish almost immediately, or they will become complicit with the brutal forces of terror that will force the will of the communist government and state church upon the people for a loaf of bread. That is history already lived, it is reality in much of the world under Muslim Sharia law, and it is scriptural truth as outlined in the Revelation of John at the conclusion of the Holy Bible. It is the Word of God fulfilled in our day and it will bear witness to the near term future of us all.

So, those of you who wish to be helpful join the American Civil Liberties Union and support “real” freedom as they see it. March with Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center as they work hand in hand with the “ever friendly” Homeland Security jackals continue to define domestic terrorists to the general public as all patriots, Christians, abortion protestors, and others, printed at their website that include me and many others.

Well, let me assist you Mr. Dees. I am indeed your most “notorious” suspect. Go for it. Draw up your list and hand it to Janet “the Reaper” Napolitano. It may just help you understand how difficult your job of rounding up Republic citizens will really be. Do not assume we will go quietly. Let me suggest that you should consider an early retirement and take your government money into hiding. We’ll even give you a fair head start………….

Those coming to Crystal Falls are peaceful types, but they are beginning to get a bit testy. No war games will be played; no government people will be singled out to be harassed or shadowed. It isn’t necessary. We already know who the bad guys are and it ain’t us. We will study and practice working together and making it through this obsessively dark period of history created by those I have mentioned and others on the express train to oblivion. America has met her demise because of Fusion Centers, multi-jurisdictional militarized police forces, and billions in entitlements for those least entitled. The rest of us are forced to pay the government agencies that underwrite welfare, and in so doing, underwrite our own defeat. Chase Alice’s rabbit down the hole. Follow the money and power. Observe the elite as they herd us into the cattle pens. PREPARE FOR BATTLE, FIX BAYONETS, DIG IN DEEP, AND NO SURRENDER, EVER!!!

We will miss a few of you who thought about coming and decided that your soccer tournament was more important. We will silently shake our heads at those who make fun of our efforts to bring the truth of this nation’s defeat to the people who need to hear it the most. But we will not back off of our determination to take the high ground in the struggle for the soul of this nation. Where do you stand? Are you still glassy eyed over Obama? Do you love the congressional agenda, new taxes, shrinking pay and retirements? Do you feel more secure in the “peace and safety” police state?

Freedom, personal liberty is clearly not for you. Enjoy your chains. For the rest of you there are tools to assist you in your efforts to prepare.

We will video tape (a three hour overview in-field summary) of this effort and offer it along with the other 12 hours of video training and printed material now available to those who could not come for understandable reasons to Crystal Falls, or other areas where similar training is being held. If you still want to “attend” by “correspondence” before training school is dismissed for good, then contact us at

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Make no mistake the final conflict is at hand. Do you have the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to persevere? Stake your life on it, you will soon have the chance to find out.
As George Washington found it necessary to kneel in the woods before Valley Forge and in desperation prayed that God would send aide, comfort, and victory to his ravaged troops, then we can do no less. Pray that American patriots across this land will stand the test, stand for what is right, and never retreat when the trumpet sounds. Know your duty and answer the call. No less than our nation’s life is at risk. Go forward in the knowledge that even if the church is silent, God does expect us each one to do what is right in a Godly manner, even if we do not survive the coming battle, we will be counted as patriots who gave their all.

Should the flag be destined to come down, then prepare to live each hour in dignity, strength, and spiritual commitment to God Himself. Hold onto the unwavering determination to never forsake your family, and pursue the dedication to that great cause of eternal freedom found only in Jesus.

� 2011 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg Evensen is a former Kansas State Trooper awarded the Governor’s Award for heroism. He has produced two DVD’s, nine hours of training for families attempting to prepare for a breakdown of the national structure and the “grid.” His 400 page “survival Manual” that is also available as a complete companion guide to the DVD’s for dealing with these disruptions is now available along with his inspirational musical CD’s including “The Sovereignty Papers,” a three hour narrative of Greg’s book at his website store

Greg is also traveling the nation assisting concerned Americans by conducting “in-field” training sessions at farms, ranches, churches, and rural homesteads where groups of attendees learn how to defend their homes and master 25 topic areas that will give them the “edge” when the lights go out.

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Must I say it? The 20th century succession of Kings in America and the King’s army of taxmen, enforcers, armadas and jailers have been with us for a full century.