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By Greg Evensen

May 7, 2011

Historically, a treasured home, town square, monuments or even grand houses of worship, all begin with a dream or vision of the finished structure and a huge amount of manual labor to see it through to completion. In many cases, these works of art and architecture have replaced an antiquated edifice that has served its purpose admirably, and is now being remembered fondly, but is gone to make room for an even better place to conduct the family’s business and to make new and better memories for generations yet unborn.

This rather idealized version of what our country is going through right now also includes some dark and sinister issues that only the bravest among us can endure to face squarely, and to tear down the destructive elements that have severely injured the ability of the inhabitants to continue to live within its walls. Thus, in an illustrative nutshell, this is the current dire state we find ourselves confronted with in America today.

I love my country AND its form of government. It is the corrupted, vile, people who have grown obese on our labors to enrich themselves and destroy the destiny of freedom loving citizens and patriots within the government that I detest.

If for no other reason, this new effort called, “The Sword and the Shield” is not only necessary, it is incredibly timely in its creation. I am proud to be associated with it and to know that so many of you are willing, in fact eager, to participate as well.

You see, my contemporaries, the men I worked with and came to know as “brothers-in-arms” were all that rare breed of men who knew fear, but defeated it, risked it all and never spoke of the heartache of a family who might not see their father and husband ever again.

These are some of my brothers in heart at “The Sword and Shield,” true “Mighty Men of Valor.” Many are veterans, and all were peace officers that include: Maynard Brazeal, retired director of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center, Rick Shumard, former Illinois Deputy Chief of Police, my son, Ben Evensen, Wisconsin Deputy Sheriff, Chris Stanton, former Michigan Deputy Sheriff, Dan Howard, former Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper, Andrew Wallace, former Kentucky State Police Trooper, Former Warren, Pennsylvania, detective Richard Kiehl, retired Illinois State Police Major Ed Houghtby, retired Iowa Sheriff, Jim Schweisow, Richard Mack, retired Arizona Sheriff, retired Phoenix Police Officer Jack McLamb, and dear friend Montana Sheriff Shane Harrington. Of course this effort is also in memory of my Kansas State Highway Patrol Academy roommate, Conroy G. O’Brien, who perished from gunfire in the Flint Hills of Kansas in 1978. The roll call goes on, but these are a few of many who will join us in seeking to preserve the peace in the days ahead.

We need all of you now more than ever. Your ideas, your abilities, your devotion to the ideals of our Republic as a rebuilt entity, are superior even to the original founding template, and that is our goal. Without you, there is no reason to go ahead. Without your involvement, there is no cause at all. Just a few of us numerically, cannot even form a team to play sandlot baseball. With many we have both a league and a great foundation to carry the game to people all over our nation.

There is no in-between ground for political losers to parade themselves as victors in a game they never played. The ONLY thing that matters is that we all took the field, never quit, never slowed down, and kept our eyes on the high ground.


I am hoping that you will voluntarily enlist yourselves in this great effort and join us in the quest for total victory. I have played on some very talented teams. There is no replacement for the feeling of achieving the victory and sharing it with the home town crowd.

Needless to say, this is immensely more important than the game metaphor. Our nation, our future, and that of our children are the goals that matter. We simply can not walk away from this game, and we cannot lose no matter how daunting the odds. We must not and we can not fail.

This last effort to construct a forum where police officers and military troops at all levels can come together and share their fears and desires to do the right thing can be seen by their fellow oath keepers, all of whom are in the same boat. This forum will be private and can be accessed only by those “authorized” to be on there with others of like mind. I want to help facilitate a place to inform and support those in uniform that need that outlet. With my background, it seems reasonable that I would be the one to initiate this effort on their behalf. (posted at

We are so far gone down the road of national destruction, that to wait any longer without working with these dedicated servants would be an incalculable loss of an opportunity to all work toward national restoration if possible, or at the worst, a level of resistance when it becomes necessary. I know what they all face and I do understand the extremely difficult days ahead for their futures and their lives.

So often, I write of the incredible chaos, destruction, and heavy toll tyranny has taken on our nation from within. Ideally, I want this to be an equally positive effort to embolden the very people we entrust our lives to when others would assault us or enslave us.

Ultimately, we will face the prospects of battling in the streets to defend our liberties, our homes, and those we love most of all. I do not desire to fight my former associates to restore a shattered nation. So perhaps this can be one small effort to stand with and not against those wearing the shield and carrying the sword. Men and women who have taken the oath MUST uphold that oath above all other things when called to stand. Those who swore before God himself to serve and protect, must do just that. They cannot succumb to the lust for power and the “righteousness” of battling, capturing or killing the citizens of this country. Their ideals must match those of patriots and people of faith who know right from wrong and live peacefully to raise their families. We have far more in common than we have in conflict. The time has come to articulate that, settle that, and get on with what must be done to clean the house and rebuild. I must believe that. I choose to believe that even when assailed by those who have thrown in the towel or worse yet gone over to the side of the enemy and tyranny.

I invite you to stay in touch with our final appeal to the force of reason before we slip under the waves forever. We owe this to 235 years of national struggle. The veterans who gave it all, the peace officers who died for community, you are our witnesses. Many of us are silver haired and not quite as strong as we once were, but I will tell you this---my determination to do everything I can to stop this evil is like Damascus steel. There is no turning back, it is straight ahead, all the way, meet the challenge, conquer the fear, shoulder the burden, and give it all we have, so that our children may lay us to rest in the peace that we handed them so willingly and so proudly. Indeed, a whole nation of uniformed Bravehearts!

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Will you join me? If you have not found a reason in the past to do all that you can in volunteering to aid this nation, then allow this to be your first step on our collective run to victory.

For all that you have done honorably in the line of duty, and all that you may yet accomplish; I offer my most profound, personal appreciation for your courage and determination. I pledge on the graves of those who gave America their all, we can and we will do no less………..we shall do this. God bless you.

� 2011 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg Evensen is a former Kansas State Trooper awarded the Governor’s Award for heroism. He has produced two DVD’s, nine hours of training for families attempting to prepare for a breakdown of the national structure and the “grid.” His 400 page “survival Manual” that is also available as a complete companion guide to the DVD’s for dealing with these disruptions is now available along with his inspirational musical CD’s including “The Sovereignty Papers,” a three hour narrative of Greg’s book at his website store

Greg is also traveling the nation assisting concerned Americans by conducting “in-field” training sessions at farms, ranches, churches, and rural homesteads where groups of attendees learn how to defend their homes and master 25 topic areas that will give them the “edge” when the lights go out.

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We need all of you now more than ever. Your ideas, your abilities, your devotion to the ideals of our Republic as a rebuilt entity, are superior even to the original founding template, and that is our goal.