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By Greg Evensen

April 25, 2011

The “Field of Dreams” became reality in Jefferson City, Missouri, and we were blessed with great speakers, fine music and new friends. They graced that field with courage, commitment and an unequivocal understanding of just how desperate our national condition has become. The crowd that gathered took a somber account of what it will take to make even a small dent in the monster that is the United States of America in its present failed, miserable form. Because of our greed, lust for power, and arrogant rejection of the God of Our Fathers, we face utter destruction and the loss of the original Patriot’s Field of Dreams that a war for Independence secured for us 235 years ago. We did NOT keep the Republic Mr. Franklin. We have failed to “refresh the tree of liberty,” Mr. Jefferson. Our pulpits, our military, and our people have failed to kneel with General Washington in the woods before Valley Forge. Many of us have denied the overwhelming and painfully obvious truth concerning our present state of tyranny that used to be the greatest state of freedom in the history of the world.

So, I ask again, America, where do we go from here? Will we continue down the road toward lockdown in a national prison we have built for ourselves? Will it be to killing fields that used to be known as the cornfields of Illinois, the wheat fields of Kansas, or the soybean fields of Iowa? Will future generations take tours of large earthen burial pits that contain the remains of generations of Americans who would not go quietly into the night? Will that be the final resting place of freedom, liberty and the “American Dream?”

If the tyranny that flourishes in Washington’s Congress, the White House, and the federal court system rumbles on in the form of a political, economic, and banking tsunami across our land, then that will be the only future left to an utterly demoralized, degenerate, and destroyed citizenry. That future is absolutely assured unless we stand up to this unspeakable evil and defeat it here and now.

Do we understand what tyranny is? Imagine all of the world’s worst dictators rolled into one. The Pharaohs, Caesar Augustus, Nero, all the way through the Rothschild’s, King George III, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, the Rockefellers, George Soros, Queen Elizabeth II, Osama, Obama, all with the same goal. The death of freedom, the enslavement of once free, courageous, and a determined people, who would not EVER allow Gestapo worshipping generals and police chiefs to entrap a nation’s people through unprecedented surveillance programs and technology everywhere there is a place to gather in America, even in church.

Although the “Patriot’s Field of Dreams” was a real field and a real event with very real people, it is now a dream in the past. Unless the folks who attended, and a few thousand more who did not attend, seek a unified end to tyranny, then it was all a colossal waste of time, energy, money, and fellowship. You see, lives were changed there as speaker after speaker drove head-on into truth, spiritual renewal, personal responsibility, and suggested a brave physical presence during discussions that cut to the quick concerning the unavoidable need to risk it all to keep from standing before the American version of Nazi gun barrels aimed at those who would not “obey the government” because it is has become today’s Caesar-like Obama version of government.

Is the dreaded Nazi label and outright comparison valid? Is it reasonable and even intellectual to compare the German Government of Adolf Hitler, and the German people from 1933 forward, to the actions of our government and our people today? I believe that it is not only valid, it is crucial that we do so in an ongoing effort to do all that we must do to keep the most evil regime ever to come to power dead and in its grave. However, the ground over the Nuremburg trials and executions of war criminals grave site is rumbling with the sounds of the evil dead being raised to new life by occult and satanic efforts within the Bohemian Grove and the classrooms of universities bent on “change” just as the German universities of the 1920’s and 1930’s became a breeding ground for Alfred Rosenberg’s Aryan race concept. Heinrich Himmler recruited the leadership cadre for the S.S. from the privileged and aristocratic class to give it respect and authority to carry out the most heinous crimes ever witnessed.

As in 1939 Germany, American church pulpits are mostly silent. The Hitler Youth is found in street gangs and youngsters who are addicted to video killing games to prepare them to follow orders. The courts are in fact Nazi judge Roland Friesler’s Nazi Inquisition tribunals (9th Circuit Court of Appeals, incorporated county courts) that were found to be a German governmental criminal agency, along with the German military’s High Command, (Pentagon) the SA (BATF) and the SS, (FBI, FEMA, Homeland (Fatherland) Security) the Secret Police Gestapo, (CIA, NSA) the National Socialist Party apparatus (Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, Communists) the Reichsbank, (Federal Reserve) the railroads,(airlines and the TSA) the Nazi press (New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, NPR, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX News) and hundreds of thousands of uniformed individuals who made it all happen. Does the list have parallels in today’s America? Indeed, Nazi Germany never died, it just moved 5,500 miles to the west. The camps are in place, the police and military have been trained to do the unthinkable, and Der Fuehrer is smiling from his square meter in Hell at how his successors have so willingly followed his plans. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely………

Hammering away at morals and righteous character in the people, while anything becomes a “right” is happening, real rights are challenged in court in front of a lawless, bribed, judicial system. It will ultimately co0ndemn any freedom and emerge as illegal civil protests scenes, no mention of Jesus by military chaplains, IRS intimidated pastors, and faggots that clamor for bowel movement male sex in the public parks to pursue their right to free expression and association. And of course, many rogue police officers, foreign troops, and mercenaries, will seek the next higher level of confrontation with a child, a retiree, or patriot, and will use their latest government mandated and paid for civil disobedience in-field training exercises against the innocent. Community pride, common sense application of justice, and real bravery against militant Muslim extremists are in short supply by those in uniform who must bully others to feel tough. It has become an “us against them mentality,” a military “mission essential” engagement against the people, with increasingly high levels of brutality, until they submit. Pacify the countryside and make examples of those who resist. Make the militarized police training public and overwhelming in its numbers of uniformed personnel, so that resistance in the minds of many is removed forever. THAT IS THE GOAL, IT IS BEING DONE, AND THEY WILL USE THESE TACTICS TO SUBDUE AND SUBJUGATE THIS NATION VERY SOON! The roadblocks have gone up in Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee. The very tactics I described three years ago are standard operating procedure with the state police agencies rehearsing their containment tactics .

These are a few of the most evil outcomes of a nation’s government that has committed itself to enforcing the luciferian agenda adopted through the United Nations, the Bilderburg Group and the Rothschild working group at the heart of most national governments and the entire world banking system. It is enforced by U.S. military generals in violation of their oaths and allegiance to Constitutional mandates designed precisely so that operations carried out by them on behalf of the world governance elites would and could not happen. These are some of the definitions of tyranny as we face them today. There are tens of thousands more. These are simply some of the most egregious and formidable facing our nation at this very moment.

What then is freedom, really? Is it just a reference to some magical state of being no longer a reality at all, or is it still alive and enduring despite all of the efforts to kill it by so many enemies? I suggest that it is both, depending on your level of involvement to sustain it or your active efforts to destroy it by neglect and indifference.

If you belong to ANY group that claims freedom without defining the legitimacy of it within your organization, then it does not apply nor is it a reality. If you claim “rights” for those activities that are obscene, immoral, destructive, clearly illegal or subversive of real precedent setting historical freedom or pursues Christian persecution (Muslim Sharia law, the UN Charter, the agenda of the ACLU, and the Homeland Security advising communist front group the Southern Poverty Law Center run by deviate Morris Dees and a cell of communist traitors being paid by our government to officially provide useless and concocted information to label us as domestic terrorists) to name a few, then you are void of any justification to participate in the American civil process.

Had these Nazi modeled agencies or the corrupted, base, degenerate, lawless activities suddenly forced on us by another nation’s government or armed forces, we would have declared war on the offenders and destroyed the functioning of that subversive nation. We would have killed its soldiers or enforcement agents without mercy and kept it up until the job was absolutely finished.

So I ask the question of the century to all who have understood and processed this situation. Is that not what has happened to us by our own tyrannical government and its agencies? What makes their actions any different than the actions of a foreign aggressor bent on destroying our nation? There is no difference. We have been—ever so slowly—submerged in the ever warming kettle—and as a result, many can no longer discern who the enemy is and what he is doing. We can not focus on the agenda because it is so huge with so many governmental people working to implement it; we are dying a death from ten thousand cuts. Before we bleed out, we had better bind the wounds, fight the infection, and destroy it before this contagion destroys us.

Do you even begin to get this picture? It can not be made any more plain. I told the crowd in Jefferson City, I do not point the finger of blame at anyone else. I point it at myself first. I see the enemy in the neglect that I was a part of thirty years ago because I would not get out of my comfort zone and take on this enemy. I wanted somebody else to do the work.

So now, I do a weekly radio show, write for various entities including this one, speak as often as I can across the nation, teach people in the field, how to move up to “DEFCON 1” as the situation calls for it, write or record books and training material, go in front of the camera for DVD training videos so you would have something to fight back with. See We put horsepower under the hood and began a work, planted the seeds, gave life and reality to a Missouri “DREAM” so that our children could have some vision, hope, and leadership to do the right thing no matter how many say it is useless and wrong. Remember, please………do not accept the wrong thing when everyone else is doing it, and be brave enough to do the right thing even when no one else is doing it.

I have stopped just short from suggesting a call to arms to meet this declaration of war on America by the enemies I have described. (The government is looking for that to bring down the axe). However, I will ultimately be forced to fight them physically with all the might I can bring to bear. Without millions who are willing to do battle as well, such an individual act would be merely a sacrifice and not much more. Without you, the cause is lost. Without you, there is no cause. A shepherd can battle for his flock when one predator is present, however, a shepherd will die with his flock when he is up against a pack of determined wolves and just his wooden staff as a weapon. A nation can not long endure when its patriot force is hiding, waiting for someone else to go into battle for them, lacking support, numbers, and tools to get the job done.

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A call to arms is sadly, and yet justifiably, the admission that nothing else has achieved the goal of emancipation and the joy at seeing the reemergence of real, historic liberty among the people. Because that “Patriot Dream” still lives in the hearts of many of my countrymen, hope is not lost yet, however; the enemy of freedom will not stop the offensive and is building the effort to wipe out our dream. That is why the day quickly approaches when we WILL have a “call to arms” to fight once again for independence from tyranny, or all we will be able to do is wistfully recall in a whisper from a dark closet during our old age, that once America truly was a free, helpful, caring, and morally courageous nation of honor and common sense. One nation under God.

Pray for our nation, for our spiritually lost brothers and sisters, and prepare so that we may endure to the end………stay the course and run the race now set before us. Please tell those you love who have followed you into the oppressive night……..steady boys, steady—now more than ever before.

� 2011 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Do you even begin to get this picture? It can not be made any more plain. I told the crowd in Jefferson City, I do not point the finger of blame at anyone else. I point it at myself first. I see the enemy in the neglect that I was a part of thirty years ago because I would not get out of my comfort zone and take on this enemy.