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By Greg Evensen

January 22, 2011

Pessimistic? Nah, just looking at the same old faces, some new but mostly the same old tired mantras, lies, deception, and final stages of the destruction of the republic. Every peaceful means possible has been tried to bring about a return to common sense, moral, fiscally responsible, legislative leadership to Washington, D.C. Generations under both parties and congressional membership lists that have become dynasties have failed us and piled one disaster upon another. So much pressure has been dumped upon the industrial base, small business, and working legal Americans from so many socialistic origins, that most citizens are numbed to the point of inaction when faced with the absolute reality of our current calamity. They do not have the courage or capacity to fight it anymore if they ever did at all, leaving the heavy lifting to those who just refuse to let it all go down the drain. I am one of those, and I do it for my children, grandchildren and yours as well. I need your help, right now!

No matter where you turn, the public is drowning in “virtual reality games” that train children—like military recruits---to kill and maim by the hundreds, justify all levels of crime, and generally leave all traces of citizen responsibility in the dust. Our current culture values sex, drugs, and rock and roll far more than God, the Bible and righteous living. Because of that community position, whether you accept Christian precepts or not, we have lost our way. We can no longer describe right and wrong, good and evil, necessary or unnecessary, selfish or selfless, unless we have a dictionary and two or three days to complete the assignment. These ideas no longer roll off the mind or the tongue of involved, informed, and intellectually coherent citizens of this nation, let alone many in the schools and universities of the United States of America. Churches, as I have said many times, are now institutions of “feel good” theology that equips the pew warmers for not one concept worthy of the word Holy. Failure to arm this nation for the war against evil forced on us by congress, government agencies, the executive branch, the courts, the hard core police state apparatus of Janet “Butch II” Napolitano and company, renders peaceful means of redefining our government impossible.

We have made the following intensive survey accessible at our website, You may take it on-line and your response counted for a survey result to be published February 1, 2011. This is anonymous and may be answered yes, no, or don’t know. The survey is replicated here without an answer block so that you may read through it and then take it for real if you choose to do so at the heartland site. The questions are designed to be easily read—no hidden agendas---or trick questions. Just straight forward “how do you feel about….” subjects that capture the present state of decline in our country. Several hundred have already taken it. The raw results will be sent to each of the 535 congressional delegates in Washington and to the Governors of the 50 states.

Will it change minds or positions by these politicians? Doubt it. But it is, as I have said to thousands across America, one of the final installments before the now inevitable conflict begins against tyranny, socialism, and one world integration into a luciferian slave state that cannot be adequately described or warned about too much. The time for debate and willful neglect concerning our national governing environment has reached the no return mark. Corrupted, drug induced profiteers, and sexual favors forced upon innocents by the power elite, has reached choke point. It is endemic, systemic and the “norm.” It must be stopped by whatever means is required and done so immediately.

The talk is of collapse internally, economically, politically, and theologically within the year by experts across the board. When you prepare for disaster, you do not go half way, do you? Then get prepared. Take this survey now, mentally and then do it again so that your views can be tallied and sent to the targets of this effort.

“Unbridled Truth from the Heartland”
A Survey - Testing the American Pulse

1. Are you concerned about the direction our government is taking our country?

2. Do you think we are heading for a police state and a loss of freedoms?

3. Do you think we need more input or information to wake people up?

4. Do you think we have had enough talk and now we need action?

5. Do you think the Government is doing a good job and we should just, “go along to get along?”

6. Do you think your vote counts?

7. Do you think we need to go back to paper ballots with elections under the control of citizen monitors?

8. Do you think we need to go back to constitutional law as it was written and not as activist judges set it by precedence and/or bribes?

9. Do you think we need to END the FED and replace it with a system that allows us what the constitution guaranteed us, gold and silver currency, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and equal opportunity for all?

10. Do you think 911 was an inside job or a false flag event so criminals could bring America down?

11. Do you think the BP Oil Rig "Explosion" was also part of a conspiracy plan?


12. Would you join a communication network and participate in taking the actions needed to stop the tyranny and take America back if it had a strong respectable citizen leader?

13. Do you believe that people who are in our country illegally have constitutional rights?

14. Do you think illegal aliens should have the right to sue the government for enforcing immigration laws, when it is the taxpayers hard earned money that ends up paying them, including unearned benefits and social security income?

15. Do you think judges who violate constitutional laws should be arrested and punished?

16. Do you think politicians, representatives, governors, senators, presidents and heads of federal and state agencies should be arrested and punished for violating constitutional law and the founding precepts of the land?

17. Do you think it is time to re-enforce common law and citizen's Grand Juries to prosecute those in government, law enforcement and corporations who break the law?

18. Do you think government has the constitutional right to mandate what you buy (health care) and punish you with fines or jail if you don't?

19. Do you think government has the right to force poisons on its citizens through air, water and food, and to also force medical treatments on citizens against their will?

20. Do you think government has the right to prohibit your ability to grow your own food and take natural supplements rather than harmful chemically treated vegetables or Genetically Modified crops/seeds/fish or other livestock ?

21. Do you think it is time to throw off this government and hire "new guards" as the Declaration of Independence clearly calls for when tyranny reigns?

22. Do you think we should start a new party that doesn't allow the influence of any politicians, lobbyists, or ex-politicians?

23. Should the states secede and start a new government?

24. Should we just publish a new Declaration of Independence, take our military back, and refuse any further support for this rogue government and its criminal agencies, both at the federal and state level?

So, do you have a pulse? Is it racing a bit now that you have once again confronted the complex state of disrepair that is America, 2011? Look, when you know that you have a medical condition that must be taken care of, or a financial crises that can not be ignored, do you just sit and wait? Do you expect someone else to force you into a car at gunpoint and drive you to the hospital or bank to settle the issue? Do you finally, after repeated warnings of dire consequences for your health or well being, make the difficult and scary decision to go and get it taken care of?

Ladies and gentlemen, show-time has arrived. If you do not gather your strength and tackle this task, then your future is bleak indeed.

We are posting after February 15th, our spring, summer and fall training schedule at our north woods ranch training site in Michigan for this year. You may travel to us or we will come to you by car, no planes. All relative information will be on our reservation page, again, at the website, and you may enroll, inquire about the training, or schedule us with you on the available dates.

We are praying we will have the time to prepare several thousand more people before all hell breaks loose. Then, I will most likely retire from public life and get my local friends, family and fellow warriors primed for the big event. Nobody here will hunt down anyone; we will just gear up for what is coming at us and do what must be done. Make no mistake, the boundaries are drawn and the plans are in place.

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I live by these short clusters of patriotic and scriptural thought. “Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country.” “I know not what course others may take, but as for me give me liberty or give me death.” “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” And finally, a final time……”steady, boys, steady, Judd, Bob, Big Jim, Cody, Matt, Rick, Joel, Jeff, Hawk, Steve, Shane, Ben, steady……..”for we are standing on the promises of God!” AMEN!! HALLELUJA!

� 2011 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg Evensen is a former Kansas State Trooper awarded the Governor’s Award for heroism. He has produced two DVD’s, nine hours of training for families attempting to prepare for a breakdown of the national structure and the “grid.” His 400 page “survival Manual” that is also available as a complete companion guide to the DVD’s for dealing with these disruptions is now available along with his inspirational musical CD’s including “The Sovereignty Papers,” a three hour narrative of Greg’s book at his website store

Greg is also traveling the nation assisting concerned Americans by conducting “in-field” training sessions at farms, ranches, churches, and rural homesteads where groups of attendees learn how to defend their homes and master 25 topic areas that will give them the “edge” when the lights go out.

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We are praying we will have the time to prepare several thousand more people before all hell breaks loose.