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By Greg Evensen

October 3, 2007

Three times in the past 17 years, I have been asked directly to run for County Sheriff. Once in Illinois, once in Kansas, and just in the past year I have been asked in yet another state as well. After serving as a Kansas Lawman with the Troopers and as a Marshal, I have earned the right to say, �I have the experience.�

As Kansas Governor Robert Bennett stated in his letter to me on Sept. 2, 1975, �It is my pleasure to present you with the Governor�s Award (Medal of Honor) for exemplary service under adverse conditions resulting in saving the life of Dwayne J. Scott on July 1, 1975�..� He went on to say, �It is noted that this roadside rescue, on a busy interstate highway, was complicated by the combative actions of Mr. Scott�s companion, requiring restraint of one individual while administering emergency medical care to the other. ��.I commend you for your humanistic demonstration of the best traditions of the Kansas State Highway Patrol and the ideals of public service.� It was a difficult fight to say the least. I had been blind-sided in a vicious attack by a drug-crazed hitchhiker, while trying to bring back his buddy with CPR from a death state. A dozen people watched from the boundary fence and literally cheered when I finally knocked the assailant out with a fist to the chin. As the Governor presented me with the citation, surrounded by television crews, I could not help but wonder, isn�t this what I do? I never doubted my commitment to the people of Kansas, nor wavered in making incredibly difficult decisions on a daily basis. I wore an impressive uniform and �Smokey hat� as a symbol of protection for those who could not fight off the bad guys. My esteemed colleagues at NWV who have served their states and jurisdictions know exactly what I mean. This is especially true for my friends retired Sheriffs Richard Mack and Jim Schweisow. What men of ultimate honor and courage. What heroes!

This all came up when I was asked to run. I assured them that physical and mental determination to serve was not an issue. I have scars, broken bones and lingering health reminders that law enforcement is not for the faint-hearted or the �clean shirt types� who let others settle the matters at hand and the dirty work.

Although issues like these are important, being a competent and consistent administrator of scarce public funds as a Sheriff is another troubling and difficult area to deal with. Let me state this without reservation. You use what funds are available and be prepared to CUT BACK where you need to. If that means staff reductions, then get on the road, Sheriff. Answer the calls like the deputies, stand a shift in the corrections facility. Dispatch when someone needs to be home with a sick child. Scratch going to the state capitol for one of those �work a little then play sessions with the other county sheriffs.� Serve some warrants and subpoenas on your own. The list goes on.

However, above all else, be there in spades when it comes to handling ANY confrontation with the bad guys. Those roles have changed very little since the old days. As long as man walks, crime will walk beside us. Keeping crime and criminals under the sheriff�s boot is absolute. Doing so with a Sheriff�s Posse is not knew, but seldom done. I support that strongly. County administrators cringe at the thought of �trained� individuals pinning on a badge and holstering a .45 pistol. It is tantamount to apoplexy for pencil pushers. Statistics on liability, lawsuits, �avoidable� injuries and inappropriate conduct charges from lunatic district prosecutors heads the lists of things to definitely avoid for first term sheriffs.

I say, rubbish. Do what works. Do what must be done! Trust the people to assist and to use good judgment. Train your people yourself and do not let ANYONE get out of line. Lead for God�s sake and do your constitutional duty.

The county sheriff is the ONLY official with the authority to stop federal intervention at the county line, cold--no exceptions. It is the sheriff�s solemn obligation to protect his county as a WHOLE against warrant-less intrusion by federal agents on fishing expeditions, armed invasions of the county by swarms of feds, and insuring a suspect is to be charged or taken in by the sheriff to face a local informed jury of his peers. I stand in support of these issues 100%. I have told two county sheriff committees that. They refused to assist me in my election process. Imagine that. I was not in tight enough with the elite and power brokers in the county. I believed in and was committed to �old ways� of enforcing the law and using proper procedures. I played no favorites and would not bend to their demands of special treatment. I would not get behind ridiculous taxing schemes to soak county residents for more revenue to fund pet projects of the empire building sheriffs or county commissions �funding� the sheriff�s office. I stated that I would place these promises on paper and sign it. A violation of that oath would require my immediate resignation from office. They threatened to take away road patrols and funding for school liaisons (nice, but not necessary). It was the same old tired story, jurisdiction after jurisdiction. Does it ever change? It does when the right person is elected.

The local candidates promise the moon, but succumb almost immediately to the special interests who want those taxes, favors, or the status quo. After all, it worked that way in 1920, so why not now. Keep the elite happy and comfortable. Well, what about the folks that can�t pay their bills and are skirting the edges of generations of laws designed to keep them out of the compliance loop set up in the state capital, but only used against the families already on the edge of existence. The winks and special passes are reserved for the empowered.

Double standards, ridiculous taxes, and regulations drive hard-pressed people to the edge. Get a sheriff like Fred Allenbrand in Olathe, Kansas, in 1970, who was out working with his deputies AND the people, and you have a sheriff who can diffuse almost any peace or life threatening problem.

That was one sheriff I would have modeled myself after. Or a man of sterling character, morals and unwavering commitment to Kansas law enforcement like retired Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center Director my dear friend, Maynard Brazeal, and you have a legend in the making. Why? Because these men said they would do what they would do, and you could take it to the bank---every single time, no exceptions. The �fly by night� killer resume� paper heroes that promote themselves with, �I�ll do anything to get elected and then do what I want or what somebody tells me� sheriff makes me sick. They are a dime a dozen, and we invest our hearts, pocketbooks, and four long years of living with these creeps, as a result of their distortions, campaign lies, and ultimate failures of character and judgment.

Make no mistake, I am honored to be considered, grateful that there are still many who respect and appreciate solid men of true character, proven in the field and in the hearts of their fellow county residents and who live only to hear, �thanks sheriff, we knew we could count on you.�

Get behind the right people. Research and recruit those who will �stand in the gap� for you, your county, and who will insure the control of events that only a county sheriff can secure against a state or federal behemoth just over the hill.

Would I run? Yes. Would I do the job? Yes. Would I fight for the philosophy of county law enforcement like I just stated? Without question.

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That is why I would most likely not be elected. You want a winner. Just do not settle for what looks or sounds good. Still want someone like me? Start holding your county voters accountable for the sheriff they say they want. Recall the liars and failures before they screw you into the ground financially, with one more federal grant or voted in tax scheme that gives them the county store.

Don�t quit until you find what you are looking for. Time is running out before local choice with an elected sheriff becomes just a part of the legend concerning the long gone days when �our� sheriff was the real deal.

� 2007 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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I say, rubbish. Do what works. Do what must be done! Trust the people to assist and to use good judgment. Train your people yourself and do not let ANYONE get out of line. Lead for God�s sake and do your constitutional duty.