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By Greg Evensen

December 5, 2010

“The black bull of power and evil began circling on the field of conflict generations ago. Its blood red eyes of hate and lust for power zeroed in on the man sent to slay him and end his rein of terror. Even though decades have gone by in this ultimate battle, this courageous “man (as in mankind) of valor” has been left to his own strength and abilities that are clearly below the raw power and determination of this luciferian symbol (tyrannical governmental military and police state brute force). The black beast’s sole reason for existence is to destroy the last challenge before the bull’s ultimate victory over all living things in its path. As the bull contemplates his final charge, supernatural rage overtakes him and he begins the final run toward this man, representing the strength of the free citizenry, who have faced this raging evil borne out of hell, and empowered by the greed of those who will not allow this free man to survive.

No compromise, no quarter, no peaceful co-existence. It is death to one culture or the other. As the bull engages the free man by lifting him onto his massive horns, the bull carries him to the trunk of a huge tree and pins the man to its side. Death is imminent and sure to be brutal. With only his bare hands to defend himself, the man looks deeply into the eyes of this unholy machine, and in an instant, gouges those eyes, and then pulls them out completely. The gravely wounded animal pulls back his horns as the man lunges to the side and watches the beast stumbles forward until it reaches the gorge that has divided the field of battle from the meadow of freedom………..” (an excerpt from “Evil’s Final Stand: Freedom Will Not Die” a short novel in progress by Greg Evensen)

So, if we attempt to follow the symbolism in this brief quote, where do we begin to draw the lines together that established this bull’s “breeding” and what about those who have so carefully nurtured it to its position in the vast field of power and dominance? I suggest the bull’s supernatural breeding comes from the same pit of darkness and corruption as the bowels of Hell itself. Its “father” was found in the demonic realm of money and governing power and it has nourished itself on the blood of war waged in its name. Its “mother” died in delivery because nothing could survive the arrival of such a vile and baseless beast. Raised in an environment of hate and lust for power unmatched in history, this ultimate destroyer has been groomed for the final assault on the “man of valor” by its godless handlers. Why the eyes as the target of freedom’s “man?” Blinded by freedom’s retaliation, the bull, still very dangerous, is no longer able to “see” its victim or what the man has in store for his final assault on evil’s raging-out of control-behemoth.

Symbolically, freedom’s “man,” ---us, would then be able to draw the sword and slay the beast once and for all. Timing is truly everything.

By waiting any longer, however; we are exposed to a mounting power and rage that would limit a confrontation to the enemy’s strength and timing, which would limit or eliminate our ability to take some effective measure of a physical attack on the beast. By allowing it to continue to feed and grow, we would be inviting our own demise in the most brutal and overwhelming manner.

Timing, as I have told hundreds of thousands, is the critical element here in how “we,” the man of valor, respond to the escalating threat circling in the field preparing its final assault. If you can get a picture of our situation through this symbolic illustration, then you just begin to understand the reality of world bankers, international corporate entities, domestic political figures, and all of their related networks and organizations mentioned so many times and how they have all stood a safe distance from the bull, yet fed him and groomed him for this moment. In reality, they wait even now, for the exact moment when we are the weakest. When we have given up, agreed to accept their terms, and while we cower, the beast moves in for the kill. That is our nation at this moment. Make NO mistake; elections notwithstanding, we are simply in an indefensible part of the field watching as the bull circles for its final attack run.

All of the usual cast of villains is still present. Goldman Sachs, the U.N., the Federal Reserve, corrupted federal courts, Eric Holder’s idea of a Justice department. Andrew Traver’s BATFE, the Czars, Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, ACORN--- how many roaches can occupy a building? They have all stood in that field, watching, waiting, lusting for this moment.

Universities, to me, are among the vilest offenders. Presidents that curry political favor and money allow the most depraved faculty and curricula to flourish in the name of academic freedom. Professors with no courage, no truth, no dignity, no scruples, no values, and certainly no concern for their students, impregnate their campus with a dedication to educational tyranny worthy of 1930 Moscow or 1940 Berlin. They personally hand fed the bull.

501-C(3) churches and apostate clerics also watered the bull. When it came down to scriptural truth versus butts or bucks in the pews, they chose the latter. Hundreds of thousands of sheep who came for comfort were lulled into submission by the alluring sound of the devil’s flute. Did we see right or wrong, spiritual strength and courage, the path of righteousness and leadership or possibly mentoring the next generation to stand in the face of evil? Nope, it wasn’t in the church bulletin. Scriptural encouragement only came for a single verse when the offering plates were passed.

“Guilty as charged, depart from me, I never knew you.”

The idea of brotherhood has meant love and unquestioned support. It is seen in the military, fire teams, family, and in other mutually dependent areas of our society. The value of brotherhood and the willingness to sacrifice one’s life, if necessary, is the greatest commitment one can give to another. So today, we look at the corruption, greed and power cliques found in the trades and we believe all the lies about brotherhood that the union bosses force on their locals. Unions have become legalized mobs selling out to the greatest political whores available. Their unionized stable hands groomed the bull in shifts.


Secret societies including communistic Jews, an atheistic Israel, and the occult constantly stir up the beast. Jesuits, Masons and the Vatican lead the others in a diabolical mission to serve the beast, turning on the brave, noble man we used to be. Fictional Allah and Islam with the Quran of death, beat “believers” into submission with Sharia law. We see the politically correct elite cramming Islam down our throats. It is now on the table in every state, as the next leap of evolutionary government and enlightened whore courts within America. They have all cheered on the monster like the illegal alien’s idea of the supreme Mexican bull fight, north of the used to be border.

Perverts and vultures forging the minds of our children in the name of diversity continue unchallenged by a sodomite serving government and public school apparatus that cares only about indoctrination into the most vile of all atrocities. The teaching of “anything goes” in the sexual arena has ultimately caused the loss of sixty million babies to the abortion grinder and the picture of the dumpster as the “home” for unwanted anything goes results. This act of “justification” in the killing of innocents, frees every Nazi sent to prison, and pardons those war criminals who went to the Nuremburg gallows.

Add to this list doctors and hospitals, the CDC, FDA, the Pharmaceutical companies, Obama health care, courts that allow medical procedures that kill in the name of research and you are living in today’s America. They all helped keep the bull going on stimulants and Ritalin. No longer peace officers, law enforcers that Tase anyone close, work hand in glove (for groping your crotch) with the TSA and the latest class of government workers, to give you a cheap sex act in public, know no sense of constitutional duty, just “come here little girl” enticements as you travel to see grandma this Christmas. Grab their crotch and watch the piggy squeal.

Tell me to grow food with a government license? Legalize the illegals? Chem-trail the skies, poison the land, feed us worthless food and GM fish? Spread death in the gulf and bring in more drugs. Let’s do all we can to demoralize our communities. Arrest and charge the good guys in Wisconsin incorporated counties so that no rule of law exists. All of this and more is coming in a not so lame duck (“T-Rex”) session of congress. There needs to be some serious ass-kickin’ in Washington. Rebel and don’t stop. Are you going to continue to pay extortion money each April to feed the bull? When you feed the bull this much, you are going to have to deal with a gigantic load of bullsh-t. But then, these stupidos have learned to pave the streets of Washington with this “poor-man’s” asphalt, so they have thought of almost everything.

Are you really going to keep quiet and not challenge the illegal laws enacted by the truck load by these pimps and whores? Think you can hide from the bull this way?


Want to gouge out the eyes of the bull? Write scathing editorials, picket hospitals, schools and colleges where bull breeding lessons are being taught.

Stand and be heard EVERY time a school board, city council, county commission or state hearing room is open and in session. Smoke in the bars, have pork cook-outs in the park next to the Mosque. Bring your pet pig into the Muslim owned retail store. Get the picture? Get the IBM version of the eye gouging manual out, study it well, and get ready for hand to hand combat.

This is a time to take no prisoners. They won’t let YOU go. The order of the day will come to shoot on sight when the bull is blinded. So, prepare to lock and load. There is no margin for error here. In combat, you either survive or the enemy does. Plan your actions with great care. Pray that God will allow sinful America to be reclaimed and rebuilt. If God says no, then fix bayonets and send some of these demonic idiots back to Hell.

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Having laid out the worst, can we make it through? Well, take on the full armor of God as in Ephesians 6. My engraveable “Armor of God” dog-tag hangs around my neck. Many, many folks have gotten theirs as well and engraved them for family members who are soldiers as Christmas gifts. See them and visit us at

Plan for your lives as if the end of it all were at hand. We have tools to assist you when the bull arrives. Work with others, build a group of people you can count on. Do not be the generation that gave it all up and quit. Think this through and don’t lose your focus. The moment is historic and it rests in our hands. The bull has turned our way and lowered his head.

� 2010 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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All of the usual cast of villains is still present. Goldman Sachs, the U.N., the Federal Reserve, corrupted federal courts, Eric Holder’s idea of a Justice department.