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By Greg Evensen

November 3, 2010

It has taken the better part of two and a quarter centuries for the people of the United States of America to arrive again on the domestic field of battle. This defining moment should have been reached well over one hundred years ago, however; the informed and energized constitutional patriots simply were ignored and shouted down from 1871 forward. War weary citizens, like people everywhere, prefer peace and serenity to the ongoing spiritual and physical confrontations that accompany the human race around the world. As long as we reside in a fallen state, this will continue to be our fate. The unholy Illuminati and all of its tentacles around the world up to and including the United Nations, the Bilderbergers, the Council on foreign Relations, the most evil Bohemian Grove perverts, the ACLU, the SPLC, Planned Parenthood, ACORN, etc., etc., lead the offensive to destroy our nation and our historical fight for freedom. Those who side with “rights” for unfettered drug use, pornography, and all manner of perversion, are truly eternal enemies of those who pursue Godly lifestyles and true freedom in America. The battle lines are drawn. Know your enemy and keep him in your sights.

Whether you accept, believe, suspect, or recognize in fact, that we are in a centuries old conflict with those who have chosen to support evil and profit from it, the present culmination of that luciferian pursuit is, in truth, what this election cycle represents. The creeping incrementalism for the ongoing implementation of the present socialist/communist government in Washington and several states, is the central element for the pirates, profiteers, politicians, economists, universities, bankers, churches and the public school’s idea of “change.” Americans have become so accustomed to having someone else think for them, that an original evaluation by ordinary people is now an extraordinary event. That major issue is at the center of why most Americans do not understand the origins of, and the ramifications of, their past and present detachment from both reality and the actual governmental level decision making process.

Although the enemies of freedom, liberty, prosperity, individual choices and accountability work every hour of every day to derail this republic, it is WE who have surrendered most of our freedoms without a fight or an understanding of what it is we have done. I place the blame on bureaucrats, politicians, career minded-over rights minded-police agency directors, professors and teachers, God-less ministers, corrupted business leaders and four star military failures at the front of the enemies list due for defeat, prosecution and exile. Add to that, illegal invaders, terrorists within Islam, Judaism, and Marxist liberation adherents and you have present day America.

You see, this is no longer the makings of a good novel or screenplay, this is horrible reality. Throw in homosexual militants not content with practicing their craft quietly and privately, or abortionists raking up body counts the Nazi’s (Planned Parenthood) could only have dreamed about. What you have is a recipe for a national confrontation that will pit those who see the world as one in which people should honor the Bible, build and use government as a true moral force for freedom and equality, and seek to nation build right here. We must stand firmly against those who seek war at any cost, trample freedom for control over the citizenry, and do it all while taxing the labor of men and women to pay for the enslavement of the nation.

Now maybe you don’t quite see my broad view of this pending catastrophe and the connection to this election, however; no one reading this can run fast enough to get out of the way of its impact and the calls for revolution not heard since 1776—or 1861. Should election fraud or intimidation at the polls by racist blacks or Marxist undocumented illegals tip the scales away from true election results, then violence will surely follow. This current politically correct atmosphere of fear that permeates the town square debate is out of place, out of touch, and just plain wrong.

Debates and discussions have always been “won” on the basis of known unarguable facts, not unsubstantiated misplaced emotion. Emotion is for weddings and funerals. Passion is for the bedroom. Commitment and valor come from knowing that virtue emerges from the flames of lies, deceit and conspiracies that were brought out into the open and set ablaze with truth and wisdom.

Dishonor and treason have been with us since the start. In one form or another, they will be with us until the end of time. That given must not ever replace the patriot’s heart of love and enduring loyalty to Biblical, historical foundations in this nation, and a constant due diligence for our flawed but necessary United States of America constitution. Men and women of ultimate sacrifice for our country marched forward into eternity believing that their sacrifice would endure as the indisputable legacy for all Americans who would be fortunate enough to inherit those hero’s life’s work and improve upon it for generations unborn.

Must it then be our forever shame that all of that commitment to freedom is to be lost with our generation’s failure to stop this descent into national hell? Forbid it, I pray. My daily prayer is that we will never have to go into the streets and battle our own people for that which we should have never put at risk or lost altogether. Evil doers seek more evil to subsist on and profit from. The righteous seek freedom, peace and truth. There is no middle ground here. Only two distinctly visible sides will remain. One or the other will prevail for neither can live long with one foot in the other’s camp.


Can the truth in this struggle not be seen by anyone desiring to see it? It cannot be hidden if you have eyes to see and ears to hear. Choosing to ignore the outcome of this election will doom you to a life of, I “should have done” and it “might have been.” In any event, those of you who deny the truth, wave the banner for tyranny, and rally for evil, are enemies of freedom and all those who have ever battled to maintain it. However, those of you who answer the call of the Patriots, Constitutionalists, Biblically inspired men and women of valor must reject fear and loathing by many and the rain of vile name calling that is the evil ones only weapon against you. You see, they do not possess truth of any kind, or compassion or loyalty to things that are right and loving.

The Illuminati has but one goal and that is your destruction and slavery as they would take us into a world dominated by a few, for the profit of a few, and the justification to rule for only a few. The world cabal which has captured our current Congress, “Justice” department, Pentagon and White House has been expertly dominated by these most evil among us and they WILL NOT STOP until every last one on this planet and especially here have surrendered once and for all.

This is no understatement what-so-ever. It is all on the table right now. We either reverse this unholy alignment and begin the process of restoration of the Republic based on the historically accurate Pilgrims and Puritans missionary zeal, or we lay down our weapons and place our wrists in chains. The future is that accurate and that close.

The rebellion has begun. It will continue regardless of the election’s outcome. Freedom’s bell is ringing once again. Do not believe the polls, do not waist this chance to correct the course, move into the streets and do so out of courage and might, not fear and trembling. The patriot’s cause is just, the time is right now and the effort will be historic. To turn our backs on such continuing sacrifice and valor, is to condemn one’s self to hell on earth and hell yet to come.

Liz and I saw first hand this past weekend the heart and soul of American’s who said, “Count on us, we are ready.” At Rod and Julie’s home, Erin and Brad, Jim and Matt, Cody and Lisa, the list goes on, and all stood with us as we worked toward and openly discussed our commitment to bringing back…..”the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God…”

No turning back, and no moment of fear, only an undying soldier’s bond to stand in the gap and not let the enemy proceed one more inch.

All of them assisted in the final Castle Defense 4 taping so that their efforts and the emotional explanations of why they do this can be seen by our fellow citizens and their own children. What a privilege it was for me to be there with them in this effort. It will be released on December 1, 2010. (

Do not fail in your duty to prepare, participate and prevent the Illuminati, the Marxists, the Socialists, the “Progressives,” the liberals, whatever unholy garb they wear, from walking away with yet another extension on their drive to destroy the nation and enslave the people. THAT IS THEIR END GAME GOAL!! THEY WILL NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN COMPLETE VICTORY!!

Only you can make the difference peacefully and at this moment. If you do not, then revolution will follow just as surely as the dawn follows night.

Rebel against tyranny, NOW! Rebel against socialism, NOW! Rebel against immoral government and unholy government taxes and programs, NOW! Rebel against the George Soros type luciferian and his death profit billions, NOW! All those who have ever lived in this nation are watching from the other side with the windows on the present open wide. Will you lower your heads in shame and turn away, or will you cry out “FREEDOM!” once again? This time it is toe to toe and eyeball to eyeball. Stand tall and with the determination of Damascus tempered steel.

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Can the truth in this struggle not be seen by anyone desiring to see it? It cannot be hidden if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.