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By Greg Evensen

August 22, 2010

The Anatomy of the Death of America


Many of us across America have been experiencing an unusual period of heat, humidity and high amounts of rain. Unless you have air conditioning, it has been highly uncomfortable with mold and bugs emerging all around. The other sense of atmospheric closeness is the descending veil of evil in the air that is enveloping us like a wet wool blanket. Our “comfort zone” in physical terms has been disrupted. We have seen vast amounts of mold and bugs emerging in the halls of congress as well, regardless of the weather conditions. In Washington’s case, it is killer mold and scorpions. Eradication and a thorough cleaning of the house is long overdue. How much comfort are you willing to give up? How comfortable have you become being a part of this stench and rot that surrounds you and your family? Apparently, many Americans are still quite satisfied to walk in the putrefying remains of liberty and personal sovereignty. You are so used to the feel and odor of that wretched scene that you really do not remember what real freedom felt and tasted like. Comfort has given rise to fat, stupidity and waste. Time to clean house where you live as well.

Several of my good friends in the patriot broadcast and editorial arena are in the process of pulling back and “signing off” if you will, because of the utter futility they feel digging in week after week, trying their best and watching America slide into the abyss. Fighting the tide and holding on to the values many of us are willing to die for is one thing. Listening and observing America’s “leaders” justify all things evil and scorn all things righteous is just more than some of us can bear. When talented men and women of faith, honor and patriotic zeal retreat to take care of their own, you know that the ultimate moment is at hand. For the record, for those who somehow have missed all of this through intellectual deceit, dishonesty concerning the real state of affairs in America, or just plain stupidity, let this ring loud and clear one last time.



People across this nation are preparing for the worst and they are doing it in record numbers. They no longer hide their fear and they are driven by seething anger toward the traitorous bastards at all governmental levels who have stolen their peace, safety and destiny. People are watching the absurdly arrogant demands of illegals protesting in the southwest. They watch as taxes are preparing to skyrocket under “health care” and every other possible place they can sneak in a new user fee or “privilege” assessments on cars, homes, water, air and gardens—if they allow you to grow the garden at all.


Without justification or legal standing, federal, state and local governments have aligned themselves in an historic effort to take all control from the people and confine its use to government alone. That includes all banking authority, economic expansion or the denial of small businesses to compete unimpeded and without prior restraint so that employers may hire without books of regulations and taxes to make their efforts useless. These are taxes being used to insure entitlements to workers fired for incompetence or other issues. The environmental control factors (EPA) which are so glaringly absent in the Gulf of Mexico, as British Petroleum rules the land, water and air for millions of residents along that coastal region are a joke. The agenda of greed, destruction/control of people’s lives, the mountain of lies concerning the origins of the disaster and the millions of gallons of a poisonous toxic brew called Corexit 9500 is a crime against humanity. The evil minds that have brought us to this point deserve a fate far beyond simple justice.

Control includes firearms of course, because even the rulers in Washington understand that at some point it is going to get very dicey for those who have brought us to ruination are the enforcers wearing a badge or military rank. So-called gun control, pushed for decades by the very liberal constitutional denying sell-outs, has been dressed up to resemble a pig going to the prom. Protect children was the mantra that avoided the truth at every turn. “Assault” weapons have no place in today’s society was the ultimate cry. Well, I’ve got news for you, they sure as hell do. Ever heard of criminal gangs, border assassins, drug cartels, corruptly dangerous thugs masquerading as authorities ruling over the people? Oh, that’s right. If we don’t have guns, no one can harm us. I want my weapons for protection and to engage an enemy of any kind, foreign or domestic.


Any kind of control translates into people control and national subjugation. I will not live like that. Many of you will not live like that either. Yet, still others will live like that and rely on the rest of us to pull their lazy asses out of the fire somewhere down the road. I will waste no more time trying to convince dumbed down Americans who do not recognize the name Thomas Jefferson, why they should prepare and what they should do. When the bad guys roll up, let them beg for mercy and a bag lunch. They deserve neither and will get nothing from the beast.


How many do you need? At what point will you realize that crises is the passport for government to initiate and instigate all manner of regulation and all methods of control imagined or created in the Pentagon or at the F.B.I. Crises is the sure vehicle for the implementation of freedom killing decrees and is the most dependable way to pressure the American people to accept additional authority or regulations because it is in their best interests to do so and is for the “greater good of society.” The greatest good for all of society is 90% less government and 75% less police/security forces. U.S. intervention would stop overnight with a return of all forces in the field and a residual (although not presently constitutional) force to insure our border security (what a novel idea). There remains a crises in the relationship between the people and police agencies brought on by the increase of power assumed by these agencies with little need for the power increase. An “us against them” mentality has precipitated a crises in communities everywhere and is the epicenter for a future conflagration between a society that will not take any more bullying or the bullies themselves.


The curtain on the final act of this play is going up. I do not need to replay world headlines to remind you that we are in the most catastrophic period in human history. The evil ones at Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, The White House, Teheran and Tel Aviv, are burning the lights late at night as they plot their way into the next round of war so that the money changers are assured of life after world collapse.

Where will you stand when the lights go out, the cell phones go dead and the trucks quit rolling to your local food stores? Got all of your supplies, preppers? What about the rest of you? Still need help figuring it out?

Confirming a communist lesbian to the Supreme Court is an act of treason. Passing legislation without constitutional authority is illegal and a felonious assault on the nation. Income tax, property tax and user fees are unfair, illegal and should be halted immediately. Legislating from the bench, restricting juror’s rights and daring people to challenge these acts in civil court only feeds the beast and insures defeat of the ones who risked it all to change tyranny for the rest of us. These acts alone should have brought rebellion long ago. We are cowards not worthy of freedom. Our mockery of God at every turn, abortion on demand, porn and homosexuality cloaked as righteous freedoms have insured our defeat. Our only hope is in repentance, commitment to God’s laws and a republic that will not compromise with evil of any kind or under the guise of any “good” cause.

The last soon coming great crash in the financial markets, the systemic implosion and the establishment of a lockdown grid anywhere outside of your home will take millions to their demise simply because they wouldn’t accept the fact that government became evil, began a protracted deadly war on freedom and did it all while we talked it to death. I have said to many who have written to me complaining that all we do is talk, that talking has its necessary place in the alerting of people to the catastrophe now before us. Indeed it is absolutely necessary so that when the shooting begins, EVERYONE is clear as to the reasons, the outcome, and the costs of recovering freedom that are always so incredibly high, and that they could have been much less costly had they been pursued when evil first began its ascent.


No matter where you are on the IQ scale, if you are functioning at all, you must know within your heart, mind and soul, that we are against the wall and the firing squad is at the ready. This has both figurative and literal standing. Your dreams, your future, your home, your job, your family, your church, your ethnic background and your very life are at the crossroads RIGHT NOW! There is no more wiggle room left for “debates” about which candidate will serve us best in Washington or your state’s legislature. Even the mayors and councils of local towns are loaded with morons who have bought the raw evil packaged as “necessary” initiatives so that people can’t grill out, water their lawns or grow a garden. THE BAD GUYS HAVE ALREADY WON!!!!! If this election cycle fails, then it is over. The only choice left to the once free citizens of The United States of America to reclaim our nation and our destiny will be to rebel against this tyranny and fight for freedom once again. THERE WILL BE NO OTHER CHOICE EXCEPT SLAVERY!!!! Deny this reality if you will, but remember this: Our course as a nation has been set by the most evil among us and has been for several generations. It has all been neatly debated, adjudicated, replicated over and over, and paid for by your hard labor.

If now is not the time to fight, then when is a more convenient time? As they come to get their blood money for another war, health care, property assessments, fees for guns, aid for third world Muslim nations that want to build more Mosques across from our city libraries, why do we accept it? What about intolerance for everything truly patriotic and Christian, yet totally tolerant for an illegal invasion on our borders, homosexual sex in the city park and traffic jams so that Islam can be observed five times a day? Try preaching Christianity on the sidewalks of most cities. YOU are going to jail. My God!!! What kind of a mess have we allowed?

The time is at hand. “Live Free or Die” is not an antiquated slogan. It is right now---here---in our towns. “Don’t Tread On Me” is alive now more than in 1775. I will mince no words. We must have a renewed nation. spiritually first and then governmentally. As clean and free as is possible. If it is achieved at the ballot box, then that will be a moment for the ages. As the old saying goes, the other box is the bullet box. I plead for the success of the ballot box, however, I have prepared for the bullet box.

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I apologize to no one for my words or intent. Pursue this course for our children, grandchildren and all who come after us for the same reasons they died at Valley Forge, Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, and all the other battle sites. Regardless of the ultimate cause or reasons. They gave it all because they believed in fighting for freedom. We absolutely can do no less.
Steady, do NOT hesitate, aim,……………for what is necessary and right.

� 2010 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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No matter where you are on the IQ scale, if you are functioning at all, you must know within your heart, mind and soul, that we are against the wall and the firing squad is at the ready. This has both figurative and literal standing. Your dreams, your future, your home, your job, your family, your church, your ethnic background and your very life are at the crossroads...