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By Greg Evensen

June 26, 2010

It has been a while since I wrote an editorial. I have been engaged in the business of teaching my fellow patriots to have a plan and to get one now. With what has happened across America politically as the cowards and sell-outs celebrated their latest freedom killing legislation, the apocalypse arrived in the Gulf of Mexico.

On Thursday, May 20th, I joined my close friend “Hawk” on a radio broadcast heard across America and Canada. To say the least, it was ground breaking and set the pace for ALL reporting that has come since that time. That night, I broke the “story behind the story” regarding the cataclysm that is threatening America’s survival. With the failure of every aspect of the Obama administration and the complicit disregard for the ongoing conspiracy that has become British Petroleum, FEMA, EPA, Homeland Security, the Justice Department, the U.S. Senate, the Pentagon, the F.B.I. and anything else connected to the United States government, America has finally succumbed to greed and evil beyond our ability to understand.

I was the first to outline COMPLETELY and in great detail, exactly what was transpiring and what the response would be to the death of the Gulf of Mexico, and ultimately the fate of all life and culture that has been the Gulf coast. As I wrote down the information given by over three dozen sources within law enforcement, the military, university researchers and federal assets, it was painfully clear that this was destined to be the worst calamity initiated by men in the history of the world. Nothing has changed that assessment since that day.

I felt that we took an enormous personal, professional and creditability risk, but to NOT bring the information to the American people and ultimately the world was insanely irresponsible. “Hawk” was adamant and very supportive that our people needed to know right then how ultimately serious this catastrophe was and is to yet become. To recount all in that broadcast here would be redundant and space consuming. In short form, I stated eighteen points, all of which have been precisely revealed over the past five weeks, and confirmed over and over by experts in a position to know. I prayed that I would be wrong and that this would be settled in short order with only a “minimum” of damage and injury.

The part that I received the most criticism about was the wave of deadly gases, the methane issue and ultimate evacuations. I further broke the news that the horrible dispersants being sprayed from the air were exponentially far worse than the ongoing effects of the high pressure “volcano” of raw oil from a fragile, fracturing gulf seabed floor due to the pressure release from such an insanely deep well. Lastly, along with many other issues I stated that Florida would be affected quickly as the oil took the Gulf Stream turn and would end up in England and Bremerhaven. I did not know that there would be a second demon in the form of leaching radioactivity to further seal the fate of life in the Gulf and for residents a dire choice of what to do and when.

I have completed fifteen radio interviews including one in Europe over the past three weeks and even an executive producer from a well known television investigative show has contacted me for input on a future show due to the nature of this one radio interview.

The government of the United States in this crises, cannot find its ass with both hands and a Chinese made, Wal-Mart sold, genuine, guaranteed, remote controlled, ass-finder. Obama makes Bush look like General George S. Patton, and that is going some for me. The Bush family is the incarnation of the world cabal and joins Bill Clinton, Jimmy “clueless” Carter, and all of the other 20th century complicit “Illuminati” approved presidents that brought us to the last generation of “freedom” bearing citizens that will ever know even the slightest taste of true sovereignty—without a fight.

My task of training and preparing Americans for the latest holocaust endorsed by the Bilderberg Klan, England’s “Queen of Spades,” the Council on Foreign Relations, etc., etc., has begun what I truly pray will be the next and hopefully last, real, genuine revolution in this country. There is no more time to mince words about the dying state of America. Peaceful transition to a resurrected republic is still the desired goal, however, the apprehension and incarceration of all complicit politicians, judges, federal agency heads, corrupted law enforcement, oath breaking military officers, scamming bankers and power mad, money lusting business moguls, must now be sought at all costs. To do anything less, condemns our nation to absolute destruction and misery destined only for a sick, sin-ridden people who have neither the guts nor the cogent, intelligent ability to force an end to this century and a half of the absolute, planned destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

Have we become desperate enough yet to do what we should have done fifty or one hundred years ago? Have we given enough of our treasure and blood to achieve the goal of the world’s elite through world wars, on-going mercenary interventions to guard the opium fields under the forever lie of “we are defending freedom” crap that is a breeding ground for executive military action soldiers vs. patriots in the streets of America?


I teach people to formulate a plan of action to avoid the government agents from handing you an Obama plan as you enter a FEMA camp or are waiting for a G-ride on a deuce and a half complete with a complimentary MRE because you broke down along an interstate highway heading north out of the gulf in an evacuation made necessary by the fouling of the air and water as far as the eye and lungs could see or feel.

These “plans” include everything you need to know and carry out when the count down clock hits zero. It was made necessary because the majority of you didn’t take the time or make the slightest effort to prepare for the worst case scenario ever to be contemplated. Ask those whom I have trained. They will state unequivocally that now they have a good chance. Please visit our website for the latest information and planning tools about this debacle of the millennium.

To the great men and women across America who have pledged to defend their states, communities, families and friends in every way humanly possible is an encouragement to me beyond words. The only thing these good folks threaten is the beast of dictatorship, corruption in government, and robbery BY the banks. We need the absolute elimination of communist front groups like Morris Dee’s Southern Poverty Law Center and the American Civil Liberties Union.

ANYTHING communistic, socialistic, or “universal” is an affront to constitutional patriots and MUST be eradicated by whatever means is necessary and available. That is a no-compromise zone. Otherwise, why have we engaged the Nazi’s and the communists in the past? Was it just to make money for the world cabal?? Yes. Was it to set the ultimate disaster that would take down the USA? Yes. Was this done to break the will, the minds and the hearts of our gullible citizens?

Yes. Is there a confrontation coming between the people of this nation and its government’s sinister federal gun-toting agents of evil and intimidation? Most decisively, YES! YES! YES! HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH YET? WILL YOU JOIN WITH OTHERS AND CREATE YOUR PLAN TO SURVIVE THE IMMINENT COLLAPSE OF AMERICA?????

You are at this moment, either cursing me or pounding the table in agreement. There is no middle ground anymore. If you are silent and seething with the thought that commentators like me and others have made your life miserable, then you must now accept the reality of this horrible moment and plan accordingly. In an advanced training class thirty years ago I read the banner above the board that said, “On the plains of desolation, lie the blackened bones of those who at the most critical moment in their lives, HESITATED.” Could it be more clear? For the sake of your nation, your family, your own destiny, and the fate of our nation, please do not hesitate.

Train, think and discipline every aspect of your life for survival in a post freedom, world. Prepare for whole system breakdowns. Provision for many months and shelter against a raging storm of galactic proportions. If you do, you will step out with a purpose and will to make it. If you do not, then rest assured your fear will be the last thing you feel before the grinding wheel of misery takes you out. What will you say to your friends and family? How will they regard you?

Hated or heroic? Free or slave? Warrior or captive? Your actions, not the government’s, the police or anyone else will determine how and where you will spend the rest of your lives.
Ultimately, the words of God himself are all that matter. “Well done, good and FAITHFUL servant, enter into the glory of Heaven.” That is ultimate truth, period.

Will you meet the challenge before you? I will try to bring you some reports from the field next time and some encouragement to not surrender. We all need that and I promise you there will be more positive insight just down the road. What I wrote this time was to get you ready for the struggle.

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“Remember dear friends, courage burns hot when put to the test. Fear and cowardice live only to undo the courageous at the moment of greatest trial. The heroic or “brave” heart lives not only to put fear and cowardice to the sword, but to lead many others to their moment of triumph as well.”

Quote: Greg Evensen, Summer Camp 2010, Crystal Falls, Michigan, “GOD BLESS EACH ONE OF YOU! STEADY, ALL THE WAY.”

� 2010 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg Evensen is a former Kansas State Trooper awarded the Governor’s Award for heroism. He has produced two DVD’s, nine hours of training for families attempting to prepare for a breakdown of the national structure and the “grid.” His 400 page “survival Manual” that is also available as a complete companion guide to the DVD’s for dealing with these disruptions is now available along with his inspirational musical CD’s including “The Sovereignty Papers,” a three hour narrative of Greg’s book at his website store

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To the great men and women across America who have pledged to defend their states, communities, families and friends in every way humanly possible is an encouragement to me beyond words.