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By Greg Evensen

February 28, 2010

Events are cascading so fast that preparation time is being compressed like the debris field on 9-11 at the World Trade Center disaster. Even among former skeptics, the apprehension is building rapidly that a banking catastrophe, terrorist event, or Middle East nuclear outbreak is unfolding on cue for the elite manipulators to complete their diabolical and deadly plan.

As you have waited for this installment, I am hopeful that it began a series of ideas for your own blueprint that has taken shape both--from a sense of awakened creativity--and a sense of heightened anxiety to get this done. I am not a date setter, but this one ranks up there with Noah getting the Ark finished ahead of the first sprinkles, or at least somewhat close to that. “Global warming,” Planet X, human munching E-T’s, or Bank of China U.S. Debt Collectors in Red Army uniforms all qualify you for this plan.

Remember, your list of priorities may differ from mine and your ability to achieve all of these goals may not be the same as mine or someone else’s, but the very fact that you got this underway, actually well along the way, or even close to being completed, is light years ahead of some or God help ‘em many, who just don’t care. Move on anyway, you will never, ever regret doing what you did. Your friends and family will be forever grateful that you motivated them, educated them, and in fact saved them from any number of very negative outcomes, considering the world--both natural and geo-political--that we live in. So, let’s get started right where we left off.


Above ground or below you must live with the pros and cons.
Above ground has weather and defensive considerations for you.
Below, creates some difficult air-flow/moisture possibilities.
Multiple egress points for emergency use must be defensible.
Strength above beauty and functionality above conveniences.

Let me try and summarize Part I II & III and the suggestions so far.

Whether you are in the city or country you MUST reinforce all that you have using standard construction techniques and adding extra reinforcement where you need. You must protect against natural and extraordinary active agents (biological agents/nuclear ash/ultraviolet) to enhance your chances of emerging from your retreat intact and reasonably healthy.

Because ALL things must be considered in terms of a powerless environment, you have to devise for continuing use all observation ports, mirrors, telescopes and spotting scopes for surveillance instead of remote TV monitoring. You must be able to see “beyond” your immediate environment to assess damage, incoming flood or fire dangers, roving patrols or gangs looking to scavenge and loot or any other defensive needs. The details of your inner living design or types of furniture need to be your own choices. Cooking, water and sanitation must be simple and easy to use or repair.

GARDENING: Your cultivated area must be well hidden, yet open and sunny. Protection from animals must be designed to blend in with the surrounding area. Hillsides are not optimum because they can be easily observed and are subject to erosion. NON-HYBRID seeds only so that you may raise more than one year’s crop.

FARM ANIMALS: In order of need and ease of care would place chickens first, goats second, hogs third, cattle next, and horses last. Grazing is best with as little supplemental feeding as possible. A stream or pond is ideal. You can raise other animals, but the more exotic the more difficult. Fencing will be required for some of the stock as well as shelter. Know how to recognize pasture or barn illness and how to treat the stock as naturally as possible. (Colloidal silver)

["Patriots" A Nover of Survival in the Coming Collapse]

NATURAL MEDICINES: I will not list them here. You need to have a reputable book on this subject and secure the major herbs before the Pharma Nazi’s buy off Congress again.

FIREARMS & AMMUNITION: Without these “tools” everything else is wasted. You will be overrun, killed and gone forever before you can look over your shoulder running, unless you can stand and make a fight of it. My preference is a .12 gauge pump shotgun with a magazine extension, full stock and no other frills. Laser sites and flashlights just let the other guy get a bead on you first in my opinion and you save enough money to buy a couple of great knives. Remington and Mossberg are my choices for price and dependability. 500 rounds of #4 buckshot, 500 rounds of slugs, 500 rounds of game/light load/”bird” shot are minimums. This weapon will be your most effective and versatile. A .410 pump shotgun for children and women unaccustomed to recoil and report would be a great second weapon.

A Smith & Wesson six shot revolver for dependability and ease of repair in .357 or .44 magnum caliber is my choice. At least 1000 rounds of ammunition. A Kimber, Sig Sauer, Colt or Ruger .45 semi-automatic 10 shot magazine fed pistol is next on the list. 1000 rounds bare minimum. For the younger set, a .40 Glock or Czech 75 is good and is effective. 1000 round at least.

In a rifle, look at .30 something. An H&K.308 or Remington 30.06, a good heavy round are two suggestions. 500 rounds minimum. Finally, a Ruger Mini-14 in .223 is a great “pray and spray” weapon. It uses the standard military rifle round and is clip fed. There are many others out there, but this is the standard no-frills “Ford V-8” recommendation.

A “Barnett” style crossbow with 100 “bolts” (arrows) is a silent way to get the job done in necessary situations—if you know what I mean.

STOREABLE FOODS: There are suppliers who offer many types of foods, but I recommend this for sustainability in most extreme conditions and environments. Freeze dried foods are the absolute best. Stackable cans are best, followed by vacuum sealed pouches. Simple rehydration and some seasoning make them very useable. Shelf life on “processed” foods, canned goods are 7-10 years in ideal storage areas.


WATER: Use water filters to protect against disease and parasites. Boiling is good and works with 99% of the water sources. REMEMBER,

If you contact a disease from water, use charcoal harvested from a wood fire. Ingest it in small quantities with safe water. It will arrest many “bugs” that would lodge in your gut. It doesn’t taste too hot, but it will keep you from turning liquid and dying within two days.

CLOTHING: Many fine manufactures (Filson, Carhartt, Pendleton) are available; USA made but can be pricey. Cheap stuff does not protect and will rot away in weeks if not months. Pure wool and cotton are the best. HEAVY winter gear, Gore-Tex type footwear is also best. There are several brands, but make sure you get at least one good set of combat type boots to protect your ankles and lower legs from rocks, shrubs and snakes. Camping out requires shaking them well to dislodge spiders, centipedes and other nasties is a must. Do NOT reach down inside to help them out.

CAMPFIRES: I came up with an idea 15 years ago that made me exactly $100, but has probably made someone else millions. It is called “Campfire in a Box.” Take a standard 16” square box and load it with shredded newspaper, discarded cotton strips, dried leaves and twigs. Put several 6-8” x 1” wooden strips and four or five 10” x 3” round dried branch remnants and you have a ready made against all types of weather campfire. Clear an area of dry ground in a discreet location, line it with sand if possible and ring it with stone. Keep the fire going at all times and scavenge for wood that can be kept dry (under a tarp). If it looks like rain, get a whole bunch and then set up a tarp shelter to protect the fire pit area.

As we approach the end of this segment, please remind yourself that I can only go into limited detail in this forum. Consult standard Army manuals for additional detailed information if you can locate them. There are some suppliers of topics mentioned here, but few that cover 25 segments similar to our in-field training camps. Of course our DVD series covers in nearly nine hours much of this as well with my personal demonstrations for firearms use mentioned above if you cannot attend a camp. Do what you must, but do it quickly.

STANDING GUARD: For the novice, this is the most difficult and “scary” part of operating under pressure outside. YOU are responsible while others sleep and are counting on you to stay awake and alert to avoid disaster. You hear things and see things that are not there at times and can miss the very real monsters in the dark. Ideally, two or more stand guard with quiet communications through mobile handsets. When reporting a sighting, confirmation MUST be obtained before any preplanned action is undertaken. Jittery nerves culminating in a too fast trigger response has caused many good men to die without cause, sometimes from their own fellow troops.

DEFENSIVE PERIMETERS: that is the area that you can, by personnel and defensive weapons, cover reasonably. They are critical issues and must be minimally flexible to achieve a goal for holding that area safely and successfully. Your ability to sit quietly for long periods and remain alert is essential. Your vision and hearing must be excellent. Finally, you ability to discern movement and various targeted shapes must be infallible. Plans, operational strategies, use of “kill zones” retreat paths and a fall back to fortified positions are methods that will keep you around for the next night of “fun.” (Actual placement and set-up of these zones will be covered in the Part 3 article)

The final installment set to be released on or about March 5,th will discuss the final components of this compressed Defense Blueprint with all of you. I realize to some of you this has been superficial, but to many others it is all new, or mostly new to their way of life. So during this next week, use this information as another launching point to confirm, refine and expand your personal plan of action. If you will do that and really work to fine tune just what you can do and how much you can invest (how much is your future and your family’s safety worth??) to achieve these goals or any portion of them, then you are a potential victor in the battle to save America and your destiny.

Liz and I are committed to continue our training camps here and around America during the next seven months barring a complete collapse of this nation. Contact us at the web: We will stand our post until relieved.

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As always, until we meet somewhere down the road, I urge you to remain focused, committed and eternally faithful to the One who died for you, Jesus Christ. In these frightful and unsettling times we must all love and support our fellow Patriots. Those great men and women, who have fought and passed on into eternity to keep us free since 1776, their voices still whisper to us each and every single day. Steady..…steady..….all the way to the end.

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Liz and I are committed to continue our training camps here and around America during the next seven months barring a complete collapse of this nation.