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By Greg Evensen

September 26, 2007

We are indeed a land of great diversity. Ethnicity, traditions, family legacies, values, personal ethics, state and regional interests all build the culture we live in and call uniquely�American. For many of us, that is a natural springboard to pride and overriding defense of all that we hold dear.

Much has been made of the word �family� over the past few years and its descent into the arena of a battle that is raging for the place of this word both in our lexicon and in our personal, daily lives. Without a clear vision of what that means, where the family has been in this nation�s history, and where some would have it go, we lose all sight of what is the MOST important issue to this nation now and in the years to come.

The family in America today, is on a most dire journey that will end in victory and love, or in utter, bitter defeat. It is the one battle facing this nation that is to be fought and won on a house to house, room to room and person to person basis. Although government intrudes at all levels in our lives as we are well aware, this is a �war� that CAN be won, if we will but take the lead as parents and REFUSE to surrender to the enemy. Without a commitment of total victory, then America�s fall from grace and power is complete.

I am beginning a second series after the completion of my two year effort in writing the �Sovereignty Papers.� This was in stark contrast to the historical writings of some of our founder�s publication of the �Federalist Papers.� For those of you who have followed these issues so graciously and offered such marvelous comments (with a few notable exceptions), I am grateful to you for engaging with me, in an intellectual and cultural debate concerning America�s state of decline and the rise of a virulently hostile response from foreign and domestic enemies of all vicious stripes.

�America: The Fall from Grace and Power� sets the stage for where we go from here. As many of you have agreed with me during this two year journey, the era of peace and true justice, common sense and victory, REAL constitutional government, and loyal, honest, virtuous government leaders at all levels has passed in our beloved nation. How then, should you react? How should you prepare? Along with scores of excellent web-sites set up by good folks that provide information and critical products (many advertised at newswithviews), there are those heroes who risk life and limb to help you get the information (also right here) so critically needed to fight where you can, this insidious, creeping national treason. Whatever it takes to assist you, we have all pledged to help because the clock is ticking and you had better decide what to do to protect your family and get to it.

Rule number one in this struggle is to prepare. Not just mentally�important as that is---but physically, with goods that will get you through any crises; specifically, the ultimate confrontation between liberty and tyranny. It is sometimes difficult to see the �big� picture when we speak in these terms, but see it you must. Without constant and well-planned efforts, your resources and your goals will be wasted. Only you can determine what level of preparation and for what issues you are willing to confront. But know this. The enemies of America have planned their efforts extremely well. They have been winning on all fronts�precisely because most of us have NOT been preparing or considering this great threat at all.

Let�s not blame anybody here or anything. If we are going to blame someone, then let�s start with ourselves. Now, let�s do something about it.

Rule number two is to line ourselves up with like-minded families in like minded communities (as much as that is possible) and steer local officials in our direction. That includes the law enforcement teams that need slow, quiet and believable efforts that do not give them cause for concern after they have written us off for the umpteenth time as the cracked pot weirdoes we sound and look like. Credibility is everything. Law officers at all levels are not immune from the truth. They are also not in lockstep with corrupted police administrators who long ago surrendered their moral character to the next-up politician that keeps them in their job.

Rule number three, is to realign ourselves with the God of the universe, and the Savior of the Ages, Jesus Christ. That, my friends, is actually THE Rule of all Rules. It is also the ultimate winning team as Coach Daubenmire would confirm for you. My dear law enforcement friends including Jim, Andrew and Dan, who share this website, would also tell you that our battle is not with law enforcement, but rather with the forces that would compel them to seek you out as a threat to the �order� of things now occurring and of things much worse yet to come. Carefully, bring them into the fold.

Rule number four is more difficult. On-going and carefully structured physical preparation is both costly and time consuming. This is not the format to offer you my idea of personal preparation, but I will give you these general headings so that you are moving toward some degree of protection.

Defense is ultimate. Without that, you cannot do anything else. E-mail me and I will offer my best personal suggestions. Many of you just don�t know and that is understandable. Our retired law enforcement writers could assist you as well. I would trust them with my life and you could to. Spiritual walls that cannot be penetrated are next. Do NOT allow the enemy to enter your domain--EVER. I will tell you personally, that I have been fighting off demonic attacks and carefully launched offensives by the best minions Satan has to offer in the form of deluded, perverted (pornographers, abortionists, activists for homosexual causes and subversives trying to overtake this country) agents. It has taken EVERYTHING I could muster at times to keep them off of the walls.

My name, Gregory, means �Watchman.� I have been writing and speaking about historical observations for 35 years. Now it is time to join with us in forcefully shouting from the wall WHY America has fallen from grace and power. I will tell you this. After soul-searing prayer and relief beyond human description form God himself, I have been picked up by His hand to renew this work and help others to prepare. I will help plow new ground toward a better, renewed, faith-enriched, and hope filled America.

Our legacy to our children is to do that without defeat, and enshrine the names of those throughout our history, which have fallen giving their all for the cause of real liberty and freedom, right here and during times of war.

Allow me please to make you aware of tools for freedom that you may be interested in. I have completed a book on CD �The Sovereignty Papers,� and two inspirational CD�s (�Hymns from the Heartland� and �After the Storm,�) Yes, I sang professionally across America with symphony orchestras and have toured in Europe as well. Speaking, singing and writing seem to be God�s gifts to me. Balancing a checkbook is left to my wife Liz.

Go to for more details. I will be advertising these items at as well. My last effort is a CD entitled, �Watching from the Ramparts.� It is an historical teaching CD that takes you through the past 100 years to the present and why we are where we are in the United States. It is a must, if you want to understand our present dilemma and be able to discuss it and pass it along to others.

God will never forsake or abandon His children. HIS children! Are you a child of the KING? Become one, and no matter what, your life and your potential to help others will never be the same. Stay on your knees until you reach peace and forgiveness from Jesus. Remember, all other rules don�t apply well, unless you get this one down deeply in your heart.

America fell from grace and power precisely because WE chose to leave the side of the Savior. He didn�t leave us. But because we have abandoned Him at every term and mocked his principals, we are reaping a bitter harvest indeed. Until America recognizes that issue first and foremost, we will never lead, be able to persevere through adversity, or ever claim the moral and spiritual high ground again for our own nation, let alone anywhere else in the world. A long time ago, we allowed our rulers to set the agenda. We failed the test of awareness and demand for moral leadership because of our own embracing of the philosophy of �anything goes� and I will do whatever I want whenever I want to do it. The interstate to hell is paved with the concrete lifestyle that is not only hedonistic, but one that has also contributed greatly to the demise of this nation.

Couple that with the invasion of the US from south of the border, the impending North American Union forced takeover of this continent by the banks and big business, the extension of American military power in a region that should be left to its own demise, and constantly enflamed by its fanatical, satanically infused religions, and you have �America the Great� today.

The continued programmed killing of the unborn and elderly, the health crises perpetrated by an unholy alliance between the food manufacturers and the pharmaceutical companies that �manage� disease incubated in our food system, is literally killing us. Obesity is rampant. Fogged minds that can�t figure how to add and subtract are expected to stand in defense of and understand clearly why we are dying as a nation?? Illegals and drugged incompetents are overrunning hospitals, schools, government subsidies, and desks in the workplace. This is bleak beyond description.

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That is why you must prepare across the board to deal with this festering mess we call �home.� Stand tall, and do it now. Your family, your home, your community and your nation�s life are in the balance. Scripturally, I do not believe that we are in Hell�no matter how bad it is or would get. However, in the next life, Hell will be real for many, because they would not commit to preparing for Heaven now, when they had the clear opportunity to do so. America�s fall from grace and power opened the door to Satan and his legions. Let�s slam it shut in his face right now. My foot is against the bottom of the door. Help me push, would you?

� 2007 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg is a highly decorated former Kansas State Trooper and Kansas Marshal. He speaks, sings and teaches his way across America during the summer and selected weekends during the school year. His last four years are upon him in his Michigan classroom before complete retirement.

As mentioned in previous articles, Greg is completing his four CD set including �The Sovereignty Papers,� also a teaching work �Watching from the Ramparts,� and two CD�s each featuring 15 inspirational hymns and seasonal favorites including several patriotic songs and a stirring reading to Scottish Pipes. He has recorded with a professional voice like that of Mario Lanza he has been told. The four part collection will be available November 10th. You may purchase one or all four. See the web-site for details or check this site in October as well.

Greg is booking concerts and speaking engagements primarily at churches and large civic gatherings across the country. Pastors, this can be done on a free-will offering basis under most circumstances. Bookings are running six to nine months in advance. Call at 906-367-0505.

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The family in America today, is on a most dire journey that will end in victory and love, or in utter, bitter defeat.