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By Greg Evensen

February 6, 2010

As the celestial clock ticks down on history, there are millions upon millions who still do not know whether it is day or night. Among these are many who are just not capable of understanding the events which are crowding us into a corner from which there is only one way out and that is into the giant fan blades covering the exit. These folks are unable to care for themselves, are elderly, physically or mentally handicapped, and wonderful people who are financially destitute and at the absolute mercy of those around them. I know, I hear from many of them and they are terrified at the thought of a descending legion of mercenaries from hell who will terminate their life’s choices with the swift declaration of a “power of attorney” through an Obama “transparent choice you can live with” executive action.

For millions of other Americans, it boils down to this. Do I spend what very little discretionary money I have left on storable food, water, natural medicines, firearms and ammunition, hand tools to rebuild with, energy systems, expensive rugged clothing or a thousand other necessary choices including a safe place to reside and a means to get there? Just what do I do first and will I have time to finish this Herculean task?

I have looked into the faces of thousands of my new friends and acquaintances after completing a preparation seminar or a two day in-field training regimen somewhere in America. These folks get it and are doing something about it. The commitment and valor of men and women who are NOT going to suffer through this upheaval in fear and without a thing to assist them in defending themselves, is a miracle. I will never forget our parting embraces as I leave them to an uncertain future and move on to another anxious group of “recruits.” I call this effort (it includes many women).

“Men In Leadership I Train In America”

This is what we do and we are proud of our results. The “real” homeland security is found in citizens who can defend themselves and protect what is theirs without federal intervention of any kind. That concept is both constitutional and absolutely necessary for the protection and good health of a free republic.

It is also what America has needed for 120 years. Had men and women trained to defend the republic from the corrupted government and its allies in the banking and corporate sectors, the travesty of horrible legislation in 1913 alone would have been avoided. Life in America today would have been much different. Men and women by the tens of thousands have answered the call to train, prepare, assist others, and occupy until they are needed. That need has never been greater and the response to our efforts to bring these patriots into REAL preparedness is in huge demand. Read about it here.

This effort is not about waging a battle that is a lost cause or constitutionally invalid, but it IS completely about freeing our people from the scourge of a socialist government and securing the Republic for our legacy to inherit. It is not about defending “democracy.” It IS about redefining a democratic REPUBLIC as the very core of our nation and in a manner that reflects the people’s right to design and pursue their destiny free from a government that does not trust them to do so.

It is not about conquering anybody or anything except our own state and federal government’s tyranny. It IS about assisting our precious friends in Canada, Australia, and even Nazified Illuminati England. It is not about creating confusion and fear. That has been created by several generations of elitists (Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, CFR members, UN supporters, banking and industrial families, etc.). We are attempting to rebuild the ideals that placed individual and national sovereignty above statist agendas and “legal”

Foundations. Trusts, Corporations, and government funded “think tanks” at selected subversive universities across the country. THEY MUST GO!!!

We are not about usurping judicial roles or nullifying constitutional principals. That has been done in our name by state and federal justices who long ago agreed as a group of conspirators to deprive Americans of the unhindered right to a trial by informed jurors who judged both fact and the constitutionality of the law itself behind closed doors free of a judge’s assumed right to impanel that jury with his instructions for their deliberation.

That continuing illegal act alone has imperiled the republic by use of “admiralty standards” and military style directorates. THEY MUST GO!!

We are not about pressuring banks or businesses to support this cause in any way what-so-ever as some in the government fringe SS (security services) are trying to paint us. Quite the contrary. The government, through its Obama Czars and their unconstitutional edicts, have conspired with the political criminal Bernanke of the Federal Reserve to rob the American people and spread the citizen’s treasure among criminally complicit US banks, Wall Street, and international firms receiving the very loans small businesses and American’s themselves should have benefited from. Just what if, Comrade Obama and Senor Bush had directed that American citizens over the age of 21, working, and buying their own homes had been given $750,000 each, that is, all of us legal citizens?


It would have been roughly the same price as the 800 billion that was given to the banks and businesses to squander on perks, bonuses and foreign partners. Don’t you believe that vouchers to pay off mortgages, credit cards and loans would have benefited the families, small business and government at all levels? Of course it would have. That is why it was never considered nor implemented. That is why not a single legislator anywhere in America offered it in a serious reform package to get America “back on its feet.” They preferred to have America flat on its ass and keep it there so THEY could “rescue” us from Washington with smoke, mirrors, and a load of crap outweighing America itself.

What Americans are beginning to see is, that their defense of home, family, property and nation are irretrievably connected and worth the cost to defend. The Castle Defense I & II DVD spells out in no uncertain terms what has happened and what you must do to be an active part in recapturing the dream hundreds of millions worldwide have pursued for generations. ( Thousands can testify that the information you must have to begin and upgrade your abilities is NOT generally available in any other form. People from around the world have contacted us about this visual series and what they are doing to throw off oppression.

Our classes are filling rapidly and we are so glad to be on the forefront of this effort. There are several other specialty organizations that train in the use of weapons, natural medicines, field first aid, farming, energy systems and many other critical areas. We discuss all of these topics as well at our sessions. If for no other justifiable reason, it is a wonderful feeling of independence many have said they never felt before, to be free from the “grid” and able to fend for themselves and others close to them. It provides leadership training that has been absent since frontier days. As time will reveal, it is the ONLY way those who survive the coming time of sorrow and the lack of systemic supplies, will be able to emerge if at all. End of story, end of debate. You will either be trained, aware, and operating or you will not. You can figure out for yourselves which outcome you would rather be a part of.

In the near future, (February) I will be submitting to News With Views first, and secondly at my own site, along with a few hundred or so other sites that pick up my writings, a detailed and comprehensive discussion dedicated to the absolute basics of what you must know even above and beyond what you may have already done about “THE PLAN” for your own use. It will really only scratch the surface, but for many, it will be an eye opener. Together with the Castle Defense, you will have a chance.

So, what can you do in the short term? Believe! Believe in a God that loves you and wants more than anything to provide for you His grace, love, forgiveness and guidance. Then, believe that we can do this! Hundreds can change a county. Thousands can change a city. Tens of thousands can change a state, and millions can change a nation and the world. Let’s believe big—REAL BIG! But let’s start where you are and let’s start RIGHT NOW! Our precious America cannot wait nor survive much more of the tyranny and constitutional destruction that has already been legislated and moved through maritime courts allowing the corruption to stand.

I support every last effort being waged by the Second Amendment Committee from California, as well as the continuing peaceful efforts to regenerate the several states’ militias through Edwin Vierra and Devvy Kidd’s valiant and very thorough efforts. Many of my fellow writers here and in other venues have spelled out this nation’s plight in far more eloquent ways than I could ever offer, but together we are trying to bring as many of you as will, along with us, to victory and a brand new United States of America. (Not the corporate sold-out “united states, Inc.”)

Thanks to Joan Veon, Andrew Wallace, Jim Schweisow, Coach Dave Daubenmire, Chuck Baldwin, Drew Raines, Don Nicholoff, Steve Quayle, Hawk, Katherine Albrecht, Paul Walter, Ed Snook, Bob, Judd, Jim, Cody, Rick, Jeff, John, Ben, Maynard, and hundreds of others who have put it all on the line to insure that we indeed can “swim with the dolphins while we fight against the sharks.”

To all of you who are my brothers, sisters, dear friends, and fellow patriots, along with the thousands who will simply stand in the gap when the time comes to secure our homes and nation--one more time, I thank you for all eternity. This time though, it is for our very survival. We must not falter, we must not delay. We cannot lose heart and we must summon our courage, for the fight is righteous, and the cost will be worth every ounce of effort. To fail is not an option, and even unto death it will be worth the cost, no matter how high or how personal. To do less is to condemn us to failure and defeat. Echoing Mr. Henry, I pledge to you, “I know not what others may do, but as for me, give me ultimate, complete, and total liberty, or I will accept death as the price for my effort.”

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One more time, dear friends around the world who are praying for our success, I ask you…...Steady boys……real, real steady. And when we are finished, should you ask, we will come to assist you as well. God bless each one of you, and dear Lord, if it be in thy will, please forgive and then bless the new Republic of the United States of America.

� 2010 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Our classes are filling rapidly and we are so glad to be on the forefront of this effort. There are several other specialty organizations that train in the use of weapons, natural medicines, field first aid, farming, energy systems and many other critical areas.