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By Greg Evensen

November 21, 2009

The term revolution is defined as sudden change. Sometimes it is subtle and sometimes it is violent. It can manifest itself through unrelenting political tyranny, military and police oppression of the populace, or as a result of the government’s failure to govern as the people have expected and demanded. Although the reasons can be many and the results can vary, the result is usually the same. The people are forced into moving against their rulers. Not because they got up that day and decided to revolt, but because they simply could not face another day of torment, turmoil, and defeat at the hands or their tormentors. Leaders--who consistently and continually sacrifice good government, sound politics, real justice, common sense writing of the law for a “greater good for the world” mentality, and outlaw the sense of openness of the process and the ultimate rightness of government for the American people--have abdicated any legal authority they might have once held, and have forced the remaining option for real change upon their people, impending revolution.

In many ways, the past one hundred years of breathtaking kingdom building in America by banks, industry, the political machine, and compliance by government in assisting the takeover of our civil authority, is a study in personal power elites shamelessly securing a selfish wealth of authority under the guise of “law.” Americans revere law and know so little about constitutional government and the legal premise that has been ruling us in the last century alone. We have been victims of “admiralty law” in the courts, bogus and unconstitutional taxation, money laundering/extortion by the Federal Reserve Bank and of course thousands of entitlement programs bestowed by socialist regime builders from Wilson to Obama. We have allowed our state governments to be subverted by, intimidated by, and used by, the whorehouse on Capital Hill. Elected rather than appointed senators sealed the deal.

God’s viewpoint makes it clear that to wage war one must have justification. Thus a “just war” must have several elements to be claimed as righteous and therefore acceptable to the people who find themselves at war. It could be argued that that viewpoint is reserved only for people of different nations who are at war with each other. I do not think so. I believe that any time individuals take up arms against another faction regardless of its location, then the “just war” doctrine comes into play. I believe that is one reason hostilities have not already broken out in America. Many do not believe the time is at hand. WAKE UP< AMERICA, WE HAVE ARRIVED!

So how then will history look upon those of us who believe that the people who have trusted their lives to the Constitution have suffered enough and that as a result of the government’s refusal to govern with morality and a sense of constitutional correctness, and that their ultimate survival depends on revolution judge us? Based on the facts alone, very well, I believe. It has now become a matter of survival. To Americans who know what I am talking about, survival here means literally their lives, fortunes, and honor as American citizens to chart their own course towards a destiny of their own choosing, not that mandated by a socialist or communist in Washington.


The list of egregious actions against the America citizenry is far too great to be repeated here, but includes just these few examples to make the point that this is but the preamble for a manifest of charges that would justify a declaration of war against any criminal enterprise including that which is killing our nation from Washington, D.C.


* The unbridled killing of our children by Nazi’s at Planned Parenthood.
* The raiding of our nation’s treasury and the ruination of our currency.
* Financial support for a world government seat of power in New York.
* Use of our military as mercenaries/illegal service overseas and in the USA.
* The militarization of the American civilian police agencies by Washington
* The tolerance and re-election of oath breaking elected representatives.
* The financing of government indoctrination through public school systems
* Encouragement of illegal criminals to subvert local programming/services. (Criminal means just that. If you enter illegally you are a criminal!)

Government programming decrees that we cannot afford nor want.
Government programming laws that are unconstitutional.
Government edicts that are destroying our state’s sovereignty.
Acceptance of government censorship of truth and freedom.
Allowing the CDC and drug giants to dictate our health choices.
Use of our military as enforcers against Americans who protest.
Control of media outlets by government to lie to the American public.
The destruction of our personal sovereignty as state citizens to resist.
Taxation hidden in legislation to cripple or destroy America’s wealth.
The destruction of small business by regulators within government.
The destruction of family trusts by confiscatory taxation

This list is just the beginning. I intentionally left out the many abominable practices of government that allow death to infants, promotion of perverted and detestable lifestyles, the dismal failure of the church to teach the citizens about the way of God and the Holy Scriptures. The politics run amuck and speech correctness at its worst to even publicly discuss the issues surrounding the evil and sinful practices of those in charge of the governments in Israel, Great Britain (the communist embodiment of the seat of Illuminati power) and of course the failed “democratic” nations that include the Vatican, Canada, Mexico, France, Japan, Russia, Germany and so many others on the so-called “good guys” list. Good guys, my ass. Partners in crime is more like it and heading the list is the government being rammed down our throats by Pelosi, Reid, Shumer, Biden, Feinstein, Boxer, Graham, Levin, and the other roughly 515 out of 535 serving the dictator-in chief.

Based on available data, who allowed the Islamic bastard at Ft. Hood to bring havoc to so many? Where were the military police? No one on base with a loaded weapon?? Police from Killeen had to do the dirty work. Islam is a wretched, Satan inspired movement worldwide that has no justification for existence, let alone soothing words of “understanding” by Obama, military leaders and “don’t jump to any conclusions” morons in the Pentagon. Well, Secretary Gates, I jumped to a conclusion and it is real simple. I do not choose to “co-exist” with Marxists, socialists or Islamic Jihadists. Confronted with violence from them or any further attempts to eradicate this nation’s historic Republic status will result in an historic summoning to a call to arms. My nation, my state, my community, my home, my family, my friends, and my defenseless neighbor’s lives and well-being are at stake. If you can’t defend Ft. Hood, Mr. Surrender-in-Chief, I don’t expect you to do anything well except prance down the steps from Air Force One like a Harlem Globetrotter.

The recent and historical statements by several leading government czars extolling the virtues of Marx and Mao are proof indeed that this is not just an emerging battleground of politics and the destruction of the American nation and its civilian infrastructure, this is indeed a battle for the very life of a nation that has been infiltrated by and being forced on the people by traitors in every sense of the word. My argument needs no hyperbole to make its case. All one needs to do is read the public statements by those in power and the case is made on its own. The enemy has clearly distinguished himself to the eyes and minds of the subjugated people. Augustan’s manifest has been understood, accepted and is now ready for use as justification for what must come.

As many of you know, I have been actively working with groups across the nation in an effort to help them be fully ready to defend what is theirs to defend. The response has been reassuring, but more needs to be done. Please follow our efforts at If you cannot come to a two day training session, then the combined 9 hour Castle Defense 1 & 2 DVD’s will take you through much of what you could have received. Time is so perilously short. Because many of the groups do not want publicity, we are not posting their locations. We will hold at least six camps in Michigan next summer for 40-50 each camp. More details will follow at my web-site.

Additionally, as a leader in a 24 state movement (so far) to unite those who wish to work with me and others to prepare support groups to work for “republic values” and to ready a populace to face “all enemies, foreign and domestic,” our national effort will soon gather its leaders to accomplish goals necessary to insure that our children and grandchildren have hope for a future free from the evil that surrounds us at every turn.

I hear from legalistic religious people who are satisfied with “God’s judgment” and care little for a common response from the people. I hear from socialists, communists and sodomites who are THRILLED that the USA has been sold our and is being Obamaized (“change” we can live with? No, die for!) into the pitiful mutant of a nation that our founders envisioned. I hear from people who are content to revel in their situation, unwilling to prepare, resist, or do anything accept watch soaps and “Willie the WonderPreacher.” Save me the drivel and time. Do something, do ANYTHING to save our butts from a kickin’ like you never saw if we continue to do nothing. Oh, and for that last group who complain that all I do is rant and talk, you would need a change of undies if you knew what we have and continue to do while you just complained. “Let history know, that you were not our countrymen…..”

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It is my honor and highest privilege to have served with so many of you on several fields of combat and you kept the faith and your oath. Our work is not over yet by a long shot—so to speak---and I will be most proud to meet you on the next field of battle at a time that is part of our destiny. God bless each one……..steady boys, steady…..

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In many ways, the past one hundred years of breathtaking kingdom building in America by banks, industry, the political machine, and compliance by government in assisting the takeover of our civil authority, is a study in personal power elites shamelessly securing a selfish wealth of authority under the guise of “law.”