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By Greg Evensen

September 6, 2009

Say what you will, believe what you want, tell others of your deep “in the gut” support for Dictator-in-Chief Obama’s vision of change while you continue to wave good-by in the rear view mirror to the once really free America.

Keep rejoicing at the trillions of wasted and unaccountable dollars that have gone nowhere except in the deep pockets of bankers, social activist groups, radicals on the left who view entitlements as one of the eleven (you just thought their were ten) commandments of God Himself and of course do not dismiss the well-oiled police state environment that continues to arm and use every conceivable branch of government they can find or invent. Bureau of Land Management agents, US Forest Service Rangers, US Fish and Wildlife motorboat patrols, and of course the famous fugitive freakin’ chicken Poultry Inspectors have all been granted the authority to carry deadly weapons. WHY???

All laughter aside, it will soon be armed Federal Highway Crews, FAA Controllers and FCC personnel. CDC doctors would be next, except they just can’t figure out how to draw a gun with surgical gloves on.

During one of my recent in-field training seminars, a distinguished gentleman who was politically active said, “the current administration is in the cab of the snowplow, clearing away the last traces of your freedoms.” Another said that democrats at all levels are “crushing the final liberties in America with a sledgehammer.” These observations are absolutely correct.

The vitriol is rising, Obama supporters are smarting badly over their huge election mistakes and have no one to blame this time except themselves. Socialist health care?? Did we learn anything from Canada and Europe? Even the talk glibly for hours and endless hours President Barry Sotero, can’t bring himself to understand what he thought he said from the day before.

Republicans are the pitiful losers they appear to be and still cannot after such a stunning across the board loss, figure out what has happened. Is it possible that they really do not understand that their previous support was due mostly to the fading hope that party members believed they were honestly for the constitution, small government and no bailouts of criminal bankers?

Well, it is time to burst the bubble, squelch the lies, and say it loud and clear. THE REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS DANCE TO THE SAME TUNE. THE MUSIC IS BEING DIRECTED BY THE MEDIA, THE BILDERBURGERS, THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND INTERNATIONAL INTERESTS THAT WE ALREADY KNOW ARE KILLING OUR NATION!!!! Add to that the party in power and the corrupted, radical, dangerous, pro-gay, anti-American, deceitful White House. Democrats can’t (or won’t) produce an Obama valid birth certificate so we can end the controversy, one way or another. Could it be that there really is a problem with his origin of birth?? You are sitting in the middle of punch-drunk America. Crises after crises, that is how you eventually justify Martial Law.

It has become perfectly clear that Americans by the millions have intentionally and boastfully surrendered their nation to amoral men and women who rely on the most heathen, socialistic cadre of radicals ever to walk the halls of power. It is the MOST dangerous situation this nation has EVER faced. With all of the proof amassed, a majority of Americans simply think that uncontrolled, unchallenged and clearly the most militant group of illegals ever assembled in the southwest believe that La Raza is merely a social group of innocent Mexicans. They are rallying to tear this country apart and pose a huge threat to the stability of sovereign states. Down the street, next door “neighbors” of ours believe that same sex marriage is harmless at the least and honorable at best. Of course, God is nowhere to be seen in these discussions for after all, we just might offend a Godless Muslim who thinks that Islam is all truth and light. Sorry, Mohammed pulled off the scam of all history. It is all lies and deceit. Why do they serve so slavishly Allah, the God of War? Because they wage war freely on everyone who doesn’t accept their “break your arm, slash your throat” sort of evangelism. Why do we not hear that in the pulpits of Christian Churches? Because the pulpits are devoid of truth, scripture and courage.

Why are Mormons (I am not one and do not accept their theology) weathering brutal assaults on their people and churches? Because they stood for the principled moral high ground in the California battle over sodomite marriage. Not one major Republican entity stood with them. Not a single Christian denomination voted with them. No media outlet, no governmental agency at any level protected them nor offered them assurances that they had the right to speak their minds on this issue. They were left to swing in the wake of putrid power left by freakish, evil and horrific examples of “tolerance” from sodomite enforcers.

This is no longer a “nation under God.” We SHOULD strike those words from our coins and pledge. We mock God when we say them and at the same time encourage terrorists cross-dressed as nuns to parade in our city’s streets with the full encouragement of councils and commissions that cower under their beds at the thought of endorsing a traditional family day within the city parks. Parks that could for just one day deny sexually explicit homosexual scenes from sickening the God-fearing public.


Dope dealers, gangs, and animal sacrificing occultists are avoided by law enforcement like the coming pandemic. There are entire areas in major cities where even groups of police officers will NOT go. Their justification? Let them do their worst; cops will only go in to clean up the mess. If the police don’t go in, the tacit agreement is, they will not ambush our officers. That is a fact and a horrible tragedy at the same time. With weak support from on high, I really can’t blame them much. Those same police administrators won’t take two deep breaths before signing on to any Homeland Security agreement that passes over their desk that takes away further citizen’s rights and opens the door for any and all actions that will be “needed” when the pandemic hits. Even North COM military forces can’t wait to exercise their “learned in Iraq” people control techniques, only this time it will be right down the block from where you live. I just can’t wait for the sense of protection I will feel as squads of soldiers drag my neighbors out for their vaccinations. Police and military forces, HONOR YOUR OATHS, refuse criminal orders or you will answer for your crimes.

I have taken six serious threats to my life in the past eight weeks. I have been down this road before as a police officer, but this time it could be different. However, this effort to reach Americans must continue.

Everything that I teach across America during the Preparedness Seminars, I must now double check to make sure I am also following these directions myself. Crowds that are coming out are doubling expectations and the participants are startled to see their neighbors and friends actually doing something about their place in this increasingly obvious and desperately escalating dangerous national catastrophe. No more arm twisting is needed. People are waking up, afraid, and doing something about it. With so very few of us (military and police officers are in many cases made to sign pledges that they will NOT broadcast, write books, speak publicly or become spokespersons for any politically incorrect group). There are too many groups and not enough time to get to all of them.

This week I will be in Medford, Oregon, Creston, North Carolina, and later in Effingham, Illinois. Hundreds are coming to hear how they may increase their chances of getting through all that is barreling down the road at them. I am frank, but not foolish. Stark, real, but I am not generating intentional fear. People need facts, not emotion--or God forbid--more political crap about anyone or anything that has to do with government. If people come to hear a political diatribe, they are disappointed.

Although I believe in the underlying good sense and constitutionality of minutemen, militias and citizen posses, I am not signing anyone up. This is about defense and how to survive, plain and simple. People go away empowered and networked. They linger to talk and we share the “what-ifs” freely. They leave with the elements of a plan and how to network that plan.

The “Castle Defense” DVD that Liz suggested and produced of me giving a seminar was meant for all of those who could not attend one, somewhere. The outpouring of orders has been tremendous. Nearly all of hundreds have said it was exactly what they needed. Many invited friends and family to watch, played it at meetings, and passed it on to someone. We just want people to have a PLAN!

Our second and final two hour DVD in-field training session was held in Crystal Falls, and is being edited right now. We hope to have it available in September after Labor Day. It takes off where the studio ended and shows actual field training conducted by Army veteran and business partner Rick Shumard and myself. We will offer it at

Let me ask you, how is it that “everyone” knows this pandemic (engineered, planned and designed by the pharmaceutical tycoons and depopulation advocates from around the world) is coming? You know, get ready, set, 62 days, seven hours, fourteen minutes and three seconds from right NOW, you are going to DIE when this thing rolls across America. Of course, you will just as likely die from the cauldron of poison in that syringe if you take the shot, whether you want it or not. It is slow suicide or slow homicide depending on your point of view.

Figure it out! Panic brings on more government, less liberty, more trillions in lost jobs, a tanking GNP, falsely high then crashing markets, and on and on it goes. PLEASE, PLEASE, Mr. Government man, come and save us. Do whatever you like, Mr. Dictator, just honor your campaign pledge and bring us more CHANGE! Remember, the promise was “Change We Can Live With!” Unless a scheduled pandemic hits of course, and then all bets are off.

My bet right from the start was that an F6 tornado with 500 mph winds began roaring across the landscape and when it’s over, change will have a brand new meaning.

With all of the meetings and efforts being made to offer people a plan that works and some kind of hope, I have been put to the wall by some--that is for sure. I have never attempted to placate my critics. Most are blowhards that have never done anything but complain. They have never taken a stand that anyone could see or understand anyway. They whine from behind a computer terminal and stab courageous people in the back. I know MANY of my friends here and in broadcast media have suffered as well.

Understand something very clearly. If you have sold this republic out for money or a license to do whatever your twisted mind can dream up, then get this. Your worst fear will be upon you when the reality of the truth that patriots have been warning you about does come to pass. The caged lions within free thinking, liberty seeking, courageous and honorable men and women are a force unseen for generations.

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Those caged doors are about to be opened. When opened, they will destroy that government sledgehammer with their teeth alone, and the word held high above William Wallace and millions of veterans who gave their last full measure of devotion……………..F-R-E-E-D-O-M……………for our nation and our children’s destiny will ounce again be honored and cherished.

God, please forgive our foolish sins. Bless us once more we pray, in your Almighty Name we plead it, AMEN.

� 2009 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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All laughter aside, it will soon be armed Federal Highway Crews, FAA Controllers and FCC personnel. CDC doctors would be next, except they just can’t figure out how to draw a gun with surgical gloves on.