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By Greg Evensen

July 7, 2009

As many of you have been following, I went on the road June 5th to begin a series of training seminars--literally across America, to offer patriots and concerned Americans the information they absolutely must have to weather the coming mega-storm.

I am grateful beyond measure for the thousands of e-mails, hundreds of cell calls and scores of events being planned and scheduled in 20 states and the Province of Alberta. I am taking a weekend to emcee the courageous and historic convocation being organized by Pastor Butch Paugh in Sommersville, West Virginia in August. If you are within 500 miles of this event, you must not miss it. The list of speakers is staggering. It will be an event to remember for the ages. Chuck Baldwin, Devvy Kidd, Texe Marrs, Jack McLamb, Joyce Riley, Alan Keyes, Jim Purcey, Katherine Albrecht, Derry Brownfield, Joan Veon, Melody Cedarstrom and I will headline the speaker’s list. Contact Pastor Paugh, or call 1-800-777-4403, or 304-846-4448, for tickets.

I cannot begin to second guess all of the motives that brought thousands upon thousands of American’s to this crossroad, but I can tell you one thing without a doubt. They are furious at their government, scared as hell and are now ready to face this monster head-on and work to protect themselves.

I have said to listeners that desperate people do desperate things at desperate times. Now, add courageous people do courageous things at desperate times as well. Our people have endured so much for so long, that many failed to realize that the temperature was slowly getting warmer in the pot they were treading water in. Many are clinging to the side of the pot and a few of us have gone from telling the story about the pot to reaching over the side and grabbing every hand we can find.

Hundreds have asked this week, “what do you cover and is this doable?”

We have described it as the REAL Survival Story in America, and tried to give a theme everyone could understand. It is a bit cumbersome, but it tells the theme. The 8 hour seminar is entitled, ”PREPARING YOUR FAMILY AND YOURSELF WITH EFFECTIVE DEFENSE STRATEGIES.”

It is training, alerts, how to, how NOT to, what to do, what NOT to do, where to go, where NOT to go, how to get there three different ways, how to survive when the internet and cells go dark, how to resist gangs, temporary shelter, safe communications, surveillance and field skills and many other related topics.

I have made friends for life, put a face and form to thousands who had only known me through www.newswithviews and my radio show, “Voices from the Heartland” at RBN radio. Being “with the true patriots” has been such an encouraging and inspiring time. My deep training from the military and law enforcement has been a source of tremendous information for people who don’t know what is in store for them should the worst case scenario emerge.

Large numbers of top notch sources from the military and police agencies at all levels have helped me convey the latest intelligence to these attendees. In so doing, they have begun to understand how complex and overwhelming this struggle will be. The great underlying hope is that with this newly minted one on one experience, families, neighbors and even rural communities will have the potential plan to survive and rebuild the carefully orchestrated destruction of our beloved Republic.

Because my undying faith in the supremacy and grandeur of God and His son Jesus relieves me of worry, I simply tailor this effort on reality framed with faith. I urge you to come to that position as well, for as I have also said many times to many people, if you do not have that level of faith, when death or defeat is at hand, you will not be able to maintain and rejoice in the promise of God himself.

Hear this; YOU WILL if you know Jesus, live on eternally in Heaven with your creator and Savior. It really doesn’t get any better under these ferocious circumstances. Make no mistake; I train people as if they were my own family. In truth, I view them as such. I am a part of this wonderful group of Patriots and family defenders who represent all genders, races and geographical locations. We are Republic builders….working together for our nation, our children and our grandchildren. That is a cause worth fighting for and giving my life for, if required. Virtually all of our seminar “graduates” are united in this effort. This is not about waging war without justification or cause. This is completely about defending our homes, families, neighborhoods, communities and ultimately the nation, from a vicious takeover that wipes out every last soldier’s mortal sacrifice “defending” the corporate united states. The Republic that was MUST become a new Republic that IS….vital, healthy and morally purposeful once again. That concept is what drives me across this nation day and night.

We are chipping away at the loss of sovereignty, theft of our treasury, the sell-out of our virtues to the lowest bidder and living as virtual slaves to an elite bureaucracy and court system devoid of truth, common sense and the goal of continuous well being through liberty, for its citizens. That is, unless you are a member of ACORN, the New Black Panther Party, a socialist, a communist, an atheist, a sodomite or a “purpose driven” do nothing “Christian” church that favors gun control, illegal alien entitlements, human rights for earthworms or a contributor to the UN, Al Gore, George Soros or President Sotero.

Listen carefully and read this with great care. Your “freedom” to do just about anything is almost gone. Your requirement to take comprehensive vaccines, registering of all weapons and ammo that you may possess is policy and you will comply. The confiscation police that will oversee the taking of your retirement and savings accounts, your stash of survival tools and stocks of necessary goods that are to be seized for the “greater good” are AT YOUR DOOR! What will you do to protect what you have? Ignore them, lie to them, turn in someone else so that you can be left alone (you think), resist and therefore die at your door or on the way to a camp? Don’t tell me this is not real. I have talked with people whose sole job is to make sure that you keep on believing it’s not really going to happen. How easily we want to believe in the subtle “we are only here to protect you” assurances given by our civilian, police and military leaders whose ultimate job it will be to force you into compliance with their master plan. Did the SS tell their victims it was murder time as they escorted captives into the gas chambers?

Your final opportunity to receive the practical and necessary training to organize, plan and defend what is yours is at hand. I believe that we are weeks or a few months from implementation of the generation’s old plan to bring the USA into the subjugation of the world cabal that has worked so long to make it happen.

Many of you really don’t need me to tell you what you know in your heart is happening. I simply bring it all together in a workable and understandable package that pushes you toward an answer for you and yours.

We are now scheduled for the next few weeks. If you cannot get a group together, then perhaps my wife’s suggestion of three weeks ago makes sense. She insisted that I take the time to record a DVD that is an abbreviated seminar (minus the Q & A and the practicals or “what if” scenarios in a live seminar). We have achieved that goal and the DVD is available starting July 4th from our website store.

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You may also call me directly at 906-367-0505, and I will tell you where to send a check, money order or two one ounce .999 silver bullion pieces and obtain the DVD. It is $30 (postage included). You can’t do a seminar for any less. Besides, it’s the only way to take me home with you and not have to feed me.

God bless each one. No fear factor intended here, only hard reality and a means to do something that may just bring “survival” to your door instead of tragedy. At least for now, you have the choice.

After that.....

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I am grateful beyond measure for the thousands of e-mails, hundreds of cell calls and scores of events being planned and scheduled in 20 states and the Province of Alberta. I am taking a weekend to emcee the courageous and historic convocation being organized by Pastor Butch Paugh in Sommersville, West Virginia in August.