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By Greg Evensen

September 8, 2007

There is no intention of a double meaning here. Unlike many large bodies of water, there is no �aroma� to Lake Superior. I took the time this summer after the fourth of July, to travel a bit in our area. My son was married and immediately became four. Alicia Evensen, my beautiful new daughter-in-law, has two wonderful little girls. My son Ben is a deputy sheriff in northern Wisconsin. He, like his father before him, has seen it all at the tender age of 29.

Since I am growing older with each passing day, I observe carefully each new level of moronic behavior by governments and men, I have had a few 60,000 mile warranty issues with my health and thankfully most have passed. I teach school and love it. Tragically, this May, we lost three of our district�s students in a two week period. One was a middle school girl and two were high school young women. A dear friend of mine, Gary, also on our middle school staff is suffering with cancer, but is an absolute hero, believing in the Majesty of Jesus and the good things of life through his pain.

My daughter Jessica in Kansas City, has suffered a few difficult moments, yet done exceedingly well financially. What is most important? Ask her, she knows. Ask Ben, he will tell you that no problem cannot be overcome, compared to violent death on the highway. Ask my wife Liz, she will tell you that a cranky healthy husband is better than a cranky suffering one. At least I think she will�.

I have been viciously attacked publicly and privately as a result of my attempts to sound the alarm about the pending treasonous attacks against our Constitutional protections. I have been threatened by anonymous �brave� souls who would end my life because I tell the absolute truth. My message remains clear. Do what you will, but I will NOT hesitate in the face of the enemy.

Len Novak, a free spirited gentleman from the north shore of Lake Superior, has reminded me of what life is at its best. Len is a magnificent craftsman specializing in Native American Art and the symbols of the continuing greatness of this continent�s aboriginal past. We sat together 18 feet up from the shoreline at Len�s traditional home. I listened to his simple yet profound philosophy concerning many issues.

Len is the kind of citizen we can be extremely proud of. If we only had many more like him. I came away with a large supply of fresh air, fresh water, a fresh appreciation of nature�s incredible gifts to us, and finally, most importantly, a renewed sense of rest at the northern end of US 41 highway. It was the surroundings, to be sure, but it was Len as well. Thanks, friend�..I�ll be back soon.

I Also Stopped to Smell Washington

Lake Superior passes the sniff test, hands down. There are more dead fish and driftwood floating down the Avenues in the Capital or is that Capitol (could go either way here) than in 35,000 square miles of that inland ocean. As a result, pollution is doing well, the nation is not. Let me be more specific, please.

The ongoing demise of the United States is being sold to American citizens as a �necessary� progression of business, culture and security for the residents of Canada, the United States and Mexico. It is a lie of course, but one that most of us have accepted, because we are always accepting the putrid buffet of �fresh� fish offered to us from Washington. If there is a check or other benefit, we go for it-no questions ever asked-and a hearty, �pass me more rotting fish, please.�

Friends, it is simple. We are being FORCED into a shared economy and defense pact with these nations. They really don�t want us and we REALLY don�t want them, now or in the future. No borders. Isn�t that quaint? One Amero. Isn�t that easy? One set of parliamentary laws. Isn�t that a Republic killing idea? One major hurdle to International business and banking fascism eliminated? Isn�t that profitable? And all the while, we wring our hands, worry about the stock market and order up some more government fish fresh from �ole Meh-hi-co.�

Illegals are now emboldened by the ACLU (American Communist Liberation Union), the Mexican government, the subversive Methodist and Catholic churches, (they preach only what they want, not what the Bible implores). President Bush ignores the law at the border, double talks the American people into thinking he is for protecting our borders and jets around the world while good border agents rot in prison.

Illegals are fomenting revolution here, grabbing driver�s licenses from moron state governments, registering to vote with those same idiot states, moving in mass to self proclaimed �sanctuary cities.� Why are these deceitful and treasonous mayors and councils tolerated by law abiding and constitutional revering citizens? What is GOING ON HERE???

Other NWV writers have been butchered on websites by subversives hoping to stop us. They have tried to poison my web-site, cut off my e-mail, infiltrate efforts to raise the militia and began stalking my travel. All you have done is prove my point and force me to dig in some more.

I also spent time interviewing residents of New Mexico, Texas and Florida this summer. The V-A-S-T majority are sick over this government�s choice to ignore them and pander to illegal border criminals. They just do not know how to deal with this except to shoot the violent ones, chase down the border runners, and impeach the city/county/state/federal officials who are too afraid, too stupid or too paid off to do anything at all about it. That is not hyperbole. That is how they feel. I have been there; I have spoken to them and seen the desperation in their eyes. Anarchy and violence are lurking around the corner. It will come through increasing numbers of illegal criminals killing our children, raping our children, kidnapping our children, and threatening our families across America in �sanctuary� cities.

Good God, what a horrible misuse of a beautiful word. Kind of like destroying for all time that happiest of old terms��gay.�

I have offered sanctuary for many of my friends and acquaintances on twenty acres of my own land. Something my government and America�s foolish city officials can�t and won�t do for legal American victims of this latest in nation killing by �elected leaders.� That�s right; protect killers, illegals, and revolutionaries in American sanctuary cities. Encourage nothing to be done against these murderous thugs, sue Americans if they try, put their border agents in prison, give them our health care, entitlements and social security and voting rights. Only in America�God help us.

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On the other hand, I can go see Len any time I choose. What do you think? Should all of us just hide? I intend for my hiding place to be just enough to get a good bead on the bad guys. Harsh you say? It�s coming�...

� 2007 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg Evensen is a former long time highly decorated Kansas lawman who travels the nation speaking about the law enforcement officer�s role in American society. Greg served as a Kansas State Trooper for many years.

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I have been viciously attacked publicly and privately as a result of my attempts to sound the alarm about the pending treasonous attacks against our Constitutional protections. I have been threatened by anonymous �brave� souls who would end my life because I tell the absolute truth.