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By Greg Evensen

April 9, 2009

Never in my lifetime did I believe that I would ever witness the takeover of our nation by revolutionary forces dedicated to one socialistic goal. Naively, I held on to the presumption that when it REALLY came down to it, this nation would not allow communism the final victory. I based my life and my family’s safety and prosperity on that view. I just could not accept that my fellow citizens would encourage the rape and murder of our history, the betrayal of our collective sacrifices in times of war, and defeat in the centuries old debate over how much control Washington should exert over its populace.

We have experienced the destruction of our republic in a way that leaves virtually no possibility of a systemic change reversal toward our former sovereign status. Collective forces including global bankers, industrialists, social engineers specializing in tyranny, and the corrupted elites of every nation have realized their final victory over freedom, liberty and national identity.

The incredibly painful reality is that we have allowed for creeping incrementalism to wear us down for the final assault waged over the previous two years. It was during this time, that Wall Street, the banks, investment houses and corporate businesses crested in lunar orbit with unsustainable and unjustifiable run-ups in share values and the profane “margins” in the derivatives markets. Military misadventures killed our troops and our national morale. Universities have continuously and unrelentingly driven morality from the minds of our young and taught us that right is wrong and wrong is right. Public schools would take a pregnant girl to get an abortion, but go apoplectic if students ate ice cream at lunch.

In the meantime, these same students kill for sport on video games downloaded on their laptops.
And we wonder why Americans by the millions voted for a president devoid of every shred of “morality” except that of his Illuminati handlers

I have waged the battle for many years that has sought to insure our communities some hope that police forces would cling to their oaths and ultimately protect us from the absolute evil found in some of the state capitals and Washington itself. I have lectured, written, broadcast and lobbied for republic values and sovereign laws. Along with thousands of others just like me, I have tried to avoid this day and I have completely failed in my “mission.” The struggle, the battles, the war---has been lost. I am now a prisoner in my own land, awaiting an attempt to imprison me or worse. After all the battles I have been through, actual physical combat and armed confrontations too numerous to count in the streets of America, I face the prospect of standing the final battle virtually alone—at least that is how I view the near term future.

Only an enraged and unrelenting populace can change that fate for many of us. Only those who have felt the bitter sting of loss imposed by a leadership poised to sweep away all of our freedoms can fight back with the strength borne of desperation and personal betrayal. It will be those, who in the final hour gave their all for the ultimate fight for freedom, indeed the last great battle for freedom.

It will be high stakes all the way. Either we will emerge completely victorious or we will crawl out utterly defeated. It REALLY has come down to that. No hyperbole here, just ultimate, brutal reality. We will either survive as free people, or we will perish as a defeated people. To perish in the fight is to live on with God. To live as slaves in Obama’s communist America is not an option for me. If I am permitted to see a free republic victory, then all glory to God and thanks to my fellow patriotic freedom fighters. We cannot quit now or expect someone else to stand up to this bully government. There simply is no one else to resist these traitors.

I have reached that conclusion because I am now witnessing the final insult to a lifetime of advocacy from the ramparts. I watch as Americans continue the slaughter of their moral absolutes by vicious and vile people who advocate for the Obama nation and every horrific inch of the drunken excess called stimulus. I am incredulous at the “debates” in congress by officials who have sold out their fellow citizens, their common sense and their trust to the whorehouse that is Washington, D.C. I am sickened by men and women who justify abortion up to the moment of delivery as a human right for the mother but a human disaster for the child. Obama believes this is an absolute necessity in our brave new world of change. This same Obama who is of questionable heritage, unknown national origin, and the most incapable immoral leader in our history, is an object of delirium among nations who know nothing of him or his pending ultimate national betrayal.

Corrupted officials who demand that we pay unjust and unlawful taxes are hired for cabinet positions having not paid their own taxes. Truly, what do they know that we don’t? Eric Holder, the leftist moron, who occupies the chief law enforcement office in the land, makes John Ashcroft look flawless in retrospect. Hillary Clinton struts around the globe proclaiming United States authority to meld us into that (you know-for paranoids only, doesn’t really exist) global governance mindset that even has the Supreme Court drooling over how quickly we can all think globally, not constitutionally.

No matter how we paint this picture, the outcome is the same. It took hundreds of years, but the ancient evil ones among us have clutched the victor’s laurel wreath. Patriots, constitutionalists, anti-abortionists, militia supporters, UN haters, gun rights activists (you know, the ones the Fusion centers and various state police agencies long to stop, harass and incarcerate for their beliefs) are on the lists for government action and action IS pending.


Machine gun executioners under the employment of bailout giants in business and banking have melted down their barrels as they put millions into financial death and disruption across America.

Millions more were put to death by guillotines mounted on flatbeds and parked outside the agencies holding retirement programs and various savings plans meant to give peace of mind to those who worked decades to provide for THEMSELVES. The countless millions who have escaped this deadly fate by doing absolutely nothing and reaping the benefits handed out by the Executioner-in-Chief and his satanically inspired minions in government; deserve nothing but our scorn and absolute rejection. They include the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the NAACP, the Anti-Defamation League, NOW, NARAL, ACORN, affirmative action plans, entitlement programs and their recipients, and the thousands of other money sucking programs designed to divide Americans from each other, their legitimate constitutional government and the ideals of a prosperous free system of production and individual work environments.

I make it a habit to draw battle lines clearly and identify the “enemy” of our people and our republic.

I do it because many will not. They shy from it through fear, intimidation and the desire to be on everybody’s nice list. I detest Morris Dees, the communist leader of the SPLC mentioned earlier. I abhor Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Abraham Foxman, Catholic Cardinals who excuse sanctuary churches and illegal sanctuary cities. I hold complete contempt and rejection for the acceptance of sodomy, gay rights, gay marriage, or gay acceptance of any kind. Keep quiet about your perversion and practice if you must, in foul secrecy. I do not want to know what your preferences are. I will wage war with illegals that have come to this nation to violently take property, jobs, benefits, and possessions of native born farmers and ranchers. I will identify and pursue with any and all means available the maniacs who murder babies. The same goes for pornographers, drug dealers and child molesters. They have no place in our communities, our states or our nation--and certainly not under any protection or “color of law” anywhere, for any reason or by any jurisdiction, PERIOD!

Those ultimate fools who legislate day and night to seize my firearms are subject to my use on them if they force the issue. Firearm self-defense is a tool to resist tyranny and a natural right of every citizen. These are common sense virtues. Why are we discussing them? It is because common sense and virtue died with the republic. The same traitors that cheat us out of our liberties are the same ones that fear our right to own private land and defend it with deadly force if trifled with. We are the last guardians of the former American Republic. Make no mistake about that. Without us, the legions of freedom haters on earth, the Zionists, the communists, the globalists, and the Islamic Jihadists, would have enslaved America a long time ago.

So perhaps for the last time, for I see no reason to keep rehashing the obvious for the same choir month after month, I give you this solemn pledge and assessment.

The time has come for the freedom protectors still left in America to join with others of like mind, body and spirit in a defense force that will not yield another micron to the invaders, usurpers, sell-outs and true evil servers living amongst us in America. To allow them to do so is cowardly and insures that a potential victory will be that much more costly for those brave enough to make the final stand.

If any less confrontational, but successful way is possible in defeating this evil, then I say let’s pursue it. If rational thinking and common sense says no, confrontation and revolutionary change is at hand, then let it begin. We are losing precious daylight needed to identify, chase down and eliminate every last vestige of the enemy who will surely hunt us down first, if unopposed.

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I may stand alone, and I may go down quickly, but by God Almighty, I will not go with my head bowed and in chains. As I have prayed many times before going into battle, “Dear God, if I am to fall today, let me be successful long enough to help turn the tide toward victory and allow me to bring down enough of the enemy so that my fellow soldiers can make it home, and my family may live in peace and freedom…..Amen.”

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The incredibly painful reality is that we have allowed for creeping incrementalism to wear us down for the final assault waged over the previous two years.