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By Greg Evensen

February 4, 2009

The last great fight for survival has begun. It is not about reality television. It is also not about the great misleading slogan adopted by the Democratic Party last fall. It IS about preparing for the ultimate test of your ability to persevere and win against governmental, geo-political, economic, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual forces that are aligned into the “perfect storm” bearing down on you with freight train speed and size.

As THE major event of your lifetime, it will overwhelm you and disconnect you from all realty should you have to face it unprepared. Let’s go over this situation and take the final measures necessary to see that you, your family, and your community come through this prolonged crises intact.

Regardless of your political alignment, your education, your vocation or your cultural background, we share a common heritage that is secure in both its historical fact and in its genius in building a sovereign United States of America (the nation, not the United State’s corporate government). Because the USA was a state of mind as well as a state of being, our pioneering nation building forefathers of the 18th and 19th centuries laid a solid, though not perfect foundation, for the rest of us. The 20th century saw a bold and supremely corrupted Congress pass the 16th amendment (income tax) 17th (direct election of senators) and the Federal Reserve Act that effectively moved us from freedom to a compromised road of European banking centered socialism.

Together, with the expanded socialist agenda adopted by the 12 year rule of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration, the USA was beaten and indebted into a “league of nations” dedicated to world order and elite power centers in Europe, Asia and North America. Illuminati agents in government, business, banking, the military, education, environmental sciences, major church denominations bound by the National and World Council of Churches, the media and universities have all competed to complete the subjugation of the USA into a United Nations concept that has destroyed our American culture.

The Breton Woods agreement and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) of the UN took control of the Treasury in 1921 and have led to the irreversible and complete disintegration of American monetary solvency. We are a hopelessly indebted nation enslaved by the ultimate greed of our elected officials, banking and investment institutions and our own individual avarice. So what great method of “change” has the socialist black liberation theology endorsing president embraced? It is more debt, more centralized power and a self-proclaimed (Berlin, July 2008) world citizen status for our own “elected” foreign born president.

This concise and accurate picture of events contributing to our current dilemma has set the stage for the final act as those double minded, insidious members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateralists, and the Bilderberger adherents work around the clock to complete, through Barack Obama and his socialist one world first team, the destruction of the sovereign USA Republic.

In so doing, he and all of the others who have contributed to the open border policy, (Clinton, Bush I, Bush II) that is overseeing along with vast cartels fed by US drug addiction, the catastrophic disintegration of Mexico. The world elites are awaiting the final act or series of closely related acts that require a massive response from the security and military apparatus in Washington to keep a smoldering American population from sinking into outright armed rebellion.

There is NO fix for the economic ELE (extinction level event of the movies). There is no renewal around the corner for industry or the job market. There will be no leaner more effective government at all levels. What is coming is an increasing rise in desperation by desperate people in every corner of America. From the farms, to the malls, to the small businesses where production is floundering, complete disintegration will soon be felt in every market in the land. Massive numbers of people--legal, illegal, and refugees coming from the south--will soon outstrip supplies on the shelves using money they don’t have, but which is supplied by Obama’s government printing presses.

Power, communications, heating and medical supplies will be strained as well as goods and services that we have taken for granted, will be gone because of the economic wasteland lying before us.


This calls for preparations that you have never contemplated before. For many, the final wake-up call has come far too late. For others, there are simply no funds or credit cards left to gather in the supplies that are required to get you through an economic earthquake or a real disaster just over the horizon. The need is the same and the requirements to become self-sufficient are just as stringent, regardless of the cause.

No amount of delusional behavior will change the situation. Government at all levels will begin to fail the needs of the state citizens counting on aid now more than ever before. California’s dilemma in delaying payments to its people comes immediately to mind. Michigan is a close second. The list goes on and on. So, Obama thinks that cranking out another 820 billion will do the trick. All that does is set the stage for hyper-inflation within the next two to three years. As a result he will become a forlorn one term wonder, the man who brought change to America. He changed us from barely alive to extremely dead as a manufacturing nation capable of feeding itself to ultimate starvation, bankruptcy and rioting. Many of you bought into his fresh manure sale last November. Now it’s not even good for fertilizer.

So how do we make some kind of headway out of this disastrous situation? There are a few things that you can do starting right now.

First, elect solid people that are not career liars (politicians). Secondly, support your local businesses and buy only what you need. Third, begin to reform or organize movements within your community and state that will seek true change BACK to a Republic. Merge small groups of people that have similar interests and can compliment or invest in one another for real life expertise and deep skills necessary to rebuild and thrive. Storage of food and water supplies are most critical, followed by natural medicines and hardware necessary to repair or construct other items.

Over the past four years, I have made lasting friendships with hundreds of men and women who are experts in their fields of law enforcement, the military and the private sector security establishment, many of whom are increasingly being called upon to work with governmental agencies at all levels in the planning and field assignments formerly held exclusively by government agents. They have testified as to the mindset of faceless bureaucrats who are committed with a religious zeal to bringing an iron fist down upon the American public when the dogs of internal war are unleashed. They agree to a person, that my warnings have been 100% accurate and timely.

Even the US military has agreed as a whole that economic rioting in America is an event they are planning for as if it were an offensive against a sworn enemy. The clear and present danger remains that Americans will be caught “off-guard” and unprepared to maintain survivability during a major terrorist event or the imposition of martial law from whatever source. This could be natural in nature or conspiratorial. It matters little what the ultimate cause will be, for the result will be the same. Millions will be completely at the mercy of government and security forces for their lives and that of their families. Containment camp living will be the new government housing. Is this what you really want? Is this how you see your future?

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Organize your survival boat immediately. In that boat will be your provisions, personnel, and the tools to achieve survival. Contact the businesses that provide these essentials and begin your movement away from governmental dependency and toward the establishment of your own personal freedom. Your family and your nation deeply need your efforts far more than it needs another bailout. It will be the best investment you have ever made. The time is 11:59pm. At midnight, it will be too late.

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Organize your survival boat immediately. In that boat will be your provisions, personnel, and the tools to achieve survival. Contact the businesses that provide these essentials and begin your movement away from governmental dependency and toward the establishment of your own personal freedom.