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By Greg Evensen

December 20, 2008

Intelligence comes in two distinct and uniquely critical components. The first is information—or intelligence—that comes from sources known to you as an investigator or intercepted sources that may not be known to you. The most critical intelligence sector is that of our own discerning creative minds. Together, these two arenas comprise the data mine that gives us a glimpse into the future. Military leaders and police officials know that this future depends solely on how we assess that data and our near miracle ability to shape outcomes by how we have collectively interpreted all of the “leads.” If we are able to process correctly, the police agency or forward military unit can deploy its forces based on qualified assumptions that have been drawn from the available “intelligence” and thus strike or defend effectively and efficiently.

Using this descriptive breakdown of the role of intelligence, let’s project into 2009, and see what type of outcomes we might expect over the next few months concerning the economic and political events here in the United States.

Let’s begin with what we do know based on existing information and substantiated reports from across the country. The executive branch of government assuming power on 20 January 2009 is comprised of the most socialist mindset since the Roosevelt years. The cabinet and department executives reflect a bias against historical constitutional precepts, are continuing programs or are set on implementing new ones that will devastate the Bill of Rights (what is left of it). They are viciously against the ownership of personal defense weapons and are morally degenerate in their rabid support of same-sex marriage, abortion, and homosexuality as a civil right, as well as promoters of open borders with Mexico. This hideous and brashly anti-traditional/historical America mindset in Washington has completed the destruction of the bridge between our Godly heritage and the present day four-lane interstate journey into oblivion and destruction.

Most of America has ridden this express train to hell, while listening to I-Pods, lost on the cell phone, or addicted to demonically inspired virtual games on the ever present lap-top. Family discussions around the dinner table, parent involvement with their children’s school and church, horseback camping trips and Christ honoring Christmas gatherings, have given way to illicit sex parties, including pre-teen homosexual experimentation encouraged by psychiatrists, cheating and plagiarism rings in the public schools, gang affiliation in record numbers, drug smuggling and dope dealing in every community in the country.

What then does our intelligence tell us? Based on these known facts, we can conclude that America’s days as the “moral leader” to the world are long over. Spiritually, we are worse off than the most backward African nation that still worships rocks and trees. We have offended the true God of the universe and are next in line for utter destruction. That fate, I believe, is well underway.

Even if you dismiss the spiritual component, the results of our moral disintegration have brought about its own unavoidable chain of events. Where moral character is absent, corruption, theft, sexual immorality, lying, selfish and traitorous conduct rushes in to fill the void. This is abundantly evident on every hand in disease ridden America. The family has disintegrated, churches have fallen away from God’s truth, government has failed, banks have crumbled, credit has replaced “money,” debt replaced “money” and “money” replaced gold and silver. Cowardice has replaced confidence, incompetency has replaced competency, and mistrust has taken over trust in the law and law officers. Virtue in the mission of the military has been replaced with unending wars and police actions by a now mercenary role for our soldiers who have been prostituted to serve the whore of government.

Any intelligence operation will predict that this vast negative change in standards results in the defeat of the nation from within. It cannot be avoided and its outcomes are unavoidably predetermined. Such corruption then begins to feed on itself. In order to protect the viability of the continuing operation of such a flawed entity, a self-defense mechanism must then be established to insure that the antithesis of the corrupted state (a morally virtuous state) cannot be reinstituted.

In the case of present day America, this means the establishment of a previously unheard of and unneeded police state apparatus. This internal security behemoth has been built to protect the unconstitutional and corrupted national government. This new Gestapo like state security network (homeland security) is in a continuing state of expansion and invasion of the private lives of Americans. It MUST do so, because it fears freedom, honest citizens, and clean government. Only corrupted officials need constant machine gun bearing black-clad killers in their employment. Conversely, free, honest, government works shoulder to shoulder with its citizens in an open concept where common sense and common integrity rules.


Now our intelligence gathering abilities will conclude that in order to staff such a police state army, men and women who have themselves been corrupted will be the most likely to be recruited and serve successfully. To be successful, they must voluntarily agree to obey all rules and direct orders issued from the corrupted police or general staffs which they serve. The future can be predicted then, that at some point, those who have sworn to obey the corrupted state police apparatus will come into direct conflict with those who have maintained their personal morality, dignity, independence, and allegiance to God and the Republic. There can be NO OTHER outcome. There is no road for compromise or “sit-down” resolution. The ONLY outcome is conflict. The state will maintain its “us against them” mentality and the freedom fighters will have no choice but to survive by fighting back. This scenario has been repeated throughout all of history on every continent with the same inevitable, predictable ending.

The maverick or rogue element in all of this has begun to emerge in a way that gives us some pause for hope, however. Vast amounts of information through patriot radio, constitutionally sensitive internet news services and courageous speakers across the country are bringing true and accurate facts to millions of citizens and of course police officers and armed forces at home and in theater. Because of these collective efforts, officers at all levels are being made aware of the real situation facing all of us and how they should respond—or not—to orders that will be coming to them.

The final segment of this article is directed to police and military officers at all levels. It is as though roll call was underway and the orders of the day issued. I ask that you read this carefully and let it become a part of your standard operating procedures manual of the heart. Your response to this will help decide the ultimate fate of our nation. As sworn officers and oath bound military men and women, you are under the lawful order domain that was codified for all time during the Nuremburg Tribunals of 1945-48. That body decreed to all men and women under arms that merely obeying orders of any kind was not an affirmative defense for actions taken in combat or against civilian populations. The benchmark that was established was, if the “order” was criminal in nature or “required” the affected forces to commit an act they knew was or suspected to be criminal in nature, they had the absolute right and duty to disobey that order and in some cases seek the immediate arrest and prosecution of the ordering authority. That operational standard still exists and will be used should the occasion arise in the near future. Let me be VERY clear. If a police officer from any jurisdiction, private contractors hired to act as agents of the police, or a military member acting in an “official” capacity should carry out unlawful, unconstitutional, or unethical “orders” that violates the effected person’s lawful rights, safety, security, or freedom, then the offending “agent” of government is liable in court both criminally and civilly. In the worse case situation, the offending agent may be at the mercy of citizens who will not tolerate such abuse.

Resistance to such government actions by the citizenry in these situations for the preservation of life and peace is therefore justified in the extreme.

We are left then with this “future” to contemplate. Either intelligence will dictate that this nation’s constitutional laws will be followed under all circumstances, or there will be severe consequences both immediate and long term. Be it known that NO police or military authority is exempt from safeguarding the American people from violations of their absolute rights and that all such authority must be lawful, constitutional, humane and fair.

That any officer of the law or of the military have as their first priority, the intelligent and judicious use of their power, and the full knowledge that the Republic of the United States and its people will hold them accountable and responsible for their individual and collective actions in defense of the American people during times of crises from whatever cause.

Be it further understood, that no President, General, Judge, Governor, Attorney General, law enforcement official, legislator, public official at any level or animal control officer may violate civil rights, the Bill of Rights, the law, constitutional authority, or any other covenant with the American people for any reason including open warfare. Any such violation will be considered a violation of the official’s oath of office and will be subject to civil and or criminal penalties.

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Good intelligence is a useful tool in keeping the peace, safeguarding the general population and using the law for the purposes it was intended. Common sense is the gatekeeper for those laws and the maintenance of civilization. Together we must insure that both intelligence and common sense survive any application or misapplication of the law in any form including that of martial law. No other course is acceptable. No other course is lawful. No other course will insure that America survives its present economic and political calamities without resorting to all out conflict between its citizens and those in authority. Our future depends on the intelligent use of our intelligence, from whatever source we take it, and how we use it. We expect, indeed demand that those in authority begin at once to exercise intelligent strength of character and the wisdom to know from whence comes their strength.

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Good intelligence is a useful tool in keeping the peace, safeguarding the general population and using the law for the purposes it was intended. Common sense is the gatekeeper for those laws and the maintenance of civilization.