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By Greg Evensen

October 12, 2008

While traveling deep in the heart of America on I-70 in Kansas, I realized that Abilene represented two entirely different American nations. One was the cow-town of the 1880’s. The other was a peaceful appearing prosperous American small town. Abilene is a blend of substantial older buildings, businesses and exquisite homes that were built before the turn of the 20th century.

Although the legacy of the power and money that built them is long gone, they were very well kept and reflected a character of the time, and the men and women who occupied them. Across the street from the immaculate train station of this historic community is the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Museum and grounds.

Although I am greatly suspect of the politics of the Eisenhower era, and the destructive influence the CFR had on him and our nation, I had to admire the serenity and beauty of that place. I walked through his boyhood home and looked at five stars on the uniform of one of the two or three most powerful military men to have ever lived. It was a war unprecedented in all of history that forged this man. It also forever altered the destiny of our country. How have we arrived where we are just 63 years later?

It is because we have been at war with profiteers and pirates for generations. This war has been between the financiers, bankers, politicians, business elites and the rest of us. We have been troops on a giant battlefield that has pitted our work ethic and product design skills, unmatched anywhere in the known universe, against the men and later women who would strive to rule the world.

We have provided the capital for expansion and corporate power that would ultimately corrupt us all. Most of us did not know nor care that the companies we worked for and the political machines that drove those exchanges were being built on greed and power that had no room for control, discipline or honesty.

The men who initiated this advance in personal power did not care and did not attempt to rein in their lusts at any level. All they could do was build more, amass more and spend more. They would not share it with the workers who made it all possible and they bought the latest in influence, status, and every imaginable “thing,” money could secure. They perpetuated their wealth, spoiled their children, created a circle of friends that would continue their intrigue, and bankrolled politicians who would allow them even more money and power. These men went by the name of Vanderbilt, Schiff, Loeb, Amschel Bauer (Rothschild), Solomon, Rockefeller, Morgan, Taft, Wilson, Carnegie, Harriman, Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Bush.

More recently, we have stood by and watched arrogant blowhards like Charles Schumer and Joe Biden, both addicted to television cameras, drone on about nothing to anyone who would listen. Charles Rangel cracked the whip and positioned himself as guru of the world regarding taxing issues while hiding his own liabilities, offshore. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are tinhorns that embarrass us daily, yet we must endure. Barack Obama is foreign born and an open socialist. He condones terrorism among his friends and associates with openly racist, despicable “wolves in sheep’s clothing” clergymen. This is the man many Americans cheer wildly for? How stupid can people be? McCain is a CFR stooge and wants the illegal invasion to continue with citizens footing the bill for their hospitalization. They are mostly poverty stricken, drug dealing criminals. Chuck Baldwin knows the long odds but is trying his best. So, as several hundred e-mails have suggested, why vote? Why indeed? Why? WHY??

Generations of Americans have allowed by design, and encouraged by necessity, a cabal of evil and focused geniuses who have walked us to the door of a national financial meltdown. They did not care and did not attempt to put any brakes on a locomotive that has been barreling down the tracks aimed at the “station” in Washington. It is going too fast to stop and many of us are standing on the tracks.

The Federal Reserve Bank in Washington, D.C., IS the creature that has been well described from its inception at Jekyll Island in 1910. Suffice it to say that the “Fed” is a private bank allowed by law to do business in the name of the American people, instead of our Treasury, because of a nation changing act of legislation in December of 1913, by subversive, traitorous and corrupted congressmen. It was presented as the ultimate national central banking “control” for the economy. It was “sold” to avoid the natural ups and downs of business and money cycles in a capitalist or “free” market.

We were sold a bill of goods and are reaping the rewards for our foolish allegiance to bankers and “money” other than silver and gold. The worthless currency and compound interest on borrowed money from the “Fed” has killed us. We have allowed it, ignored it, played along with it, and winked at it as if it were a whore that we couldn’t live without possessing. Unfortunately for us, she carried a fatal disease. We are now dying with it. We deserve the consequences of what we have lusted after.

All of us who bought into the investment plans, stocks and derivatives were full of the same avarice and greed as those who hawked them from the beautiful bank and brokerage windows in America. We were willing to send our treasure off to be “cared” for by people who could not be trusted to walk your dog, let alone hold onto your resources.

While some quietly created sanctuaries built on real wealth like land, paid for homes and businesses, or storage rooms containing real treasure for hard times and the means to survive them, others bought everything their accounts could justify and now hold paper that connects them to failure at every level. I know a few who have no stocks, CD’s, 401’s, or IRA’s, but have a paid home, loving family and God. I know many others who have the those now worthless investments, and a second or third mortgaged home, as well as boats, planes, and luxury cars that are now weighted with debt and are dragging them to the bottom of the ocean. The foolish leveraged to thrive. They laughed at the people who were quietly preparing. They partied while Washington burned. The few have planned well, spent wisely, and are leveraged to survive. Dear God, help the ones trapped in their homes in cities across America when the day dawns and the last banks have closed. God have mercy on us when the derivative pyramid has collapsed under its crushing weight with a quadrillion leveraged dollars that could have purchased the whole planet outright. What will you do? Where will you go? How will you survive? Do you have any answers at all?

The United States of America as an incorporated entity with a corporate CIA, IRS, and a private central bank has planned for this day. The people who have controlled the affairs and the destiny of this nation have planned well. They have provided for themselves with many miles of massive reinforced and stockpiled underground shelters. They have built over 600 detention camps for those of us who have constantly warned of this day. The government of the US will silence those that would have otherwise been vindicated in their Paul Revere roles. Even though the military and police agencies will be called on to round up the real patriots, they know that Americans will now realize that it is the GOVERNMENT and their agents who are the domestic enemies referred to in our Declaration of Independence. This hateful group of plotters, who have stolen America and ravaged the soul of this nation, cannot stand the thought of their dirty rotten schemes being revealed to the light of day-----so; they will attempt to give the coup de grace to patriots who kept stating the obvious to those who would listen and prepare. At least they may try……. My battle cry is: “When they come, resist with all of your might. Never, EVER surrender your weapons.”


Resistance to that final effort on the part of misled military and police agencies must be considered. Continuing education as to why they must refuse criminal orders must be aimed at police and military units and should be bold and unrelenting. Americans must now atone for their foolish mistakes and work with overtime zeal to fend off a looming bloodbath.

We must demand in WHATEVER TERMS and by WHATEVER MEANS necessary that our troops and police stand down when they are ordered to contain or confine the American people. This Police action by some in uniform WILL happen when many begin the move toward the second day of Independence and remove those vile forces that have destroyed our wealth and our freedom. Nothing else will suffice, now, or in the near future. That day is nearly on us and it will be painful beyond belief. However; goals and plans must include a rebuilding of our nation that is uncompromising. Congress must be held to its oath and our constitution. There is some tweaking of that document that must take place to insure that this never happens again. We still have Articles of Confederation that are in effect and can be used to enhance the civil control of our nation. Monetary policy must be in the hands of the people as well, and the “Fed” must be outlawed, indicted and destroyed. Our military and corporate structure must be under constant restraint and supervision by civilians who know our history, our laws, and our future under REAL freedom. Federal courts must be abolished and every vestige of socialistic communism must be eradicated. It must be done peacefully where possible and forcefully where necessary. The time for any other approach has passed. Perverted lifestyles, corrupted courts, bought off politicians must go, by whatever means are necessary, to achieve that end.

Is this harsh? Yes. Is it necessary? Yes. Are the events of today demanding action? Yes. Has government failed to protect us from invasion, theft of our treasury, and a runaway financial disaster? Yes. Have we been completely sold out? Absolutely. Are we now forced to respond? Yes. Is it avoidable? No. ……….Is this clear enough? We gambled our nation and lost. We turned on God and lost it all.

If you are still out there in the haze, then get some fog lamps, QUICKLY! If you do not understand our present situation, then learn it fast, or you will likely not survive the near term future. For most uninformed and stupid people, it is too late. However, if you will move NOW to protect your future destiny, set by your own hand, then you just might make it. We have all warned you for years----now the final choice, in these final days is yours.

As I wrote two years ago, along with many other good writers and prognosticators of absolute truth who were telling you, “America is at the Crossroads.” Three and a half weeks ago, our worst predictions came true. The only one left---and it IS coming, will be the final push through martial law to eradicate the last vestiges of hope for constitutional sovereignty. I tell you with the same zeal that was felt by our founders that the single road left to us is found in uncompromising Constitutional Patriots banning together to take our nation back from criminals, thieves, traitors, liars and big government socialists like Barack Obama and the other Washington elitists. Tow the United Nations building and the home of the CFR in New York 1000 miles into the Atlantic. Declare the major media outlets and Ivy League schools as dens of vipers and stop all government funding for them or access to their channels. Censor them? Hell, yes!! Put them out of business and jail the subversive ones. To do-nothing Rick Warren church “pastors,” get a real job, but first get some guts. Try a floral shop. At least get out of the pulpits so you can’t take anyone else to hell with you.

You must prepare, react, plan for what is yet to come, and at the same time, demand jail for complicit Congressmen and women, and restitution from the corporations and bankers. We must re-establish a free and prosperous America built on Constitutional principals, repeal the 14th, 16th & 17th amendments, dissolve the corporate status of the United States and its many incorporated agencies, or this nation is dead. In the next month there should be a line a mile long in Washington of impeached and indicted government morons starting with the White House and ending with your local Mayor if necessary. It’s housecleaning time. There are roaches in the house.

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Remember these short calls to action….. "Give me liberty or give me death." Also, “I regret I have but one life to give for my country.” And finally, “Live free, or DIE.” There is so little time left. Hopefully, we can set a new rallying cry for our day and our people. Perhaps, “Sovereignty, NOW and FOREVER.” With the grace of God, and working together, we can eventually reweave the integrity of the soul of America. There is simply no other choice I can live with.

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My battle cry is: “When they come, resist with all of your might. Never, EVER surrender your weapons.”