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By Greg Evensen

July 5, 2007

The simple solutions are sometimes so elusive. In our day of computer created answers, the most difficult and complex issues in all of history are coming to within moments of our grasp. If we could just cut through all of the rotted timber that lies in our road. You see, without the use of a computer or a committee of Congressional experts to tell me what to do, I have naively arrived at the answers to this nation�s most critical problems. All but one�..

It involves just a pinch of hypocrisy, however. You see, it involves some decisive and unilateral action. Inadvertently, I have made this REALLY difficult. Honestly, I just cannot stand the thought of one more executive order or presidential directive from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. These dictatorial decrees have nearly ruined any future this nation has left to it. But, in this exceptional case, I have asked the President to consider the following list of executive orders to be implemented as quickly as he can find his way back to the White House from his suite at the Mexican embassy.

I am serious about this request. I am confident that these �final executive orders� could and should be issued for the survival of our nation. The list is as follows:

I. Effective immediately, the Federal Reserve Act is repealed. All currency in the United States will be issued directly from the Treasury and will be in conformity with the US Constitution�s mandate regarding the coining and value of the currency. The Federal Reserve, as a private bank, is to be closed immediately upon payment of the national debt.

II. The �debt� of the United States is to be paid in full with the minting of one gold coin stamped eight trillion US dollars and deposited in the US Treasury paying the Federal Reserve in full. No more debt, no more interest to pay. The US will use money and assets instead of debt and interest controlled by private bankers as a way of doing government business.

III. The 14th, 16th, and 17th amendments are suspended pending state votes that will repeal them.

IV. Eliminate all laws, mandates, programs, expenditures and taxes that have been implemented that are unconstitutional or have been put in place since the 17th amendment of 1913. Senators are returned to appointment from their state legislatures rather than elected.

V. No wars or policing actions are to be undertaken without a Congressional Declaration of War and ALL US troops returned to America from anywhere in the world. The world may deal with their problems as they see fit.

VI. All foreign aid or assistance repealed and immediately unfunded. On a case by case basis, humanitarian aid may be granted by Congress.

VII. All US borders sealed and illegal alien border jumping criminals to be deported. All immigration halted until the situation concerning entry is settled. No exceptions. All illegals remaining in the US without documentation are ineligible for ANY assistance of ANY kind ANYWHERE in the US. Without a voluntary return to their country of origin, illegals are subject to 20 years in a southern internment camp without parole. Several million incarcerated US prisoners may pick strawberries.

VIII. The United Nations organization is given six months to vacate the US. The United States will withdraw its membership and dues from the UN effective immediately and permanently. It is now a treasonous act to negotiate a North American Union type �secretive� treaty, by-pass Congress in sending troops outside the US other than to rescue US citizens held by a foreign power, or to contrive with business and banking cartels to deprive the US worker of a job opportunity sent overseas to avoid taxes or offering US citizens employment within the United States.

IX. The CIA. FBI, BATFE, IRS, DEA, Homeland Security, DIA, NSA, will all be eliminated and replaced with one organization charged with total intelligence management. All other investigative functions will be the responsibility of the states according to the needs and legality assured within the US Constitution for citizens of the various states.

X. All states will have exclusive control over their state guard units. Defense of the US will consist of one military command using ground, sea air, space, and missile assets termed the United States Defense Command.

There will be no Defense Command role within a state�s jurisdiction unless attacked by hostile forces. The Pentagon would become the largest US mall.

XI. All states will maintain police forces assigned to crime prevention and safety roles in local communities without connection to or use by any national policing units controlled or created by the military.

XII. All Federal level courts/tribunals/administrative law courts are to be eliminated with the exception of the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. It is an impeachable offense to legislate from the bench or deny ANY accused individual of a fully informed jury that retains full, final, and total authority to judge both the facts and the constitutionality of the law in the jury room and render an untouchable verdict to the court as the jury demands with no exceptions.

XIII. All schools of any description and at any level shall be free from any governmental intrusion whatsoever. Local levies and tuitions shall pay for the schooling of the student�s choice. School records, student privacy, non-mandated inoculations, dress, attendance, testing, grading, policy and procedures shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the duly elected local governing board. Factual history, mathematics, language, fine arts and science shall be taught without any form of political intervention or propaganda from any source.

XIV. Taxes, tariffs, and budgetary expenditures will be implemented and appropriated with strict adherence to the US Constitution�s decree concerning apportionment and the reach of taxing jurisdictions.

XV. Medicine, health care, hospital and medical certification will not exclude the use of natural medicines, therapies, procedures and research.

The FDA/Center for Disease Control is limited to non-biased research and recommendations based on the scientific method. No one connected to a pharmaceutical company may have any relationship with any medical facility or researcher except through a written chain of command that keeps a shatter proof barrier between the business aspect and medical worthiness of a proven protocol of treatment approved by a healing arts board. They are positioned only to accept or reject the viability of a regimen for patient use. Pharmaceutical companies may NOT patent natural cures.

XVI. An inventor�s discovery of any energy related product may be protected and rewarded by government to provide the certainty that the discovery will in fact be used by all who choose to use it and prohibit discovery theft or non-use by industries threatened by its production. The inventor or discoverer of revolutionary materials will be awarded with its profits and rights to distribute for the good of mankind. XVII. From this moment forward, no new executive orders or presidential directives will be issued for any reason and to do so would be grounds for immediate removal from office. The exception would be to use them as originally intended within the executive branch for the smooth operation of that branch only.

Now, there it is. Without a doubt, this would bring the United States into a position of strength and prosperity promised countless times by thousands of politicians over the past 100 years. I know the hypocrisy reeks as I told you it would. However, sometimes back-burning a forest fire is the one good way to stop it. I said at the start, I could virtually eliminate all of the most disastrous aspects of this nation�s lethal present course. All but one�� The only thing I cannot recommend change for is you. Are you willing to fight for these issues and many others? Are you willing to try to bring a new approach before you no longer can even speak of it?

I have sent my letter to the President. I pray to God that he will devise something close to this and become the greatest president in the history of our nation. I hope that he has not been so far removed from what is right and best for us, that he can summon the courage to take these 17 simple orders and change history. I have also sent these to Congress in the belief that honest men and women of courage and loyalty will take up their cause as well. Could it be that Congress would beat the president to the decrees and implement law, REAL law for the sake of our children? That is where it SHOULD happen. There is not a single word here that the courts, honest and fair courts could reject.

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In 1500 words, you my precious fellow citizens, have the beginning of a brand new America. Can we do it? Absolutely, yes. Will it happen? Only if you demand it, God wills it, and all who have a chance to become first class heroes face the enemy�s fire and prevail.

� 2007 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg Evensen is a former long time highly decorated Kansas lawman who travels the nation speaking about the law enforcement officer�s role in American society. Greg served as a Kansas State Trooper for many years.

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The simple solutions are sometimes so elusive. In our day of computer created answers, the most difficult and complex issues in all of history are coming to within moments of our grasp.