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By Greg Evensen

May 22, 2007

The sound of battle is a peculiar one. It includes the shuffling of many feet, the rustle of people moving in combat gear, the lowered voices of people encouraging others not to let fear prevail, the sound of equipment moving forward, and a salute to others as you disappear into the terrain.

In a symbolic sense, that is happening at this moment. The battle lines have been drawn and they encircle our nation, coast to coast and border to border. The enemy strongholds are found in Washington D.C., many state capitals, and deep in the bowels of corporate America as well as with the banksters everywhere.

The enemy has strongholds in dangerous groups who worship the planet instead of Jesus. They are invading our classrooms on a daily basis with lies, distortions and dangerous position statements about true US history, the dangerous and creeping evil of the UN worldwide, but specifically in the US. THE ENEMY IS HIDING THE REAL VALUE OF EACH LIFE. That is the life that is threatened by abortionists, pedophiles, and death- dealing drug merchants in gangs and in clinics.

Many so-called mainline churches believe they are somehow fulfilling the Christian mission by breaking faith with the members of their congregations in declaring themselves to be an sanctuary for Mexican aliens while hiding behind a 501C-3 status. Churches don�t have the guts to preach the truth as it is, let alone to �assume� that they have some heavenly right to break earthly laws. All priests, pastors, ministers, and rabbi�s that undertake these dangerous efforts and thumb their noses at the law and their parishioners are wolves in sheep�s clothing. They are to be shunned at all costs. Their churches need to be closed and the guilty parties prosecuted. A church that upholds Biblical truths and preaches against the sin of adultery, homosexuality, drug usage and any number of societal ills brought on by far too much �tolerance� in the church and in our communities are targeted as bigoted and �out of touch� with society. The old adage is true. Why does God turn His back (or so some think) on America? Because we have legislated Him out of our national life. He is a God of honor. He has left us like we demanded, to our own stupidity and arrogance. How utterly and completely foolish.

Lincoln and Kennedy both introduced Treasury authorized notes into the nation�s money supply. They both bypassed the banking establishment of their time and brought �debt-free� bills into the financing system. Thus, the controlling banks in the 1860�s and the Federal Reserve of the 1960�s were faced with a loss of control and �income� derived from national debt.

Is it a coincidence that both men were killed? Banksters are just that. Bankers who control the system, and gangsters that live off the interest of a debt based currency (interest paid for by ALL of our illegally collected income tax funds combined) issued by a private bank. How stupid must we continue to be? Shut the monster down and free our people from the clutches of these demons.

The much stated and freedom killing actions of the 20th century have been overlooked, hidden, carefully crafted by spin-meisters from the Council on Foreign Relations to appear ridiculous to �rationally observant citizens,� and allowed to flourish by a complicit legislative, executive and judicial ruling elite that have been bought and paid for by the banks and their surrogates in business. TREASONOUS acts against our constitutional republic have been achieved thousands of times by presidents, congressional members, military leaders and corrupted local and state level bureaucrats who have nothing to lose and everything to gain by placing our citizenry at the front door of slavery. They forced the 14th, 16th and 17th amendments on Americans, without ratification, that have destroyed our national will.

Five star General of the Army Douglas MacArthur was fired because Harry Truman was a coward and a co-conspirator in the wasting of 50,000 American Korean War dead and missing. The Soviets in the UN knew of every act, plan, strategic assessment and deployment action the allied forces ever undertook before they implemented them. The KGB files after the Soviets imploded confirmed this to be the case. Virtually the same set of sell-out ideas were used to the same effect during the Viet-Nam war, by the same UN Soviet spies and American traitors in the State Department. To aid and abet the war profiteers in corporations and banks, the executive branch, the CIA and the president conspired to agitate the American people to accept a �reasonable� WMD explanation to begin the Iraqi war. CFR members Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice sold themselves as perfect puppets as they stood shoulder to shoulder with the president in lying to the American people.

The arrogance and conspiratorial treasonous activity of hundreds of congressmen, pentagon generals and CIA administrators would have resulted in wholesale executions under Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Hussein, AND most likely, George Washington. These renegade rulers should be placed before a Grand Jury, tried and placed in prison for life if convicted.

Those corporate, banking, extreme left-wing environmentalists, PETA criminals, illegal alien terrorists, world governance �no more American sovereignty� goons, North American Union profiteers, anti-constitutionalist 2nd Amendment haters like Charles Shummer, Carolyn McCarthy, Boxer, Feinstein, Biden, Kennedy, Pelosi, and Reid, all need immediate repudiation and directives from the American people to cease and desist or face the retribution of the American people�swift and uncompromising.

Russo�s brilliant film about the illegal taxation system and the criminal Federal Reserve, books by the hundreds by leading experts concerning the 911 event, Flight 800, the JFK, RFK, MLK, hits, mysterious deaths of leading scientists Royal Rife, who developed a high frequency generator that killed virtually all known disease organisms, and Allen Caggiano, inventor of a working, demonstrated revolutionary fuel vaporization system that produced 110mpg mileage. The Federal Drug Administration�s incestuous relationship with Pharmaceutical companies who fast track company�s dangerous drugs to doctors who have sold themselves and their practice for mega-buck clinic rewards while waiting for the day they can close all natural supplements or control them are also taking true freedom of choice from the American people. Gun control, hate speech, school agendas that advocate unlimited child sexual activity, promotion of the homosexual child/adult sexual relationships, and unlimited drug use, are all about people control and a mindset that focuses on the obscene and criminal rather than the moral and righteous.

Bill and Hillary Clinton�s gift of smart technology to the Chinese, the deaths of investigators who got too close to MENA and drug trafficking in Arkansas on a planetary scale are legend. Why have these and many other criminal acts perpetrated by business and government agents been left untouched by competent and honest FBI and justice department investigators? Because the US government cannot survive the real truth. It CANNOT SURVIVE THE TRUTH!! If it could, the government would have DEMANDED full investigations broadcast in the light of day. Disclosure will NEVER happen with this government in power and the shadow government, with its agents in the media. And all of this under the umbrella of death if you try to expose any of it.

Emergency powers, ancient states of continuing emergency, the Patriot Act, thousands of unconstitutional laws, judicial deceit, judicial muzzling of the jury, executive orders, legislative manipulation, distortion and wiping away the Bill of Rights, nationalization of the state�s military guards, police agencies and directors bought and paid for by Washington are all treasonous acts. This outrageous sell-out of freedom, personal sovereignty, and liberty all stem from the convenient nullification of our protection from involuntary servitude found in the 13th amendment.

As I prepare for a handful of regional meetings across America to bring our fellow friends and patriots together, I have heard the distant sounds of the old familiar hymn, �The Battle Hymn of the Republic,� and �Onward Christian Soldiers,� being played on Liberty Networks around the country.

When Dr. Jerry Falwell came to Kansas City, Mo., in the early 1980�s, I was honored to head his personal security contingent. While we spent that day together, I was amazed to watch people thank him over and over for his personal efforts to help America realize its most basic needs. To come together as one nation, under God, believing and promoting the idea that under all the foolishness of our nation�s people, was a core of Americans who really were committed to maintaining our heart, soul and body of courageous citizens who would not quit, who would in the end. stand for what was right, no matter how difficult that task was. From that day on, I called Jerry Falwell a good friend and we got him safely through that visit. I will miss the safety of his presence in my life and that of the nation.

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We owe Dr. Falwell, many others, our families, our friends and generations yet unborn, the chance to grow up in a free, wholesome and God blessed America, once again. So when you feel the urge, don�t be ashamed to quietly remind yourself of the words and melody of songs that have rallied a nation to greatness in the past. It�s time to hear them again from thousands of communities. Just that great sound alone would go a long way in reminding the world that we haven�t given up, that Americans ARE rising to the call, and are ready to again �pledge to each other, their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.�

� 2007 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg Evensen is a former long time highly decorated Kansas lawman who travels the nation speaking about the law enforcement officer�s role in American society. Greg served as a Kansas State Trooper for many years.

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Many so-called mainline churches believe they are somehow fulfilling the Christian mission by breaking faith with the members of their congregations in declaring themselves to be an sanctuary for Mexican aliens while hiding behind a 501C-3 status.