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By Greg Evensen

May 10, 2007

At 5:00pm on April 25, 2007, the much planned for Kansas City Summit, passed on into oblivion. Out of 1,400 e-mail messages since January, all confirming that they would meet us there, only eight actually registered and paid. We had clearly stated that our �drop dead� date demanded that several thousand dollars�non-refundable�was coming due to secure the facility and the ancillary costs associated with such an event. My wife and I were looking at a total bill of $60,000 to make this happen. We gave heart and soul to make it happen. In the end, I could not in good conscience commit the registered dollars and $58,750 more out of our lives for something that was not to be.

If I had another lifetime to offer my appreciation to Devvy Kidd, Frosty Woolridge, Dr. Lance Hurley, Jack Mclamb, Sheriff Richard Mack, Maynard Brazeal, Col. George Nelson, Bill Mauldin and Bill Moore, it still would not be enough. In fact, Devvy and Jack sent in two of the eight registration fees as speakers. That is dedication and support. I am so sorry folks, we did our best. Thanks to you all publicly for standing with us.

I must shoulder this failure�and I will without any rancor toward anyone or anything. Perhaps I got the horse before the cart. We could have done a few small regional meetings and a build-up toward a larger one. I just did NOT think we had that kind of luxury of time to do it that way.

To the thousands of readers who have been so kind and supportive over the past eight months, I say thank you to you as well. I am very encouraged knowing that there have been state troopers from 41 states, sheriff�s deputies and police officers from 83 jurisdictions that have pledged their personal understanding of the issues I have written about, and a clear commitment by those LEO�s to safeguard your rights should the much anticipated crises situations arise in America. Thank God for them and others who have not yet responded to our prompting behind the scenes to join these good men and women in defense of our Constitution and their fellow citizens. I am a grateful and blessed man to have made so many good friends across America.

There are plenty of salt of the earth men and women, old and young, single and with family, many ethnic cultures and rich and poor, who have written offering their support to America. I thank God for you as well. I know that many simply could not travel, pay the expenses of such a conference and were not able to leave jobs and homes. I believe that you ARE America�s greatest asset.

As many of our great writer�s experience, I have also had some detractors. They are hateful of truth, character, morality, independence and personal sovereignty. They support an illegal invasion, homosexual superiority over America; they are ignorant of the US history of subversion and treason in high places. They find it easier to threaten me, my family and my home with death and destruction when their immoral and subversive arguments fail. I have personally answered 2,558 e-mail messages that have come to my home. I have answered over 700 phone calls and tried to offer understanding, encouragement and at times severe rebuke to those who wrote. All in all, it has been a great privilege to be a REAL part of my country during this past year.

Having said that and opened my heart to you, I especially want to thank those precious folks who offered me their prayers, their counsel and their friendship. If I can not meet you in this life, then surely in the next, I will shake the hand and embrace those of you who �stood in the gap� and gave your all to our Savior Jesus Christ as you served God�s Kingdom so well.

Now if you think this is some kind of public farewell, think again!!!


My wife and I plan a brief time of reflection as we begin to plan for small regional meetings that will allow many who could not make it the chance to do so. We will meet in the Ocala/Orlando area first as we have a strong base of supporters in that southeast region already. We will try one in the northeast, another in Indiana, Texas, Iowa, Montana, Arizona, and Oregon.

This reduces the distance for those areas to a state or two rather than half a nation away. We will post these dates and other relevant information as plans develop. We won�t wait long, for the time is fleeting when we will be able to do these without restrictions of some kind.

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Remember my fellow sovereign Citizens (I hope you are one). America�s future is in our hands. To do nothing, condemns my children and grandchildren to a desolate freedomless society. We march to the truth and we fight treason with courage, logic and more, if necessary. It�s not over yet! Do not let despair rule your life. The inherent righteousness of our position and our belief system will give us Godly power to face any screams from the enemy. When God is for us, WHO can stand against us?

That was our Framers belief, and it went with them all the way to victory over enormous odds. In our day and in our battle, we can, and must, have the same courage to persevere. Stand tall, America, and DON�T QUIT!!!!

� 2007 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg Evensen is a former long time highly decorated Kansas lawman who travels the nation speaking about the law enforcement officer�s role in American society. Greg served as a Kansas State Trooper for many years.

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I am very encouraged knowing that there have been state troopers from 41 states, sheriff�s deputies and police officers from 83 jurisdictions that have pledged their personal understanding of the issues...