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By Greg Evensen

April 20, 2007

I have given up counting how many e-mails I have received telling me that the Kansas City Summit is a wonderful idea, but one that is too late to have any positive effect on our national demise. Hundreds would NOT be an exaggeration. Perhaps that is why registrations are lagging. They have forgotten the small percentage of patriots who bravely fought and died to win for us this very unique, one of a kind nation, where we were the souvereigns (kings and queens) and our government employees were our public servants. No other nation on earth ever had a constitution and Bill of Rights comparable to America!

I must confess that recently I have read many comments on many national subjects, but they all fade into the fog when compared to what is coming and coming VERY soon to this nation. We are going to experience a seismic shift in government, a most likely war with catastrophic impact between the US, Iran and Syria. Through the Bush/Congress/Ashcroft �Patriot Act,� we will witness the final loss of our Bill of Rights, a serious internal provocation, and then fighting in the streets.

The government cannot wait to exert its final and irrevocable control over the entire American citizenry. It salivates at the thought of turning the �dogs of (internal) war� loose on the streets of our communities. These government provocateurs consider patriots, who believe that the 14th, 16th and 17th amendments have helped bring ruin to America, as worthy enemies to be hunted down and silenced. It is counting the number of shackles, railroad boxcars, detention facility mats and magazine rounds it will take to forever subdue the resistance that will be offered by patriots who will make their final stands for the American Republic and fellow �citizens� who cower in their basements. (Now the real nutcases will be sending me love grams).

The infamous and evil international banking families are lending the money for war, and waiting for the profits to flood vault coffers so that they may lend the other side the dividends of their bloody business, so war may continue on and on and on, with the US leading the parades.

Hyperbole? Nutcase predictions? Write me off at your peril. Some will. Others will accept these evaluations as accurate and timely. We are at war with Islam. They want war. Without it and the eradication of Israel, Islam cannot see the return of their �savior.� They will attempt to bring about the utter destruction of America. Washington�s legions of conspirators, socialists, and Wall Street sellouts to the world business elites have indeed conspired with the bankers, the Illuminati element and home grown leftist terrorists to bring our sovereignty down and make us ripe for the international picking. Some are disguised as illegal border runners from Mexico. All have one thing in common. Destroy America at any cost. With our purposely unprotected wide open southern borders, government has made it so easy.

The Mexican communistas are of course, bent on reclaiming our southwest and are ready to take on and attempt to defeat our minutemen and militia members on the border. Thank Almighty God, I have received hundreds of e-mails from patriots who have stated they WILL stand and fight. It remains to be seen just how many will answer that final call. This day is approaching faster than you can possibly envision, while Senor� Bush continues to allow our borders to be breeched by criminal gangs from many countries.

I will speak in hypothetical terms so that I can avoid for a while yet, BATFE, FBI, IRS, US Marshals, and the infamous Dept. of Agriculture�s armed poultry inspectors from parachuting into my front yard and taking me out because I will NOT be silent in the face of a socialist police state committed to taking over this Republic by stealth and direct force.

Can it be anymore clear? Our system has been severely damaged. The rotten participants in Congress have violated their oaths of office and need to be criminally indicted. It is not happening. Why? The judicial branch is too busy prosecuting patriots and tampering with juries. The Justice Department is working overtime to allow moronic US attorneys to harass and charge our border agents with �crimes� that are designed to fulfill the emasculation of ICE teams so that the North American Union will be the �final solution to the immigrant question.� George Bush wants this plum for the Council on Foreign Relations. In this scenario, it won�t be the immigrants forced to retreat to Mexico or put into detention camps, it will be Americans who attempt to hold the line at the border and resist this sell-out abandonment by Washington that will be �taken care of.�

Hypothetically speaking, American citizens must take two roads as they are pushed aggressively toward this day of reckoning. All rational patriots must begin assessing their preparation for widespread government disruption of the �system.�

That includes road closures, essential grid shutdowns (electrical, water, communications, food and medical rationing), and attempts to relocate you and your family as well as �occupation� by the American military, police and foreign troops assigned to subdue and contain resistance. At the same time, Americans must work with their local and regional supporters in the Sheriff�s offices, and the Minutemen and Militia, to suppress invading hordes from the south. Canadians will head further north NOT south if this hypothetical event should occur.

A hypothetical �tripwire� for open resistance is the attempt by the constitutionally illiterate, socialist, Democratic feminist moron representative from New York, Carolyn McCarthy to ban firearms. She has introduced HR 1022 that is a virtual gun ban bill designed to devastate the 2nd amendment. This bill is not only unconstitutional, it is anti-constitutional. This bill should never see the light of day.

It would be, if passed or signed, enough justification for me to join my fellow patriots at a symbolic Concord and Lexington, you name the place, �loaded musket� in hand. It is a line in the sand, I tell you for certain.

As Mr. Jefferson noted, and our Declaration of Independence encouraged, we have the DUTY to throw off tyrannical governments and REPLACE them with �new guards.� So�will you stand and fight, hide or surrender?

McCarthy should be chased out of Washington, down the Potomac and into the Atlantic. No life vest. A State of Emergency should be declared by the American people, and all of congress should face a massive Grand Jury inquest in say,�..Boise. After the dust settles, let�s try Congress again with farmers, factory workers, moms and dads, some lumberjacks and cowpunchers. Such a house cleaning would almost assure a capable, practical and American interest�s only Congress, as an absolute priority in the operation of this nation.

No more foreign aid TO ANYONE. Pull every soldier home from war or occupation. Let the world take care of itself. Throw out the Federal Reserve, the UN, and foreign troops stationed here. Round up the illegals, send them home and cancel social security benefits to illegal aliens for God�s sake, so that I (native born, paying since 1966) might possibly receive some of my life time paid-in premiums when I reach 65.

Eliminate all of the government encroachment and massive federal programming designed to enslave Americans through communistic styled illegal taxation, unnecessary regulations by the thousands, and foolish legislation inspired by unnecessary litigation that robs Americans of rights, freedoms, and personal state Citizen sovereignty.

While I am being, hypothetically speaking, �offensive,� I might as well add the homosexual militants to the list. I do so because they have been arrogantly dishonest about their plans for society since 1975.

First, it was all about being left alone. Then it was �respect our choice.� Then it was, �you WILL respect us.� Then came, �respect us or we will take you to court.� Later, it was, �I am not only going to take you to court so you WILL respect me, I WILL blackmail some of you so that you WILL sponsor hate crime legislation so you won�t dare criticize us, just before we out you anyway.� Followed by, �listen world, you WILL teach our lifestyle in school, you WILL shut-up in the churches about sodomites living among you, or we WILL violently disturb your lives, your church services, dress up in our many city �gay� parades as horribly evil caricatures of religious leaders and finally we WILL insult your families, your culture and your heterosexual way of life.� So much for tolerance, truth and honesty. You see, they couldn�t sell it any other way. They had to use deception from the start with lies that perpetuated their agenda of distortion, evil, and degenerate behavior.

I do not consider drugs, or morality issues as �victimless crimes.� Society is at risk because people who engage in this immorality are subject to black-mail, raging jealousy, child molestation (NAMBLA), disease, altered states, emotional, mental, and judgmental mistakes by pilots, surgeons and police officers. I have not fallen for the justificational propaganda that tries to validate this whole area. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, NOT NORMAL, AND NOT TO BE DEFENDED IN SOCIETY SO THAT WE CAN PRETEND AND PROMOTE THAT IT IS. The �evolution of society� from what it was�ordered, cultured and possessing a clear knowledge of right and wrong (with generational exceptions of course) has NOT been beneficial. Who in society or in Congress just assumed that millions of Americans believe in an �evolving� constitution that allows for any behavior because it has been sold to ignorant people as a right or freedom.

I am personally offended by immoral and deviant behavior. No amount of cheap talk, federal lawsuits or intense pressure from foul �human rights� groups will change that fact. In that, I am joined by tens of millions of Americans who have had enough and will make their collective voices heard. To militant homosexuals who have targeted my grandchildren, I quote this line from the movie, �Tombstone.� �You tell them I�m coming, and Hell�s coming with me.� Enough is enough. Pack your bags, get back in the closet and leave my family alone.

This is only a beginning. However, if congress has FORCED me to think along hypothetical lines as described above, then I might as well consider going all the way to the US Capital and aggressively point the way to the city limits for Shumer, Biden, Kennedy, McCarthy, and 531 others.

Got it? Do you have a picture of what these sell-out, professional thieves and world governance prostitutes have done to our Republic? The moment of ultimate decision making is at hand. Selfish, stupid, lazy, Americans SHOULD run, hide, or join turncoat McCarthy. She will be doing her best freestyle east towards socialist Europe, and you should join her. That�s it. No compromising, no more nice talk, no more tolerance, no political correctness. Get out, get out of the way, change course, restore the Republic, or face the consequences.

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Do I sound angry? You bet. I gave my entire life to public service only to discover they have stolen my and my children's American dream, and they never even asked me! They have betrayed me, they have lied to me. Now that I'm retired they want me to live on my knees in this socialist one world order.

� 2007 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg Evensen is a former long time highly decorated Kansas lawman who travels the nation speaking about the law enforcement officer�s role in American society. He has organized the 2007 Heartland Constitutional Summit to be held in Kansas City this summer. All are welcome and all may participate.

Greg offers a special invitation to police officers from all jurisdictions to attend. Sheriff Richard Mack is a featured speaker along with three other well known American Icons who will share their vision along with Greg as Americans gather to help revive and reinvigorate America toward the goal of a free and prosperous, sovereign nation.

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Judges will not explain to juries that they possess this constitutional authority.