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By Greg Evensen

August 23, 2006

This morning on the news, I heard an international reporter ask rhetorically if Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, the Palestinian leadership, and the Iraqi insurgency, were �winning� the public relations war in the Middle East. They meant the intellectual conflict, if not the military one.

My immediate response was, �this world is so far gone around the bend, they probably are winning.� Israel, who has always had to fight for survival let alone acceptance in the world, has had no choice but to fight aggressively against Hezbollah. UN resolutions mean absolutely nothing, unless they are based on a world governance platform that pits US sovereignty against the internationalists. They want a defeated, dependent, (on the UN) impotent and bankrupt United States of America. The fact is there are legions of US Congress members, judicial activists, insane Hollywood elitists and leftist billionaires who want the same thing.

We wake up every morning to an America that is more ignorant of the crises situations facing the world and the United States than the day before. We have been force fed the idea that things are not really as dire as they appear (this is to allow the banks and stock markets to survive another day on borrowed�valueless�money).

We have allowed the politically correct morons in esteemed universities to �shame� us into avoiding ultimate truth. After all, we cannot have somebody �offended� because some of us view Islam, as the root core of evil so profound, there are virtually no comparisons in modern history.

We are so consumed in this nation with entertainment, games, sports, parties, and �recreational drugs� that we believe them to be civil rights guaranteed in the constitution. It has truly sunk to that kind of outrageous ignorance and self-destruction.

I am NOT convinced that this nation can be saved from itself. I AM convinced that we have driven our spectacular heritage and history changing American Republic into the mud so deeply, that it may not be retrievable. I AM convinced that a conspiracy so deep and malevolent as to be rendered unbelievable by most barely literate Americans. This beast is closing its jaws around the jugular of the American nation.

Our window of opportunity is being slammed shut. There is so little time left to make a lasting difference that any delay what-so-ever may be the critical mass moment when it will be said at the end of time, �that was the day America died.� The world has gone to hell around us because America slept through its final hours. Islam has marched throughout Asia, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, Africa, and even the Western Hemisphere.

The United States, wanting more than anything to be thanked by the world for its constant leaps into conflicts we had no business pursuing on any level, would not even defend its own borders. We failed to call those responsible for attacks on our nation to account for fear of losing business or petroleum supplies. We allowed an evil and corrupt United Nations (world government) to strip our sovereignty from us and encouraged our own Congress to seal the deal. We propagated and accepted the insane logic that no firearms in the hands of responsible citizens meant safer kids, safer schools, safer communities and a safer nation. Criminals, terrorists, Kofi Annan, and Sarah Brady rejoiced.

We have failed to seek honorable leadership at all levels of government and let the incompetent enrich themselves with corporate salaries that could have fed entire counties with their excess. We have spit in the face of God and told ourselves that killing the unborn and the infirm is not only a good thing, but necessary. We hung men at Nuremburg for admitting they did the same.

We have believed that Presidents always have our best interests at heart. That is why we elect them. On that basis, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate (not really) Woodrow Wilson�s support of the organized crime outfit called the Federal Reserve. Then, there was Roosevelt�s communistic programs and the spread of US socialism in the 1930�s. There was Eisenhower�s leap into Viet Nam and then his great �lament� over the Military-Industrial Complex hold over our nation.

Kennedy continued Viet Nam, however, to his credit, he tried to print United States Notes instead of Federal Conspiracy (Reserve) Notes, and was then promptly assassinated. Johnson was a corrupt thug who killed tens of thousands in that awful conflict so he could play White House General. Nixon WAS a crook. Carter was a wolf in sheep�s clothing and a dumb one at that. Ford was missing a wheel or two. Reagan tried, but ultimately failed to make much difference. Bush #1 was a CIA new world order nut case. Clinton was a new world order nut case with a zipper problem, and Bush #2 hasn�t done much right, especially with regard to national borders, waging war and balancing the nation�s checkbook.

This is just the past 94 years. It was about this time that the United States began to flounder badly. It has never recovered. We are being prepared for what some would say are hugely overdue paybacks for our arrogant ways. Others would say that we are a misguided nation that simply does not know any better. Then there are those who say this is a Biblical ending to a really bad story. I have a tendency to agree with them all. No matter, the end result is the same. We are on the local express to a world gone to hell and there is little we can do to stop it.

However, we MUST continue to try!

So, let�s begin to agree on a few things. If we do, there is that small sliver of hope for the future we all desperately want to find. Remember, when this nation was founded, it was as though the Republic builders had carried a large mirror into the great hall of the American people. It reflected our hopes, dreams and efforts to pass on a free and prosperous nation to our children. It showed us that as one nation, we could reach for the stars and in so doing, became a nation of stars. In time, however; the mirror was dropped. A thousand shards of glass now reflect only tiny bits of a once unified and wondrous nation. We have never been the same. We have lost that big view and have gone our own way not knowing what to do. We must set that mirror right once again, repair the damage and understand completely who and what we are, and why we exist.

I have called for a national summit in Kansas City for April 12-14, 2007. Our main job will be to create a new mirror. It must be one worthy enough to be called great. It must reflect the bedrock, elemental principles that forged the greatest nation of free people in the history of the world. This summit will be called Heartland USA (United for a Sovereign America). Wherever you are from, you carry the heart of our nation.

Anyone may come along with representatives of 1000 patriotic organizations and ministries. It will be to build a nation on principles, not a mega-church. However, faith and prayer is absolutely imperative if our nation, as in its founding, is to survive. Peaceful, direct and swift political change must be implemented before there is no free nation left to rebuild.

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The new world order is going to hell, taking billions with them and enjoying the ride. America must jump off of that train while there is still time to do so. Will you join us? This is the day! This is the time! This is the hour! This IS that historic event that can, and I believe will, restore America�s hope for a new Republic. Please! Please, help us rebuild our national home. Talking must end. It starts with us, right here and right now.

� 2006 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg earned a Master�s Degree in Education Administration from Northern Michigan University, and a doctoral degree from the London International University, in Criminal Justice Administration.

He was appointed a United States Secret Service Special Agent with duties assigned to Presidential Candidate Protection, but was budget cut along with his contingent in 1974. Greg also served as a Kansas State Trooper and as a Kansas Marshal.

Greg has called for a national summit of some 1000 American organizations working for constitutional restoration in America. This critical coalition, reflecting the people�s desire to rebuild a nation that has been virtually destroyed by the political sell-outs in our nation�s capitol, will energize citizens to get involved.

Greg Evensen, author of �The Sovereignty Papers� copyright 2006. Please use with permission. Visit to download a Kansas City Summit reservation form, and then send it to us as you feel led to participate.












We wake up every morning to an America that is more ignorant of the crises situations facing the world and the United States than the day before. We have been force fed the idea that things are not really as dire as they appear...