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Shane Ellison
January 27, 2003

"Unless we put medical freedom in the constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship…The constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom as well as religious freedom." 
--Benjamin Rush M.D signer of the Declaration of Independence

Health Freedom is a status that everyone should strive for yet millions of Americans continue to die from cancer, obesity and FDA approved drugs. What is worth more, a healthy lifestyle or a rich lifestyle? I choose health. Let's take a closer look at the situation. 

The FDA has estimated that Americans spend in excess of $12 billion annually on 25,000-30,000 various dietary supplements. To satisfy this lucrative market, tens of thousands of retailers have begun to market nutritional substances. Unfortunately, FDA regulations, namely the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), prohibit manufacturers in the supplement industry to market or claim that their products "cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent" a given disease or illness; instead they can only make general statements about their product. As a result, nutritional supplements are marketed without scientific research and carry labels that are intentionally vague and misleading to consumers. Therefore, individuals are left to depend on clerks in health food stores, personal trainers, and company sales reps to give them advise regarding the benefits and dangers of nutritional supplements. This biased and often incorrect information causes confusion and wasted money among consumers. Worse, the majority of Americans are oblivious to time-tested, non-toxic and inexpensive alternatives for longevity, human performance, and preventative terminal illnesses. 

Science and centuries of knowledge tells us that everyone has the potential to live successfully by maximizing his or her health and longevity through the proper use and knowledge of natural supplements. However this is impossible with incomplete and inaccurate information. Clearly, without a firm understanding of supplements and drugs it will become exceedingly difficult for many individuals to achieve optimal health in the 21st century. 

Not knowing where to turn for advice many individuals will look toward westernized medicine in the form of FDA approved drugs. The history of FDA approved drugs clearly tells us that this can be a deadly alternative. According to JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association), the fourth leading cause of death today in the USA is from reactions to FDA approved drugs. That is one individual dying every five minutes from "approved" drugs! Further, USA Today reported that the fourth leading cause of hospital admissions is from adverse reactions to FDA approved drugs. It stated that 22 million Americans are so severely injured that they are either permanently disabled or required long hospital stays. Hence, few individuals understand the magnitude of the marketing campaign that has been launched against them by the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA! 

In order to overcome these obstacles, consumers must become educated on the facts and understand the implications of both nutritional supplements and FDA approved drugs. This will allow for a free market based on knowledge where non-toxic therapies can compete freely with the toxic therapies that ultimately hinder basic human development. 

Optimal health results from a balance of science and nature. Unfortunately, "cookie-cutter doctors" have abandoned both and reached for profits. Consequently, most people have become victims of health fascism rather than health freedom.

© 2003 Shane Ellison - All Rights Reserved

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Shane holds a Master's degree in organic chemistry and has first-hand industry experience with drug research, design and synthesis. He is committed to raising health awareness by exposing the shocking and sometimes-frightening truth behind FDA approved drugs, sports supplements, and natural medicine. Combined, his unique experience allows his clients to live naturally healthy for life with natural medicine! Learn more by visiting