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By Shane Ellison M. Sc.
The People's Chemist
October 4, 2009

Patrick Swayze didn’t die from cancer. Like so many before him, his unfortunate and untimely death was the result of a health care system hell-bent on profits, not healing. There, I said it. And hopefully my brazenness will help others that come after him “brave” cancer with logic, rather than the fear that drives so many into taking part in risky and expensive chemotherapy.

In my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, I outline the traditional process of chemotherapy and its overt failure. I also highlight “nutritional chemotherapy” currently under investigation by Big Pharma for its ability to safely and meticulously eradicate cancer cells while leaving the healthy unscathed.

But these facts remain hidden from the general public’s view because it costs pennies on the “conventional chemo” dollar. Therefore, cancer patients are consistently thrown to the “conventional-chemo wolves” due to the profits amassed – nutritional chemo is ignored. This trend continues to repeat itself no matter how gruesome the decline of a cancer patient.

First Comes Cancer Then Comes “Convetional Chemo”

Upon his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, Swayze instantly faced the wolves. He began conventional chemo, which is a general term describing any treatment that involves the use of a drug to stop cancer cells from proliferating. Believe it or not, the first agent used in chemotherapy was the biochemical warfare agent known as mustard gas.

Within about twenty-four hours of being exposed, mustard gas begins to elicit a whirlwind of deadly effects. The odiferous chemical attacks the cellular DNA of all cells, healthy or cancerous, and damages their ability to replicate. Clinicians conveniently overlooked the fact that the gas was also killing healthy cells. Cured from cancer, patients were demoralized and faced premature death, courtesy of the side effects, just like when mustard gas was used in warfare. Medical history always repeats itself. Today’s chemotherapy agents are no different.

Cachexia Overtakes The Body

As Swayze’s conventional chemo failed, his health declined sharply. A condition known as cachexia set in. His weight plummeted as cancer cells began to siphon nutrients from healthy cells, leading to mass weight loss and eventually death.

Drugs, Drugs and More Drugs Not The Answer

Rather than work to arrest cachexia, cancer patients are simply bombarded with more chemo drugs, while the Big Pharma cash register tally’s the total. Apparently, when drug fail, most cancer docs erroneously think the patients simply need more, more, more. The “health care” onslaught continues. There’s a better way.

Doctors need to help cancer patient reverse the metabolic blunder of cachexia. This helps the body rebound from cancer and chemo by partitioning energy to allow for the production of healthy cells, while cancerous ones are wiped away with chemo – nutritional or conventional.

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With so many people “braving” expensive and toxic conventional chemotherapy, and with pharmaceutically compliant media championing their cause, it’s hard for many to imagine that natural methods exist to curb the cancer death toll. But it’s also hard to imagine that despite having a war on cancer for the last 40 years that death rates have risen and yet we keep doling out drugs, drugs and more drugs to cancer patients. Logic dictates that it’s time for a paradigm shift in how we take on cancer. And that starts with harnessing the power of natural medicine as the first line of defense.

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Ellison’s entire career has been dedicated to the study of molecules; how they give life and how they take from it. He was a two-time recipient of the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Grant for his research in biochemistry and physiology. He is a bestselling author of Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, which helps you live healthier and pay less with $10 lifesaving supplements for under $10! Learn more here.











Doctors need to help cancer patient reverse the metabolic blunder of cachexia. This helps the body rebound from cancer and chemo by partitioning energy to allow for the production of healthy cells...