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Shane Ellison M. Sc.
November 21, 2004

Media outlets brow beat us into thinking that drug companies will save American's from drowning in their own fat. Such was the case with USA Today and their article touting Acomplia � (rimonabant), made by Sanofi-Aventis. Reported by Steve Sternberg, we are told that "the closest thing to an antidote for unhealthy living has cleared its biggest test yet - a study out Tuesday showing that people who took an experimental pill lost weight and kept it off for an unprecedented two years."[1] Two years is weak compared to previous studies on fat loss. This is a text book case of old science being better than new.

If a panacea for obesity and anti-aging ever existed it would be the intentional act of controlling or lowering high blood sugar (glucose). Adding to this benefit, this cure-all will increase lean body mass, obliterate insulin resistance as well as Type 2 diabetes and prevent cancer. The importance of this health alert demands attention - the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese and that early death from diabetes is an epidemic. America is a graveyard. Most people are waiting to die comfortably with symptom masking FDA approved drugs. Logic dictates trash the Diet Coke, forget about your cholesterol-lowering drug and galvanize this health alert into your hard drive.

All substances are toxic, even water. The dose determines whether or not a given substance becomes a poison. This principle was established by Paracelsus in 1500 A.D and applies to glucose and insulin. Glucose and insulin are essential for providing energy and shuttling nutrients into our cells but excessive amounts of both is suicide, in slow motion.

A large amount of sugar (sucrose or high glycemic index carbohydrates) intake leads to excessive insulin production (referred to as the insulin spike). Just like college students build tolerance to alcohol, the excess insulin "numbs" your cells. Not able to gain entry into your cells, glucose (and many other nutrients) floats in your bloodstream with nowhere to go. Recognizing the constant flow of glucose, the pancreas continues to release insulin - never stopping. Insulin inhibits your ability to burn fat regardless of exercise and/or diet; tattoo this fact onto your brain. Therefore, as insulin is continuously released, you continually grow fat. Glucose and insulin become poisonous. Havoc sets in.

Those who suffer from the negative affects of the "deadly-duo" will become slaves to an out-of-control biochemical nightmare. In most cases, this nightmare is not reversible. Unable to awaken from it, it is characterized by constant sugar cravings, unquenchable thirst, excess urination, continued fat gain (has your body fat percentage been climbing?), moodiness, and low energy.

As predictable as your family doctor erroneously prescribes Lipitor for prevention of heart disease, these symptoms will manifest into obesity, then insulin resistance, followed by diabetes, heart disease, cancer and eventually early death. Believe it. Forget about drugs and make a decision to lower glucose naturally or face the consequences.

To avoid the deleterious affects of glucose one must simply understand how to control it. Several methods of lowering high blood glucose or rather controlling it have been found. Using L-tryptophan to help stop the physiological urge to ingest sugar and high glycemic index carbohydrates would be an asset to your belly. Other habits include limiting yourself to drinking only purified water and green tea (flavored with Stevia extract if needed - not honey) while avoiding ALL artificial flavors such as Sucralose� and Aspartame�. Add to this cardiovascular exercise 3 times per week.

Those who are already obese, insulin resistant or diabetic will want to use nutritional therapy to directly lower blood glucose. Such a therapy includes alpha-lipoic acid (also a master antioxidant), cayenne pepper, green tea extract and/or Banaba leaf extract. A thermogenic aid for activating fat loss will also prove beneficial, aesthetically and physiologically. To control hunger, an increase of protein and essential fatty acid intake through the use of "functional foods" is a great replacement to grains.

Success in using the previously mentioned nutritional supplement is not guaranteed. Using them requires obtaining the purest forms, knowing how much to take, when to take, how long to take and what to take them with. Additionally, a time commitment must be made when using these potential life-saving nutrients. Otherwise, forget about it.

Employing one of the above techniques and ignoring the others is futile. To increase lean body mass and prevent or reverse insulin resistance and Type II diabetes all must be employed and INDIVIDUALIZED to a person's lifestyle.

Once you believe that your actions do have an impact on your health and implement a "glucose lowering plan", you can be confident that you will look and feel 5-10 years younger. The death threat from obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer will be nothing more than a bad dream. Drug companies will still sell their pitch but you won't be buying. Just say no to prescription drugs.


1 Drug sheds weight - and keeps it off. By Steve Sternberg. USA TODAY. Posted 11/9/2004 8:45 PM

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A large amount of sugar (sucrose or high glycemic index carbohydrates) intake leads to excessive insulin production (referred to as the insulin spike). Just like college students build tolerance to alcohol, the excess insulin "numbs" your cells.