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by Beverly Eakman

September 7, 2008

I’m scratching my head over recent stories on the still-unsolved JonBenet Ramsey case [“DNA clears Ramsey family” and “Unknown man in Ramsey case missing,” The Washington Times July 10, 2008, and related stories in other publications].

Here was the Boulder, Colorado, District Attorney, Mary Lacy, with DNA samples in hand finally apologizing to what’s left of the wronged (and ruined) Ramsey family. Yet, the only perpetrator that learned criminologists (i.e., behavioral psychologists) can come up with is a “missing” child-sex predator.

What about all those parents of children who lost out to the lovely JonBenet on the beauty-contest circuit? Can I be the only person who wonders as to the motive here? “Experts,” of course, always presume that parents are the primary suspects in such cases, and that most child predators repeat their crimes. So mired were these experts in these two axioms that they failed to look beyond the Ramseys and essentially ruined their lives.

But suppose the sexual assault was a deliberate attempt to throw off investigators, knowing how behavioral-“science”-trained law enforcement officers always presume that parents are at fault, or that a molester will attempt a repeat performance.

At the time of the murder in 1996, anyone watching TV newscasts was treated to the strut-your-stuff goings-on of child contests. These were more than pretty-baby competitions.
Four- and five-year-old girls, in particular, are decked out in sexy garb and even taught to wiggle their derrières in a provocative manner to entice the judges.

Not exactly a strategic coup for ensuring child safety.

But let’s forget about that for a minute and imagine that some contestants’ parents are fanatical, especially those who are clueless as to why little girls swinging their hips in public might catch the eye of the wrong person. Even if the Ramseys themselves did not go to such lengths — and did not need to — any parent obsessively fixated on winning, or some judge compromised in a bribe attempt (individuals and events completely unknown to the Ramseys) could well have triggered this heinous crime.

Such was my initial reaction after seeing those 1996 TV clips.

When the usual suspects (parents and siblings) didn’t pan out after a year, and the Ramseys continued to be harassed, even when it was obvious they had everything to lose, financially and otherwise, with JonBenet’s death, logic seemed to dictate that the M.O., or sex-predator theory, was “off.”

This is a classic example of why it is important to teach logic in school. Unfortunately, reason has been exchanged for emotionalism and knee-jerk reactions. Logic isn’t taught in schools anymore.

I’m occasionally accused of seeing an “education” angle to everything. But the fact is, adult policies, ranging from domestic to foreign, are affected by the long hours spent in the nation’s elementary and secondary classrooms. Children, after all, do grow up. Their lifelong lack of exposure to logic and reason in favor of a new brand of psychologized curricula and social-adjustment that puts reason on the back burner has taken a terrible toll on our country. Consider the lax attitude toward pornography; the mainstreaming of Internet and movie sex; explicit, age-inappropriate sex training in the classroom. In light of just these three issues, the recent Supreme Court decision taking the death penalty off the table for child torture-rapists should have come as no surprise.

Yet school officials suspend 6-year-olds for aiming a half-eaten, fried chicken wing across the table at another child; that’s an act of a “wannabe” terrorist! Never mind the 15-year-olds toughs who actually threaten to blow up their schools! Why, we don’t want them to be drop-outs, do we?

These are the glaring kinds of “disconnects” that signify a lack of rationality, and that deficiency begins in the elementary-school classroom.

The root problem, of course, is liberal orthodoxy. Liberals have this tendency to love “humankind,” but to loathe individual people. Individuals are mentally collectivized, until today, anyone claiming to be an individualist is categorized as a dangerous “loner.”

Meanwhile, our PhD’s and J.D.’s are busy finding new ways to coddle perverts who molest children and indulge illegal aliens (including terrorists, including Osama bin Laden’s chauffeur, who got less than a year’s prison time for knowingly helping to transport weapons that seriously wounded thousands of people who will live with their wounds permanently). Even some of our religious charities work hard to bring ever more refugees to our shores — knowing they won’t learn our language or adopt American ideals. Under a wrong-headed redistribution-of-wealth scheme called “global warming,” our leaders protect polar bears (that are doing just fine, thank you), while hampering a steady energy supply for every middle-class wage-earner.

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Our criminologists and police can’t be bothered to move aggressively to find one little girl’s molester and killer, or to discourage the types of shows, policies and “educational” activities that serve as a magnet for perverts, killers and terrorists. But they can waste our time and money on click-it-or-ticket stops and other trivialities.

When the warning label on a package of cigarettes is taken more seriously than sexual assault and murder, the country is already in trouble.

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Beverly K. Eakman is a former teacher and retired federal employee who served as speechwriter for the heads of three government agencies. Today, she is a Washington, DC-based freelance writer, the author of five books, and a frequent keynote speaker on the lecture circuit. Her newest book, Walking Targets: How Our Psychologized Classrooms Are Producing a Nation of Sitting Ducks (Midnight Whistler Publishers) was published in December 2007.

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When the warning label on a package of cigarettes is taken more seriously than sexual assault and murder, the country is already in trouble.