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By Beverly Eakman
June 5, 2007

Publicity As Strategy

TO MY READERS: Many readers of my work will recall a manual I wrote in 2001 to accompany my seminars on �How To Counter Group Manipulation Tactics.� This workbook-style publication, with mid- and final self-tests, was geared mostly to parents battling the education establishment, especially those attempting to bring common sense to committee meetings and folks running for school board. The public quickly discovered that the manipulative strategies described in the manual applied to other arenas. As a result, the booklet has undergone three updates, the most recent in 2005 (click on this link).

This inevitably led to a new publication, Freedom�s Fa�ade: Professional Agitation in the 21st Century. Chapter 1 deals with the war on religion, a top newsmaker. The rest of Freedom�s Fa�ade will be available later this year at under the Midnight Whistler publisher�s imprint. The purpose of Freedom�s Fa�ade is to keep the public abreast of emerging techniques in professional agitation and provocation. The complete text will include strategies used to undermine education, childrearing, journalism, entertainment, science, medicine, the election process and more.

So, with this background in mind, let us begin with �publicity as strategy.�

Military strategists have long known that the primary advantage of bullies is their cold indifference to any innocents hurt in obtaining an objective. The end always justifies the means, and attempts to placate (�reach out to,� in new American-speak) one�s oppressors only results in their becoming more bellicose in their attacks.

Former House Majority Republican leader, Tom DeLay (R-TX), apparently reached the same conclusion when he addressed the Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC) in Washington, DC, on March 3, 2007. He advised his audience that conservatives needed to form coalitions on an issue-by-issue basis rather than expect agreement on every topic across-the-board before entering into a cooperative effort against an adversary.

True traditionalists, constitutionalists and conservatives�who once comprised the largest faction of the Republican Party�have failed to grasp the primary axioms of professional agitation and provocation being used against us. Consequently, last November the GOP�s conservative arm lost whatever meager gains it had begun to recoup on Capitol Hill. Today, it is the Founding Fathers� vision of good governance�not communism or socialism�that is being swept into the ashbin of history.

There are several underlying reasons for this. A large part has to do with our education system. Over time, Americans have absorbed a false logic�spewed hourly not only from brainwashed educators, but from media outlets, both print and electronic�that everyone wants essentially the same things for themselves and their families. This is incorrect.

Another factor is the ease with which personal information is gathered concerning our tastes, purchasing habits, affiliations and opinions�all entered as data points on computer systems large and small. These information bytes (even when they are wrong) are analyzed almost exclusively by behavioral scientists (which have attained great influence since the 1960�s) and are turned over to political entities, pollsters and market moguls to formulate a package that most people don�t recognize for its political potential�for example, sitcom writers, news departments, theological seminaries and recording companies.

Another explanation is na�vet� coupled to a sincere, but erroneous, belief that an opponent, once confronted with facts, will sit down in the spirit of fair play and debate a topic. But, as per the old song title: �It Ain�t Necessarily So.�

When dealing with professional provocateurs and agitators, one is never engaged in an honest intellectual debate. No matter how vehement the rhetoric, what professional agitators and provocateurs want is to sow discord and disillusionment among the rank and file, eventually exhausting their adversary�s time and resources.

This means the abortion debate is not about unborn children, mutilated mothers or scared teenagers; the homosexuality debate is not about same-sex love matches; the female priest debate is not about gender equality; and today�s �re-interpretations� of Scripture are not about theological �discoveries� or disagreements over the Virgin birth, the Resurrection, or anything else.

Similarly, �global warming� is not about science (it�s about redistribution of wealth, which in no way affects the lifestyles of the theory�s incredibly overpaid proselytizers, such as Senator Ted Kennedy or actor Leonardo DiCaprio), and the Scooter Libby trial (like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas� older Senate hearings) was never about any particular violation (it was about discouraging principled, decent candidates from aspiring to a government post). All these are the work of professional agitators whose aim is to confuse, create warring factions, and bog down the system�to create a fa�ade of freedom while leaving a socialistic/anarchist elite free to decide how the larger population shall live and be taxed.

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This is not to say that the same agitators may not support abortion, gay lifestyles, global warming, etc., but the issues are diversions essentially for publicity. That is why professional provocateurs do not typically engage in reasoned debate or dialogue.

Part II of this Introduction will focus on an accompanying technique: �conflict-avoidance� as an intimidation tactic.

� 2007 Beverly Eakman - All Rights Reserved

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Beverly K. Eakman is a speaker on education and political strategy. She is a former teacher, columnist and the author of two best-selling books on education policy. Additional chapters will be available later this year in the forthcoming book, Freedom's Fa�ade, at For published speeches and earlier hard-cover articles, go to her web site: (e-mail button included). These articles and speeches also will soon be available from, as a special collection















When dealing with professional provocateurs and agitators, one is never engaged in an honest intellectual debate. No matter how vehement the rhetoric, what professional agitators and provocateurs want is to sow discord and disillusionment among the rank and file...