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By Al Duncan
June 7, 2013

By the Author of The Master Plan

“Wi-Fi is the second antenna inside Smart meters and its frequencies are 4.8 billion times a second. This continuously bathes everyone within a 125 radius with violent, microwave, molecular earthquake-like frequencies.”

I had prepared Part III of Why I Wrote The Master Plan, and then, I ran across this information that I conclude to be far more imminent. Aware that there is a population agenda, of which includes the elimination of ninety percent of the world’s population, and that that agenda has been deployed in a variety of methods, I had no idea of how tactical the plan exposed below would play in the plan to reduce the population.

If what you are about to read is accurate, and all my research confirms that it is, it appears that this could result in the total annihilation of North America.

According to Curtis Bennett, an engineer technician, who is testifying on behalf of the people of Canada against the Public Utility Commission, if this onslaught is not stopped, death and destruction will be the outcome.

I put together the following from an interview with David Knight of Infowars Nightly News, Sheila Hemphill and Curtis Bennett.

The Smart Grid is a transmission system that delivers electricity to and from power plants to distribution substations, and then the substations delivers it to homes and business. The Smart meter is capable of communicating with smart appliances and the power plants.

Smart meters can cover up to 125 square miles. This puts everything within that area inside of an electrical circuit; it actually baths this 125 sq. mile radius, and everything in it, including people, with an electrical circuit. Smart meters run at 900 megahertz, this means a router is blasting whole communities with a blanket coverage of 900 megahertz of vibration going through walls and fire separations at 1.8 billion times per second. This literally causes the structures and the fire separations to flip directions at 1.8 billion times per second. Every structure within the area is being weakened; it is the same as being cooked over a sustained period of time like a microwave cooks food.

Wi-Fi is the second antenna inside Smart meters and its frequencies are 4.8 billion times a second. This affects everything, including and especially living entities such as plants, trees, fish, insects, animals, and humans. This bathes everyone within that 125 radius with violent, microwave, molecular earthquake-like frequencies.

Because these frequencies go through wooden and concrete structures, such as buildings and bridges, causing molecular earthquakes within these structures, they are compromising building codes. Since each structure is designed for specific seismic activity, specific wind loads, etc., when they are continuously being violently shaken at disastrous molecular and atomic levels, measurably, 1.8 billion times per second, building codes are being violated. This type of constant violent activity would automatically render all structures illegal, and make the municipalities liable. So what will happen when buildings cannot pass building codes, will insurance companies still insure them; will banks still finance them? How long it will take before hospitals and schools are condemned?

If it is doing this to concrete and wooden structures, such as buildings and bridges, imagine how it is vibrating and weakening cells. Living organisms are far more sensitive than building structures. These high-speed frequencies are electrically inducing currents capable of changing the voltage of organisms. These violent vibrations are microwaving cells, causing molecular changes and violent, earthquake type disruptions, while weakening organisms in a much more concentrated process than they do building structures. This is rapidly changing everything in our environment.

The Electric Grid is on twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, so structures, plants, trees, insects, animals, birds, fish and people are being hit with these frequencies twenty four hours a day seven days a week. The higher the power density, the more frequencies are being bombarded into structures, plants, trees, insects, animals, birds, fish and people. Insulated wires within houses are used to protect organisms. Without insulation, such as wireless devices, you become the conductor, and the damage that they are doing to the coverage area, which is pretty much all of North America, is immeasurable.

Nobody has studied the effects of bathing an entire community with frequencies that saturates everything in its path with molecules that go through walls, windows, doors, buildings and into the ground up to three feet.

The mind and body are affected by electrical waves or vibrations. All living cells emit energy, as well as light, which is a frequency. Energy comes from the sun, which energizes organisms. We also get energy from food, if we are not getting the proper amount of energy from food, which is being microwaved by these high frequencies, we become fatigued.

In North America, we have a 60-hertz electrical grid. Your appliances have 60 hertz for that electrical compatibility with the grid. Smart meters produce 900 million cycles a second. These high frequencies are going through homes, through human beings, through babies inside mother’s wombs and assaulting human brains that runs between four hertz, while sleeping, to thirty-eight hertz, when highly active. The only alternative, scientifically speaking, is an electrical failure. That is why it is extremely dangerous to deploy high frequencies like these throughout a community. Every scientific angle must be incorporated into the equation, or you are going to have damages across the board, and the liabilities will far exceeds anything anyone can imagine.

The Pacific absorption rate predetermines that you can take a reasonable absorption of this radiation into your body, but everything has to be taken into consideration. They have made this assessment based on people being a piece of meat, not considering that people have frequencies and electrical nerves, and that the nervous system is tied to the hormonal system and that any alternative electrical stimulation will cause failure. These types of frequencies going through people are neurologically stimulating. The voltage of a cell is minus seventy megahertz. Because living organisms are not compatible with these frequencies, they will eventually kill everything in the coverage area.

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The powers that be have always relied on the fact that the public is ignorant. Therefore, they have desperately done everything possible to keep us in that state. Because the public is finally awakening, we have rightfully become more watchful and questioning of the hidden motives behind each new plan, each new course they want to take us, and each new technological device being introduced. For the past thirty years that I have been studying these master planners, I have found that everything they do is for their benefit and our loss, and everything they say as truth is always just the opposite. If you acquire that same attitude, you will fare much better in your attempt to delay this transition into the New World Order.

I will continue Part II, Why I Wrote The Master Plan, next week.

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� 2013 Al Duncan - All Rights Reserved

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The Electric Grid is on twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, so structures, plants, trees, insects, animals, birds, fish and people are being hit with these frequencies twenty four hours a day seven days a week.