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By Al Duncan

March 8, 2013

Excerpt from The Master Plan

“Have you experienced the goons, yet,” Monique asked?”

“Yes, I have,” I answered, recalling the incidents in the yard. “I was attacked by one of them when I first arrived.”

“They’re not human!” she exclaimed. “The goons are a product of technoscience. They have mapped out each function and its location in the brain; they know the areas that contain the intellect, beliefs, emotional feelings, pain, creativity, even the will. And through transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) any part of the brain can be stimulated to cause a desired behavior. The’ve removed the goons’ emotions and their ability to exercise free will.”

“So that’s why they act like zombies,” I thought aloud.

“Not only are they zombies,” she persisted, “but they’re Bionic, with super-human abilities. They appear to be human but they’re not; they’re Frankenstein monsters. As you can imagine, this kind of experimentation took decades to develop. The military was the experimental laboratory and the enlisted soldier was the main subject for research. It was bad enough when they produced the Bionic super-soldier capable of fighting for days without rest; they were pressured through ten, eleven, even twelve tours of duty just to see what it would take before they experienced a complete mental and physical melt down. According to my records, that’s around the same time we noticed an escalation of suicides among the soldiers. At least they allowed the super-soldiers to retain their normal, human behavioral traits until their systems failed. But the goons, they’re just brain-dead beasts!

“They’ve been injected with a nanotech serum that devours any behavioral trait they want to remove. Each serum is engineered to target specific areas of the brain and devour that area. The type of serum used depends on how radical they want to change a person’s behavior. If they chose, they can perform a complete lobotomy and wipe out the entire thought process.

“After the September 11, 2001 attacks on the twin towers this technology was declassify and they opened it up to the public. With the Federal Drug Administration’s approval, pharmaceutical companies placed these nanotech-serums on the market with the claim of eliminating stress, anxiety or anger. They called these serums vaccines and people were actually buying them. However, when you eradicate a negative behavioral trait, it’s often connected with a positive trait, like the will, creativity, and the ability to reason or make personal choices. The use of these vaccines reduced people to submissive zombies, similar to the goons.

“The war in the Middle East gave them the opportunity to use these serums freely under the banner of fighting terrorism.”

I interrupted her, “Considering everything you’ve said, I wouldn’t put anything past them. But how was it used in the Middle East?” I asked.

“Housed in a U.S. Military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, were alleged terrorists. Under various technics such as TMS and positron emission tomography (PET) their brains were studied to learn how they reacted under increasing torture, they then recorded the precise location of that reaction within the brain. They were also able to determine areas of the brain stimulated while performing a terrorist act. They dubbed those areas of the brain the Terrorist-gene, and then designed a serum to eradicate those areas. Knowing that most people take an annual flu shot, they simply included the serum in the vaccine.”

“My goodness, Monique, everyone in the Middle East who got that flu shot could’ve been lobotomized.”

“It gets worse, Lance. These were mere experiments for further explorations. Under the war on terrorism, the United Nations issued a directive to vaccinate the Middle East and North Africa—they always seem to target the Third world countries first. To assure everyone was inoculated, they engineered flying robot-mosquitos that indiscriminately administered the serum through its stinger. Since many people stung two, three and even four times, it quickly turned into a disaster. It ended with NATO troops demolishing entire cities to cover up the terminal illness and human loss this program caused.”

Monique suddenly grew quiet, “You know,” she began in almost a whisper, “the powers that be now think that they can live forever. They actually believe that technology has advanced to the degree that they can exist in an expendable bionic, robotic body that’s operated by their brain, and consequently live forever.

“With robots able to repair themselves and operate every that a human can, humans are obsolete. They’re replacing human beings with robots and machines and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day they did away with all of us, Lance.”

“Well, Monique, it appears that the post-human era is here; it’s a slow-kill with diets and injections as they exploit our creativity and labor; they’re slow-killing us and stealing our inheritance.”

“And now,” Monique exclaimed, “that we have the Titan, which is capable of twenty petaflops, that’s twenty quadrillion calculations per second, and with a central processing units (CPUs) at 299,008 and a graphics processing units (GPUs) at 18,688, it can run the entire world without any assistance from a human being.”

“So you’re actually capable of writing a program that will run everything in the world?” I asked.

“Yes, once the computer has been programed it can wirelessly run everything. It’ll have to be maintained periodically, but robots will be able to follow the Titan’s instructions and do that.”

“What else is this computer capable of doing?”

“Well, there is another procedure termed Embedded Electronics or Biochip Implants that include a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) that can be scanned and read by RFID readers. The RFID uses radio signals to read identification codes and other data stored in an RFID transponder. It contains a LifeChip, with a life span of up to 250 years and it's a reliable way to electronically detect, control, and track everything; products, information, animals, plants, even people.

“Everything on the planet is scheduled to be marked, tracked and monitored. If it moves, it'll have a transponder; if it doesn't move, it’ll have a bar code of some variety or a chemical antenna spayed on directly, or by Chemtrails—they will know when a tree was cut down or a blade of grass was mowed. Everything on the planet will have some form of tracking device using binary numbers or computer language, whether they are 3-D symbols or a RFID.

“The requirement for people is to have a microscopic Biochip that contains a person's DNA code, their digitized photo, identification number and every relating piece of documentation since birth. Special injectors have an anti-migration tip sheathed in a polypropylene shell to prevent the Biochip from moving around. This coating also offers a surface with which fibrous connective tissue begins to bond within twenty-four hours of being injected. It becomes a part of the body, and once implanted, the RFID is virtually impossible to retrieve. The right hand and the forehead are the two places on the body that are the easiest to scan.”

“What are the advantages,” I asked, “of an embedded chip with all of your personal information available to anyone who has one of these scanners or RFID readers?”

“Having a person’s medical history made instantly available could be a lifesaver and the records can’t be lost. You wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a wallet or a purse. It eliminates error, stops identity theft, money laundering.”

“I’ll admit,” I said jokingly, “it beats a lobotomy. But seriously, where you see convenience, I see a loss of privacy. With every new law, regulation and policy, you lose privacy and freedoms. Gradually, one incremental step at a time, there’s no privacy and no freedom and you’re living in a glass bowl under the constant watchful eye of the State and its minions. That’s not freedom, Monique; that’s enslavement.

“Moreover, I don’t trust them. The State doesn’t care about us. As we’ve both concluded, they’d just as soon kill us as look at us. So why would you think they’re suddenly interested in doing something that would benefit us? No, we see some things a lot differently, Monique.”

“There are people who have accepted their station in life, Lance, even though it is under the watchful eye of the State. And for them, there is a volunteer program that fuses computer technology into their brain. The proper term is chip grafting. An implanted chip translates and digitizes their current thoughts, which are transmitted to the Titan computer. This new technique reads and then captures a thought while it’s being generated in the mind. Through electromagnetic emissions from the brain, the computer reads what a person is thinking. If a thought is detected that opposes the system, the computer will alter those brain waves and cause that person to change his or her mind.”

“So, we either agree to the State micromanaging every thought we make for the rest of our lives or they’ll completely remove our ability to think. No, that’s not quite the way I’d like to live my life, Monique.”

“Another procedure, which is voluntary and included with the chip grafting, is a neural chip implant. A microscopic video camera is implanted behind the eye. This transmits a visual picture to a screen the same as the human eye transmits what we see to our brains. This will provide the authorities with a visual and audio record of every action in which a person is involved. The chip grafting reveals the thoughts and sensations, while the neural chip implant provides the sights and sounds. That way, whatever a person thinks, feels, sees, and hears is recorded. The future planning for these procedures is that they be done at birth.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask what else they’re up to.”

“Well, the authorities are pretty excited about the Titan, particularly in the field of education. Just today, my instructor told us:

‘Now, with the help of our new super-computerized system, valuable time and labor would be cut considerably.

‘Fred Moore is seven years old and a student in Public Education Concenter 419. Fred's classes consist of him alone. Pupils frequently gather in groups, for seminar-like discussions. However, most of Fred's time is spent at the learning console, which consists of a computer.

‘Fred’s computer—like all the other Concenter computers around the world—is connected to the main terminal in the Educational Resources Center. There, a team of psychologists, programmers, expert teachers of everything from arithmetic to zoology, remedial specialists, and guidance counselors comb Fred's record, and his progress is tabulated by the computers. No one knows Fred's grade level and it doesn't matter. He works at his own pace. No one can come between Fred and the curriculum we have determined for him.

‘The old, antiquated form of education was too concerned with a child's individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, facts, and religious dogmas, and too little concerned with values. The concept of right and wrong are outdated methods of charting the changes in human behavior. We are concerned with values, attitudes, interests, ideals, and habits.

‘The global educative process is clear and easily understood. Education is tied directly to jobs—the job is our critical point in the State. We intend to start our educational process at birth, linking instruction with productive labor. Our teaching is a continuous, lifelong education. That is why we are raising children in communal nurseries; that way, any form of theology and history is suppressed.

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‘Our educative process gives incentives to the one who cooperates most effectively with others. Our educative process molds Fred's cognitive structure, including all his facts, concepts, beliefs, and expectations. We modify his valences and values. We prepare him for the realization of his best self in the higher loyalty of serving the State. World citizenship, a global principle, is the standard education of every child!’

While studying The Master Plan and its New World Order, I would often encounter such indoctrination and brainwashing technics as these. They were always aimed at the infant and from the womb to the tomb they were designed to enslave mentally, physically and spiritually.

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� 2013 Al Duncan - All Rights Reserved

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While studying The Master Plan and its New World Order, I would often encounter such indoctrination and brainwashing technics as these. They were always aimed at the infant and from the womb to the tomb they were designed to enslave mentally, physically and spiritually.