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By Al Duncan

February 15, 2013

An excerpt from 'The Master Plan'

“The invasion of our educational system was the most contemptible segment of my discoveries. At the head of every agency assuring Global Governance stood the school, the teacher and the organized profession. Delegates to international organizations, public officials, men and women of the press, teachers and educators—all realized that they had a part to play in molding the minds of the children for a New World Order.

“The teacher was the biggest asset in preparing the hearts and minds of the children for global understanding and cooperation. To the Elite, education didn't mean teaching people reading, writing, and arithmetic; it meant teaching them to think and act, as they wanted them to think and act.

“The subject of major importance was mass psychology. They knew that in time, with money and equipment, they would be able to persuade anybody of anything if they could reach the person young enough. When the technique was perfected, every government in charge of education for two generations would be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.

“The United States joining the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, marked the pinnacle of a movement for the birth of an international agency for education. Any nation that became a member of UNESCO accordingly assumed an obligation to revise the textbooks used in their schools. Each member nation had a duty to see to it that nothing in its curriculum, courses of study, and textbooks was contrary to UNESCO's aim.

“The National Education Association's (NEA) sole intent was the total transformation of life, with a profound commitment to social duties. There were, however, allowances made for a small force of highly educated, creative people, which they felt was essential to growth.

“This new educational system aimed at destroying individual incentive by forming a society with everyone being equal. Competition was replaced by cooperation, trust in divine guidance by careful planning, and private capitalism by some form of socialized economy. The competitive principle gave place to the principle of cooperation, and the major function of the school to a social orientation of the individual. The purging of ideals was geared around ambition, competition, and individualism. Motivation toward personal achievement was sacrificed for the equality of all.

“The parents, religious leaders, and schools in early America taught concepts of right and wrong, facts and certainties, morals and principles, truth and knowledge. This old order of thinking proved to be more revolutionary than any conspiracy to overthrow the government.

“To bring about a profound social change, submission to parental authority could not be permitted. In order to expedite these changes, a vigorous attack on the family was mounted to prevent the traditions and values of past generations from being preserved. An artificial chasm between parents and children was necessary to insulate the children and make it easier to indoctrinate them with new ideas. They had to be taught not to respect their tradition-bound elders, who were tied to the past; they only knew what was unproductive in accomplishing the aims of the Elite and their quest for a New World Order. A good teacher had the ability to attain affective objectives through challenging the students' fixed beliefs, and offering illustrative objectives. A single hour of classroom activity under certain conditions could bring about a major reorganization in affective behaviors.

“By using values clarification techniques, students were led to particular value changes through a series of leading questions and systematic doubt. They continuously exposed students to information designed to make them consciously aware of inconsistencies within a value-attitude system learned from their parents. This influenced students to critically examine their patents’ beliefs. Critical thinking turned were really lessons in criticizing authority, parents, clergy, and other adults.

“Rebellion amongst the youth systematically emerged throughout the country and the unsuspecting, gullible parents couldn't understand why. The educators, who were aware of the cause and reveled in their success and denounced the truth when publicly confronted.

“The fact that children were raised in families meant there was no equality; children raised in families were taught to believe that they could excel on an individual basis. In order to raise children with equality, they had to be taken away from families and communally raised. The belief that families were private, non-political units whose interests included those of children had to be totally expunged.

“In order to achieve the future goal as a totalitarian society, children had to be viewed as superior to their parents, since they were the ones who would bring about this new socialist order. With this objective at hand, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was unanimously endorsed and adopted as international law. This established universal legal standards for the care and protection of children against neglect, exploitation, and abuse.

“Once the Elite's educational system was firmly entrenched it took only two generations to change the form of our government by educating the children along their lines. Education was the power-tool to alter fundamental values of sexuality and the traditional household, and to control the direction of that change.”

“Another prerequisite was to incite liberation and force the whole female gender into public industry. Living standards were raised dramatically so that both spouses were compelled to enter the workforce just to maintain their standard of living. This liberated the wife, demanded the abolition of the monogamous family as the economic unit of society, while separating the parents from their children, which limited parental influences. With the transfer of the means of production into common ownership, the traditional single-family economic unit of society was dissolved.

“Social service workers were granted immunity from liability for seizing children from homes on the basis of alleged abuse or emotional neglect. A report by a social service worker or a teacher claiming that a child had Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) could result in the child being seized. Children that were argumentative with adults, or frequently lost their temper, or swore and were often angry, resentful and easily annoyed by others, or if they actively defied adults' requests and rules were considered to be ODD children and placed on any number of psychotropic behavioral drugs. Being subjected to these mind-altering drugs was the cause of a range of mental disorders that in many cases resulted in suicide and mass killings.

“The impact of these new societal changes caused a drastic decline in influences from the home and church. Public schools began to provide for the emotional and moral development of the children. The public schools acquired the direct responsibility for the attitudes and values of child development. Eventually, the State acquired full responsibility for all education, health and welfare of the children.

“Schools were no longer called academic centers but social service centers and replaced the old-time home environment. They gathered and retained every piece of information pertaining to, not only pupils, but their parents as well. Since children were in school most of the day, the pretence of assuring that all children got a proper diet of calories was used to gain the authorization to feed students all three meals a day. Social service centers also performed medical procedures and assumed the role of medicating and vaccinating. Often, without parental knowledge or consent, young girls were given full female examinations, sterilizations and even abortions. And yet, any hint of abuse could result in the child being taken from their parents. Children were constantly scrutinized through surveillance cameras and individually evaluated while they studied, as they ate, even when they played.

“These social services centers were the hub of the community with state departments tied to a miniature substructure rooted in the school, the home, and the workplace. This assured that from the cradle to the grave people would be continuously indoctrinated with ideals that furthered the goals of Global Governance. They took possession of every individual at birth and never let him go until death.

“The main emphasis was aimed at learning how to live and work collectively, since the primary function of school was to establish productive workers. Because people would be changing jobs throughout their lives, they needed to learn a series of skills for the first set of jobs. Since jobs were rotated, learning would be repeated periodically. Education was not just for the young alone, or something to be gained in a few years in school; education was a permanent feature of life, with an ongoing process of transforming ideals, thoughts, and wills.

“To prevent the possibility of children escaping the indoctrination processes through the public educational system, the NEA adopted Resolution C-34. The NEA Resolution C-34 stated that home-school programs were ill-equipped to provide the child with a comprehensive education experience. If parents preferred to home school their children, these students were still required to meet all State requirements.

“Enrolling in college or entering the work force required a Certificate of Initial Mastery. This was only issued through schools that followed the Outcome-Based Education (OBE), procedures mandated by the State. Accreditation and certification requirements were inaccessible by private and home-school students seeking college admission or trying to enter the work force.

“Families were arranged in neighborhoods according to a chart laid out upon social engineering principles. Children were numbered at birth and followed as a number through educational training, required military or other public service, tax contributions, health and medical requirements. Parents wanting to have children needed a license of certification from the State and a genetic scan was mandatory prior to becoming pregnant. If the genetic scan revealed that the couple was capable of producing superior babies and they weren't well-suited to rear them, the pregnancy was denied or the child was taken away at birth. A key family was strategically located in each neighborhood so that its influence would have far-reaching effects in molding the attitudes of the entire community. The world was a society in which individual freedoms and choices were controlled within very narrow alternatives.

“Anyone who objected to this new way of thinking were labeled mentally ill and placed on a referral list for permanent treatment by State-approved psychiatrists, psychologists, and social service workers. Those preaching intolerant salvation-religion rather than socialism were labeled insane, extremists, dissidents, and criminals. Correspondingly, they were denied work from one end of the country to the other. Many were locked into institutions and used for psychological and neurological experimental purposes.

“Through my in-depth study of The Master Plan, I discovered two groups that boldly opposed its policies; one was Christians and the other was Patriots. The Elite bankers were globalists and possessed a strong aversion for nationalism and the Christian faith. Patriotism, along with the Biblical profession of Christianity and its way of life was completely contrary to the society the Elite bankers were introducing. Consequently, there was a vigorous crusade to undermine, degrade, and completely dislodge nationalism and Biblical teachings from the minds of the people.

“The teachings in the schools and colleges, editorials, even plays and motion pictures were skillfully and influentially molded to degrade, demoralize, belittle, vilify and demonize patriots and Christians. With a constant bombardment of such indoctrination from every direction, the people were quickly duped into becoming the Elite’s arm of persecution against both Christians and patriots.

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“With the majority in agreement, they embarked on a course to dismantle and destroy every national and Christian monument; to seize and destroy all national and Christian artifacts; to remove and destroy any historical writings that depict the Christian heritage and patriotism professed by the founding fathers. Every historical event that appeared undesirable to the Elite’s objectives was erased; only those events that presented errors or falsities of previous governments were allowed to remain. It took just two generations to erase from the human mind all historical facts depicting the evolution of how and why America was once the greatest nation on earth.”

� 2013 Al Duncan - All Rights Reserved

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“This new educational system aimed at destroying individual incentive by forming a society with everyone being equal..."