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By Lee Duigon
July 17, 2014

No nation on the planet has ever benefited from uncontrolled, unchecked “immigration.” I put the word in quotes because that’s the word our country’s leaders and opinion-shapers use, thinking we’re all morons who don’t know an invasion when we see one.

Immigration is a legal process made orderly by immigration laws. It generally does not consist of a nation’s highest officials purposely short-circuiting the laws and encouraging tens of thousands of people to violate her borders.

What happens when officials do such things? Consider this historical example.

Early in the 5th century, Rome withdrew her legions from Britain and cut the province loose. With no more Roman troops to stop them, Picts invaded from the north and wiped whole towns and villages off the map. Irish raiders came by sea, plundering crops and taking slaves. Abandoned by Rome, British officials had trouble getting organized. They fell back on the expedient of monarchy.

By methods at best underhanded, and likely criminal, a man named Vortigern acquired the kingship of Britain. He very quickly learned that keeping out the Irish and the Picts was a greater challenge than he’d bargained for.

Vortigern’s solution was to hire mercenaries. He brought them over from places we now know as Denmark, Germany, and Holland—people known to history as the Anglo-Saxons. If they would fight his battles for him, Vortigern would give them land.

This worked well for several minutes, until Vortigern lost control of the situation. Vast waves of Saxons sailed their ships to Britain, whole communities of warriors and their families. Instead of saving the Britons from their enemies, they came and came and came, gobbling up the land, pushing westward to the Irish Sea. Vortigern was killed by his British subjects. But the Britons, in their own native island, were pushed nearly to extinction. They survived as remnants in Wales, Cornwall, the northwest, and across the sea in Brittany—and that only by the skin of their teeth (but that’s another story). And “Britain” became “Angle-Land,” or England.

The traitor king invited the Saxons to Britain for his own political purposes. The Saxons had no interest in those purposes. Their only interest was in taking all that they could get, and they very nearly took it all.

Is this beginning to sound uncomfortably familiar? “Let’s bring in countless multitudes of easily-exploited foreigners—cheap votes for the Democrats, cheap labor for Republicans—and then we won’t have to care anymore about what the old American electorate thinks of us or of our policies.”

For 1,600 years has Vortigern been reviled as a traitor: and we have a whole capitol city full of Vortigerns. All these citizen-of-the-world types in Washington and Hollywood, deluded by their own utopian visions, or else just using pious language as a cover for their contempt and hatred for their own countrymen—these have engineered an out-and-out invasion of America, in contradiction to the laws which many of them swore oaths to enforce.

Don’t be surprised if they, like Vortigern, lose control of the situation they’ve created.

Worst of all are the liberal churches and churchmen who, in an orgy of self-righteousness, add fuel to the fire. What are we to think of bishops and pastors and whole congregations who encourage law-breaking and lawlessness?

The American people are paralyzed by their own decency. Because the invasion at this stage is not pressed by force of arms, and pitched to us as a kind of children’s crusade, we’ve thought of no way to resist it. We won’t begin to think along those lines until the violence starts. But by then, as it was for the Britons once upon a time, it may be too late.

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What will happen when there’s no more money in the welfare system, no more subsidized housing, no more freebies? What will happen when there are too many invaders, too many street gangs, too many riots for our law enforcement apparatus to cope with?

We are heading for disaster because we have a lawless government, lawless leaders, lawless churches. For their own ends, they’ve done this to us on purpose. They couldn’t get “amnesty” through Congress, so they went ahead and did what they wanted without benefit of legislation.

It may already be too late to do something about it.

But I think we have to try.

� 2014 Lee Duigon - All Rights Reserved

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on





Worst of all are the liberal churches and churchmen who, in an orgy of self-righteousness, add fuel to the fire. What are we to think of bishops and pastors and whole congregations who encourage law-breaking and lawlessness?