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By Lee Duigon
February 20, 2014

Rush Limbaugh has been asking a mighty good question lately.

With a president in office who seems addicted to lawlessness, enabled by a Senate that approves of his lawless actions and will never, ever rein him in—“What do we do? We’ve never had to deal with this before. What do we do?”

Here is a chief executive who openly refuses to execute laws he doesn’t like, in defiance of his oath of office—the Defense of Marriage Act and various immigration laws, for instance; who goes far out of Constitutional bounds by unilaterally amending or pruning or delaying laws passed by Congress, as if he were a one-man super-legislature. And nothing happens. For the next three years, this former community organizer is going to rule us as a king. And nothing is going to stop him.

What do we do?

But it’s not just the president who’s lawless. Congress enacts “laws” thousands of pages long without even reading them first. As the then-Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, chortled about Obamacare, “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it!” What’s the difference between that, and being too damn drunk to read it? And seeing the swathe of destruction this insane “law” has already begun to cut through our nation, does this Congress do the only right and sensible thing, and repeal it?

Of course not. That would require not only good sense, but a conscience—both in short supply in Washington.

The third branch of our government, the judiciary, leaves Congress laps behind in the race for anarchy. Whether we focus on the Supreme Court’s inscrutably wicked decision to uphold Obamacare, or the chaotic rookery of state and federal judges all competing to see who can most swiftly overthrow the basic institutions of our culture—marriage, free speech, the free exercise of religion, private property rights: they’re all targets in the judges’ shooting gallery—it would be hard for America’s worst enemies to match the harm they do. Every day, each and every one of the 50 states is never more than one judge away from maximum disruption.

Pollyanna that I am, I refuse to believe the American people are quite as lawless as their leaders—even when churches hold showers for out-of-wedlock births, when sports commentators on TV demand we “celebrate” homosexuality, or when parents blithely send their kids to schools that teach that “gender is a state of mind.” I refuse to believe it’s possible for a whole nation of 300 million souls to achieve the heights of morale imbecility regularly displayed by those who govern it.

That being said, it must be granted that we’re not exactly angels, either.

Once upon a time, we understood things better. “No enactment of man can be considered law unless it conforms to the law of God,” wrote Britain’s greatest legal commentator, William Blackstone, shortly before the founding of our country. For quite some time afterward, American judges and legislators believed that. Obviously they don’t believe it anymore—with results that are equally obvious.

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God’s law is the only real law. Anything else is just someone’s opinion—someone who’s clever enough, rich enough, or violent enough to make it stick. But nowadays we file lawsuits to have God’s Ten Commandments buried out of sight, and most of our judges are only too handy with the shovel.

So what do we do about a lawless president, upheld and enabled by a lawless Congress, with lawless judges running wild and morally bankrupt educators, nooze media, and entertainers tirelessly preaching a gospel of depravity? What do we do?

Search me. We didn’t want God’s laws. God’s laws cramped our style. For the freedom to sin, we give away all our other freedoms. We reserve the right to fornicate, and waive our other rights.

Boy, has the Devil put one over on us.

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on











With a president in office who seems addicted to lawlessness, enabled by a Senate that approves of his lawless actions and will never, ever rein him in—“What do we do?