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By: Devvy

April 1, 2005

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just and that his justice cannot sleep forever." ---Thomas Jefferson

As I watched the Terri Schiavo situation continue to deteriorate, in truth, what has been going on the past weeks comes as no surprise. The condition of our judicial system has been a boil festering for many years and is finally erupting and oozing toxic puss as it becomes an instrument of special interests and not the law. Mel Gibson hit it right on the head the night before Terri died when he was interviewed via telephone by Sean Hannity. Gibson said there will be less social security recipients by murdering off the defenseless, the melt down of our culture and society has been done incrementally and that he no longer has any faith or confidence in the courts. I believe Gibson's comments reflect the feelings of millions of Americans.

Well, it's all over. Terri died this morning. Even at the end, her adulterous husband denied her family the right to be with her.

However, it all started a decade ago with one local judge, George Greer. A judge who took only the word of a cheating husband and who ignored every single humane request regarding the care of Terri throughout the years. Judge Greer, one man who ignored every doctor and sworn witness on Terri's side during all the legal wrangling regarding her case. The one and only paramount issue for Judge Greer was that the cheating, compromised husband suddenly remembered seven years after the "incident" that in passing, his wife made some comment about being kept alive artificially, which she wasn't as we all know. In the end, there was no justice, only mean justice.

Actually 'Mean Justice' is the name of a book by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Edward Humes. In my "leisure" time I read murder mysteries because I love to solve puzzles. When I purchased Mean Justice I actually thought it was a work of fiction. What it turned out to be is the true story of a man named Pat Dunn who was charged with the murder of his wife down in Bakersfield, California. This painstakingly documented book will shock anyone who reads it because it's true and it is happening all over this country.

Mean Justice is about how the local DA, a power mad politician and the local coppers who hid witnesses, concealed evidence and literally destroyed one man in their quest for power. This is the raw story of how one innocent man was persecuted by the courts who turned a blind eye to what was right in front of them. In Mean Justice, one will also get a good overview of another famous child molestation case down in that area (Kern County) which resulted in the destruction of hundreds of families - innocent Americans who served a decade or more in state prison and eventually released because they were innocent. Towards the end of this book, Humes also gives examples of case after case where the courts, the DAs and the cops helped convict innocent people because they- those sworn to uphold the law - cheated the system.

Dollars to donuts these same DAs, prosecutors, judges and cops all go to church every Sunday. They are "pillars" of the community, yet they lie and cheat the system to put more notches on their belts as they dispense "justice." The truth doesn't matter. The evidence or lack of evidence no longer matters, only winning and advancing one's political career, promotion within the department or on the bench. Mean Justice will sicken you - and the frightening part is, it's all true and Humes did a phenomenal job in documenting every step of that case and others.

Judge Greer is not an anomaly in this country. He is the norm. The lack of any action on the part of the Pinellas County District Attorney to step in and investigate the allegations against Michael Schiavo is not an anomaly in this country, it is the norm. The lack of action by Governor Jeb Bush in backing up the Department of Children and Family Services in their quest to rescue Terri is the norm. Cowardice is now commonplace while justice takes a back seat to power politics, advancement in careers and Sheriffs who don't have one ounce of testosterone. They bow to the robes - even when the order is murder.

Judge Andrew Napolitano has written a powerful book on the corruption within our court system and I strongly encourage everyone to read his book, Constitutional Chaos. Judge Napolitano went through a big, personal epiphany when he was elevated to the bench. It opened his eyes and his book is a must read, give it as a gift. America needs to see the true state of affairs within our judicial system because no one is safe any longer. Not Terri Schiavo, not retired high-school principal, Pat Dunn, not even you.

The media hysteria surrounding high profile cases like Robert Blake and Michael Jackson only feed the need of truly brain dead Americans for salacious details provided by completely biased commentators on networks like Court TV. There is no impartiality by their anchor divas on any of these high profile cases. Believe me. I work at home and have the luxury of being able to monitor what the working man and woman can't because they're out in the work force. Little do people who watch this type of television "justice" realize what they're seeing isn't justice, most of the time it's lynching by the media and Terri's case is a good example.

Constitutional attorney Larry Becraft has an excellent link on his web site on this very issue:

"Special Report re Harmful Error: Investigating America's Local Prosecutors/(WASHINGTON, June 26, 2003) -- Local prosecutors in many of the 2,341 jurisdictions across the nation have stretched, bent or broken rules to win convictions, the Center for Public Integrity has found. Since 1970, individual judges and appellate court panels cited prosecutorial misconduct as a factor when dismissing charges, reversing convictions or reducing sentences in over 2,000 cases."

These corrupt public servants as I said before are "pillars" of the community, they go to church on Sunday and lie on Monday. My cousin is sitting in a state prison in Oregon; he's in his third of an eight year term. In pre-trial motions, under discovery, his public defender produced internal documents which proved the child protective services social worker lied to get a warrant which removed his two children and took his wife into state custody. The judge had to throw out seven felony counts, but refused to dismiss the last one which carried the highest jail time. Count coup because my cousin was convicted. The county had to justify the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of dollars on his case, so they lied to the jury under oath. Right now, it looks as if my cousin's conviction will get over turned; his attorney has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the county. However, his two children were adopted out, lost to him forever and the state still has "custody" of his wife. They have placed her in some mental institution and since her parents can't be found, her life is also destroyed.

My cousin's life is ruined. He lost his little home, his wife, his two children (ages 10 mos and 3 years when they were snatched). His friends took his dog and horses and continue to care for them. All because of one social worker who lied to get a warrant. A woman who is still employed by the county, who suffered no adverse actions for what she did, which was lie to get a search and snatch warrant. The coppers backed her up throughout the nightmare and the judge backed up all of them. My cousin is a God fearing Christian man who never hurt a flea. He loved his wife and children. He worked hard and never bothered anyone. Now, he prays in the jail cell where he sits waiting for "justice." I pray it comes soon. I'm the only member of my family to drive those few hundred miles to visit him. Anyone who has ever been to a state prison knows what I mean when I say those places are big time reality.

The corruption within our legal and judicial systems is breeding anarchy. The counterfeit U.S. Senate has refused to remove all but a couple of federal judges in the past one hundred years. Judge George Greer should be impeached, but I doubt the Florida State Legislature has the stones to impeach him. I am hopeful that Terri's parents will file a wrongful death lawsuit against the cheating husband and all the documents that have been hidden from them over the past 15 years will finally reveal the truth - including any illegal activities by Judge Greer.

I have been pounding on the issue of the U.S. Senate removing bad federal judges, including the U.S. Supreme Court for at least a decade. I have written about it until I'm blue in the face. Is there any way to restore the integrity of our judicial system? Yes. Operation Clean Sweep. There is no longer any time for fun and games, playing on the weekends or taking that cruise through the Mediterranean. Americans must get rid of these corrupt officials and the only way that is going to happen is to sweep them all out of office. Operation Clean Sweep covers this in great detail.

Terri Schiavo isn't the first person to be murdered by the courts and she won't be the last. When George Bush, Jr. was Governor of Texas, he signed legislation that allows the state to remove life sustaining measures for a loved one against the wishes of the family. "Wake up America" has become just another slogan. What's needed now is action and Operation Clean Sweep is the way to get rid of those dispensing "mean justice" and replace them with honest, ethical, qualified Americans.

As for Terri and other victims of unscrupulous judges, lawyers and cheating husbands: God bless. Rest in peace.

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When George Bush, Jr. was Governor of Texas, he signed legislation that allows the state to remove live sustaining measures for a loved one against the wishes of the family.