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By: Devvy

March 23, 2005

While Terri Schiavo's parents and lawyers have been fighting legal issues in the courts, this disabled woman is fighting for her life - again. Two years ago, the loving husband received permission to finally get rid of the thorn in his side and her feeding tube was withdrawn. With thanks to God, the situation was reversed and Michael Schiavo had to begin anew in getting rid of his disabled wife.

Instead of simply divorcing her, he has vowed to "keep his promise to Terri." This husband who has lived with another woman for over a decade, recently turned down one million dollars in cold, hard cash to simply give custody of Terri to her parents. Instead, he has chosen to make sure Terri dies and continue the agonzing pain her family is going through every minute of the day, not to mention Terri being starved to death. Wow, that's a dedicated adulterer if I've ever seen one!

While I commend the enormous amount of support on site from churches and religious leaders, as well as who knows how many Americans sending e-mails, faxes and saying prayers for this innocent victim, I am wondering why her doctors and "care givers" have sat still and carried out what amounts to an order of murder? How can they stand around and be part of this?

Below are the latest facts and some allegations which need to be investigated regarding this case, but in the meantime, why haven't the doctors and nurses at Woodside Hospice simply said enough is enough? Doctors take an oath to preserve life and by dozens of sworn statements, Terri Schiavo has much life left, she only needs rehabilitation, speech therapy and proper care.

I am fully aware there is a court order. I am fully aware that people need their paychecks. However, there comes a point where one either stands up for their convictions, even in the face of insurmountable odds or even prosecution, or they have none. It's as simple as that. These doctors and nurses that see Terri every day should have been in the court room to testify in front of Federal Judge James Whittemore and tell him in no uncertain terms what exactly her medical condition is.

Terri's parents should have produced the video from Larry King's show, March 18, 2005 and asked the judge to watch Michael Schiavo let the truth slip out:

"Larry King: Do you understand how they (Terri's family) feel?"

M. SCHIAVO: Yes, I do. But this is not about them, it's about Terri. And I've also said that in court. We didn't know what Terri wanted, but this is what we want..."

Finally, the frustrated, loving husband blurts out the truth: He didn't know what Terri really wanted, but "this is what we want." We could be him and his live in girl friend or him and his pro-death attorney, George Felos. It matters not. This uncoerced statement by Michael Schiavo clearly hangs him for the liar he is and this evidence should have been presented to Judge Whittemore during the hearing because it goes to the very heart of the matter: What did Terri tell this cheating husband nearly 20 years ago? By his own admission to 1.7 million television viewers, he doesn't know.

What would happen if the doctors and nurses began feeding and giving Terri water? No doubt, the court would issue an arrest warrant against them for violating a court order. That's when Sheriff Coats would step in and exercise his absolute and complete authority as the highest law enforcement officer in the county and say no to the court - there's something very wrong here if doctors and nurses refuse a court order. These doctors and nurses could ask Sheriff Coats for a police escort to the appellate court doors and Sheriff Coats, if he is a real man, will do what he has the power and authority to do and that is question a possible attempted murder underway.

If I were a doctor or nurse at Woodside Hospice, I would contact Terri's parents and tell them that I will go into a court of law and tell the truth about Terri's condition and that what is happening is murder - even if it cost me my job. No paycheck is worth being an accomplice to murder. I also believe in my heart that someone would offer me a job if I got fired because I stood up for what is right. These doctors and nurses still have the chance to get down to the appellate court and demand the three judges listen to what they have to say.

What we do know:

Michael Schiavo should never have been given complete custody of Terri after he began living with another woman and had children with her. This conflict of interest screams out to anyone with a sense of justice.

Judge Greer is legally blind. This is why he won't go to the hospice to see Terri's condition for himself. If I were Terri's parents, I would have politely requested he recuse himself because they need a judge, with all due respect, who would go visit with their daughter and see her true condition. This is a matter of life and death.

Michael, the loving husband, admitted on national television on March 18, 2005, the very day Terri's tube was removed, that he didn't know what she wanted, but this (her murder) is what "we" want.

What he wants is a dead wife who will never get the proper speech rehabilitation she requires. A dead wife can never tell what really happened that night so long ago.

Many doctors have given their qualified medical opinion on Terri's condition. Those doctors with credentials that would pass muster with any jury or body of peers, who adamantly maintain that Terri can be rehabilitated as a disabled person, have all been disregarded by every judge. The only thing that has mattered to them is the loving, adulterous husband, Michael's claims that some twenty years ago after watching a TV program, his young wife made some passing comment. No corroboration, nothing in writing, just the words of a compromised witness.


On Larry King's show, March 21, 2005, in response to the question from Larry King, How does this situation with Terri affect his relationship with his current live in girlfriend? Schiavo replied how Terri will always be in his heart, part of his life and how much he loves her. I guess his bed must get kind of crowded with Terri and his girlfriend in it. He also went on to say that someone can love two people at the same time. Certainly this guy can feel the way he wants, but his claim that Terri would want to be starved to death came seven years after the "incident, collection of lawsuit money, and after he moved on with his life with his now common law wife.

On March 21, 2005, on the Greta Van Susteren show on FOX, her guests were several of Terri's long time friends and people who worked with her before the "incident." They said Terri wasn't happy in the marriage and wanted to get an apartment with one lady she worked with. Apparently there was talk of divorce. Shortly after they discussed getting the apartment, Terri had her "incident."

This contradicts statements made on the same night, different shows. Michael Schiavo said on Larry King's show the same night that he and Terri were very much in love when the "incident" happened. They were planning their lives together and so forth.

Carla Sauer Iyer, gave sworn testimony which has been reported in the media from her personal appearances on television. This woman is the R.N. charge nurse employed at Palm Garden of Largo Convalescent Center in Largo, Florida. Ms. Iyer has sworn: "Throughout my time at Palm Gardens, Michael Schiavo was focused on Terri's death. Michael would say 'When is she going to die?,' 'Has she died yet?' and 'When is that bitch gonna die?' '"

Transcripts show that according to Iyer, these types of angry outbursts from the loving husband were quite common and were known by many. She also went on to say, "Can't anything be done to accelerate her death - won't she ever die?" Iyer has also made allegations which should be investigated by the district attorney - NOW: "Michael was also adamant that the family should not be given information. He made numerous statements such as 'Make sure the parents aren't contacted.' I recorded Michael's statements word for word in Terri's chart, but these entries were also deleted after the end of my shift. Standing orders were that the family wasn't to be contacted, in fact, there was a large sign in the front of her chart that said under no circumstances was her family to be called, call Michael immediately, but I would call them, anyway, because I thought they should know about their daughter."

Iyer's further comments include: "When Michael visited Terri, he always came alone and always had the door closed and locked while he was with Terri. He would typically be there about twenty minutes or so. When he left Terri would be trembling, crying hysterically, and would be very pale and have cold sweats. It looked to me like Terri was having a hypoglycemic reaction, so I'd check her blood sugar. The glucometer reading would be so low, it was below the range where it would register an actual number reading. I would put dextrose in Terri's mouth to counteract it. This happened about five times on my shift, as I recall. Normally Terri's blood sugar levels were very stable due to the uniformity of her diet through tube feeding. It is medically possible that Michael injected Terri with Regular insulin, which is very fast acting, but I don't have any way of knowing for sure."

Iyer is a registered nurse. It is her moral responsibility as well as her job to care for her patient, not stay silent while a patient is being mistreated. Courageously, she has stepped forward with serious allegations that the court should know about and all proper authorities need to get off their political backsides and step in NOW before Terri dies.

Cover up?

One allegation that should have been investigated by the district attorney a long time ago (*it's not too late), and I encourage you to not only read this explosive investigation and allegations of medicare fraud against Judge George Greer, but contact Governor Jeb Bush and members of the Florida State Legislature to immediately open an investigation:

Exclusive: Schiavogate---The Big Cover-up

By June Maxam and Ginger Berlin
� The Empire Journal

"People may die during the course of abuse investigations and the investigation may become moot."

"Apparently that's what Florida's Sixth Circuit Court George Greer is hoping. Maybe even the judges in the 2nd District Court of Appeals at Lakeland have the same mindset.

"It appears that Greer has a vested interest in the death of Terri Schindler-Schiavo. Her death may make moot the warranted and overdue investigations of Greer's own complicity in the case---alleged violations of guardianship laws and well as the alleged cover-up of criminal wrongdoing in the matter---an obstruction of justice---a prosecutable offense for which culpability will only increase with judicial homicide."

In the meantime, to those doctors and nurses at Woodside Hospice I ask you: Would you stand around and allow a patient to be strangled just because a judge ordered it? Give this disabled woman food and water and then get on down to the appellate court and demand your voices be heard. What is more important - Terri's life or a paycheck?

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Many doctors have given their qualified medical opinion on Terri's condition. Those doctors with credentials that would pass muster with any jury or body of peers, who adamantly maintain that Terri can be rehabilitated as a disabled person, have all been disregarded by every judge.