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By Devvy Kidd
February 15, 2003

Counterfeit U.S. Senator Robert Byrd gave a speech February 12, 2003 on the Senate floor titled ‘We Stand Passively Mute.' This speech apparently caught the eye of many, who loaded up my mail box with it along with lots of hurrahs. Well, I'm not impressed. You see, I know Robert Byrd and I know him by his actions over the years. I can spot propaganda when I read it.

While I am vehemently against this unconstitutional war with Iraq and have written several pieces on it already, what I see in Byrd's speech is an appeal to the ‘right' that is laced with the constant use of certain words and phrases that are deliberately designed to get people to accept certain doctrine and ideology.

No discussion on the senate floor

Bryd makes this statement: "Yet, this Chamber is, for the most part, silent -- ominously, dreadfully silent. There is no debate, no discussion, no attempt to lay out for the nation the pros and cons of this particular war. There is nothing."

This isn't true. As someone who works at home, I have the advantage of being able to keep C-SPAN and C-SPAN-2 on the stupid tube while I work. There have been discussions from these gas bags in the Senate about this illegal move Bush is about to make. But, who is letting Bush get away with it? Congress, which includes the counterfeit Senate.

As so many of us have pointed out already, only Congress can formally declare war. They have not and they will not. They're going to sit back and let Bush proceed with knocking off nation after nation for the new world order. I think it has been pretty well established that Congress has given their full consent to step aside and assume a worthless and useless role:

CFR point dog in the House, Rep. Henry Hyde, [R-Il] stated that declaring war is anachronistic, it isn't done anymore...'

A darling of the deaf, dumb and blind socialists [liberals], Ranking Minority Member Tom Lantos, [D-Ca] called the declaration of war frivolous and mischievous.'

On January 7, 1999, former Clinton Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich said, "...when the president decides to go to war, he no longer needs a declaration of war from Congress."

Bryd's complaining about Bush's actions is just more bluster. Congress has the authority to begin impeachment proceedings against Mr. Bush for usurping the mandated responsibility for Congress and only Congress to declare war.

They won't because it's not in the game plan. As I pointed out in an earlier piece published on

back in 1992, counterfeit U.S. Senator Joe Biden spoke on the Senate floor, laying out the plan for how America would lead the way in establishing a one-world government. Biden, a major player in the Senate, stated that it is the intention of this government, aided and abetted by his colleagues in Congress, to represent to the world that We the People of this sovereign Republic, somehow give our consent for an ‘American agenda for a new world order.'

Bryd supports one world government

While Byrd laments that this administration is about to embark upon a dangerous course of preemptive invasion, which I fully concur is madness, Byrd neglects to mention that Bush is hiding behind the United Communist Nations Resolution 1441. Why? Listen to his words from his speech:

"...the idea that the United States or any other nation can legitimately attack a nation that is not imminently threatening but may be threatening in the future -- is a radical new twist on the traditional idea of self defense. It appears to be in contravention of international law and the UN Charter."

One cannot uphold their oath to our Constitution and support international law or the UN dictating to our government. The UN Charter is a document created by lackeys for a one-world government. One of the two prominent authors of the UN Charter was Alger Hiss, was a convicted spy.

These are words from Byrd's own official web site:

"Senator Byrd talks with Senator Carl Levin and Senator Ted Kennedy before a recent Armed Services Committee hearing. The three senior Democrats believe that the U.S. should have U.N. support before launching military strikes in Iraq."

At the risk of repeating myself: The UN is a private organization, not a country. When America unlawfully committed to a treaty with this private communist club, a new era began to systematically destroy this Republic. Bryd isn't stupid, but he thinks you are.

Byrd goes to the heart of the matter

"What could be more destabilizing and unwise than this type of uncertainty, particularly in a world where globalism has tied the vital economic and security interests of many nations so closely together?"

Our biggest spender in the Senate gets right to the heart of the matter: money. When the global economy goes down the rat hole, so, too, will we. Mr. Clinton was fond of saying that America was ‘interdependent' on the global economy. One only has to look around our nation today to see the carnage of such stupidity.

Byrd goes on to lament:

"...this Administration, now in power for a little over two years, must be judged on its record. I believe that that record is dismal.

"In that scant two years, this Administration has squandered a large projected surplus of some $5.6 trillion over the next decade and taken us to projected deficits as far as the eye can see. This Administration's domestic policy has put many of our states in dire financial condition, under funding scores of essential programs for our people. This Administration has fostered policies which have slowed economic growth. This Administration has ignored urgent matters such as the crisis in health care for our elderly."

This is politics, pure and simple. Robert Bryd, after 45 years on the public payroll, is a master of this kind of rhetoric. This guy has never seen a welfare gig or unconstitutional program he wouldn't fund with the sweat off your back.

Old Bob goes on to say: "This Administration has been reluctant to better protect our long and porous borders."

That one is truly laughable. I don't see where Bryd's former boss hog, Billy Clinton, lifted a finger to seal our borders. Neither did Congress as a whole - of which Bryd unlawfully is a member. Congress has sat back and allowed this massive invasion to go unchecked, further endangering our people and our national security.

Byrd returns to foreign policy with this:

"This Administration has split traditional alliances, possibly crippling, for all time, International order-keeping entities like the United Nations and NATO. This Administration has called into question the traditional worldwide perception of the United States as well intentioned, peacekeeper."

Bryd refers to the the United Communist Nations as an "international order-keeping entity." He then ties us into this lunacy with "perception of the United States as well intentioned, peacekeeper."

"International order-keeping" is just that. Ordering of the nations for a one world totalitarian government.

Just where does it say anywhere in our supreme law of the land, the U.S. Constitution, that the united States of America is mandated to keep international order as peacekeepers or anything else?

Our right to declare war wasn't to prey on other nations, no matter how many lies are manufactured to justify it. Our right to declare war is supposed to be used to retaliate against any nation stupid enough to attack our land. That's why our depleted military resources should be brought home and not deployed in 120 countries through the world, expected to fight two new world 'ordering' wars at a time.

The danger in Byrd's diatribe is the constant tying of American foreign policy to the UN. By doing this, the reader is conditioned to accept that somehow, America being tied to this private organization is perfectly acceptable and good for America.

Every TV pundit and politician constantly chants the UN this and that, with America in a subservient role to that private entity as if it's some sort of mother country. It's not. It's an evil and unholy alliance that must be broken. This will not happen until the vote fraud in this country is wiped out and enough constitutionalists are elected who will sever our ties to the UN by an act of Congress.

Byrd and your money

Byrd's passion for conducting spending orgies isn't just confined to U.S. soil. Read his words from this highly touted speech:

"We may have massive military might, but we cannot fight a global war on terrorism alone. We need the cooperation and friendship of our time-honored allies as well as the newer found friends whom we can attract with our wealth."

In other words, we won't have any friends, old or new, unless we can attract them by buying them off, via unconstitutionally looting the public treasury. These aren't our friends. It's extortion that has come to bite us in the you-know-what time and time again. The only ones who benefit are the global masters at the top of the heap calling the shots.

Back in 1969, Ezra Taft Benson, former Secretary of Agriculture said in his outstanding book, An Enemy Hath Done This, pg 155:

"Already, I can hear the chorus chanting "Isolationism, isolationism, he's turning back the clock to isolationism." How many use that word without having the slightest idea of what it really means! The so-called isolationism of the United States in past decades is a pure myth.

"What is isolationism? Long before the current trend of revoking our Declaration of Independence under the guise of international cooperation, American influence and trade was felt in every region of the globe. Individuals and private groups spread knowledge, business, prosperity, religion, good will and, above all, respect throughout every foreign continent. It was not necessary then for America to give up her independence to have contact and influence with other countries. It is not necessary now.

"Yet, many Americans have been led to believe that our country is so strong that it can defend, feed and subsidize half the world, while at the same time believing that we are weak and "interdependent" that we cannot survive without pooling our resources and sovereignty with those we subsidize. If wanting no part of this kind of "logic" is isolationism, then it's time we brought it back into vogue."

Robert Bryd is first and foremost a free-spending socialist. He's been on the public dole almost as long as I've been alive. While he speaks out of one side of his mouth, appealing to those who cherish our constitution, he pays little attention to it the other 99.99% of the time.

The clear message in his speech is that the United Communist Nations and these united States of America are bound by some sort of common goal. Balderdash! The UN is as ungodly an organization that exists on this earth. It is exactly this kind of doublespeak that builds a "consensus" that is so dangerous to a free people.

Bryd is a master in the art of propaganda. If he's so concerned about Bush proceeding unlawfully with an undeclared war, then he should be giving a speech on impeachment, not buying new "friends" by raiding the public treasury.

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