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By: Devvy

November15, 2004

For three plus years, families of those murdered on September 11, 2001, and survivors of that horrible day have been raising legitimate, valid questions about what really happened. They have done so, along with more and more Americans, because there are unanswered questions that have been met with silence and stonewalling. Because upon closer scrutiny, there are more holes in the official version than a mountain range of Swiss cheese. Yet, other Americans, primarily those who describe themselves as Christian conservatives, call anyone who raises questions about 9-11 traitors, wackos, off the wall and so forth.

These are people who haven't looked into the matter any deeper than what they saw on the news that day. These are people who listen to popular "conservative" pundits on TV and radio who tell their listeners and viewers not to pay any attention to all these wackos. People who have family serving in the military who are deployed in the Middle East and are terrified that this whole "war on terrorism" just might have been built on a mountain of lies, an unbearable thing to contemplate.

My last column on Christmas for our troops brought a half dozen pieces of hate mail because I stated my opposition to the unconstitutional invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. One man said, "You are DISGUSTING.......REAL AMERICANS will support our troops AND their Pres." I guess he was implying that I'm a fake American. Spoken like a true slave. Another lady wrote, "My son is being deployed to Baghdad December 21st. He and 41 other brave men from his base VOLUNTEERED knowing they would miss Christmas with their families. My son will also be missing our granddaughters 4th birthday. This Thanksgiving we will be most thankful to the 59 million people in this great country who re-elected George Bush to a second term. While I will worry about our son and every other service person in harms way, I am relieved that the traitor J. Kerry will NOT be being sworn in in January."

Teddy Roosevelt, Twenty-sixth President of these united States of America said this: "Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does NOT mean to stand by the President or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country."

Blind loyalty is a very dangerous path to follow. Who knows who actually won the election earlier this month? The vote fraud is massive. There are some incredibly dedicated people out there compiling the evidence and perhaps a year down the road, we'll get a good accounting. I have never supported John Kerry nor did I vote for Bush; I voted for Michael Peroutka. I have never once said I don't support our troops. What I have said is that what Bush is doing is an unconstitutional use of our military. His phony 'nation building' will never bring "democracy to Iraq," even if that were a desirable form of government, which it is not.

Nation building is and always has been a loser. Over the past decade, Clinton and Bush have unconstitutionally deployed our military and unconstitutionally spent hundreds of billions of borrowed dollars for "nation building." Every single one of these forays, driven by lust for power and to cement a one world order, has met with dismal failure. There has been no stable self-sustaining nations come out of Bosnia, Somalia, Kosovo, Haiti, Afghanistan or Iraq and there never will be. Right now over in Iraq, the cry is the same old one, "Yankee go home."

My heart bleeds for all these families who have sons, husbands, brothers and sisters serving in the Middle East. More than a thousand of our own have died, close to 10,000 seriously wounded. It is now estimated that we have killed 100,000 people in Iraq, mostly civilians including women and children. We are dropping bombs with depleted uranium and if people don't know the consequences of this, I respectfully recommend they get the truth. The bottom line is that this "war on terrorism" is a direct result of September 11, 2001 and justification for Bush's unconstitutional invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. That's what scares the hell out of the Bush faithful: the possibility they've been had and "My, God, what have we done?"

The New Pearl Harbor

I have finished reading The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 (200 pgs) by Professor David Ray Griffin. This book is quite different than Crossing the Rubicon (657 pgs). On page 15 of Crossing, author Michael Ruppert comes right now with this statement: "...the evidence will inexorably prove our case: that the United States government not only had complete foreknowledge of the attacks on September 11th, it also needed them and deliberately facilitated them, and even helped plan and execute them using techniques long understood in the world of covert operations." This is a very strong statement and before one writes it off as looney conspiracy stuff, they should read this book backed up with 900 foot note sources.

As for The New Pearl Harbor, the author himself says in the introduction that until spring of 2003, he "...had not looked at any of the evidence. I was vaguely aware that there were people, at least on the Internet, who were offering evidence against the official account of 9/11 and were suggesting a revisionist account...I did not take the time to find their web sites...I had been studying the history of AMerican expansionism and imperialism quite intensely since 9/11, so I knew that the U.S. government has fabricated "incidents" as an excuse to go to war several times before. Nevertheless, although the thought did cross my mind that 9/11 might likewise have been arranged, I did not take this possibility seriously. It seemed to me simply beyond belief that the Bush administration - even the Bush - administration - would not do such a heinous thing."

By the end of the book, you will see that Professor Griffin's own research led him to have a completely different take on 9/11 with many unanswered questions because the official story and evidence that has been gathered doesn't wash. This man is highly educated and the facts as we know them, along with the physical evidence available, have convinced Griffin that things did not happen the way they have been sold to the American people. He doesn't accuse anyone of anything, but does come to some conclusions that most Americans don't want to hear. He brings the reader the facts and at the end, they will have just as many questions as he does about what really happened.

Griffin has been Professor of Philosophy of Religion at the Claremont School of Theology in California for over 30 years and has authored more than 20 books. Sounds like a real wacko to me. While Crossing the Rubicon painstakingly brings the reader from the genesis of "peak oil" through 9/11 with precision, Professor Griffin approaches that day in a slightly different manner. In razor sharp style, Griffin brings into focus why a real independent investigation must be undertaken. He brings out even more questions about the official account in a very balanced, intelligent, comprehensive manner - including why Rudy Guiliani should questioned under oath about the events leading up to and including that day.

For those about to launch more hate mail excoriating me for bringing up this subject, I would ask these angry GOP Bush faithful to ask themselves how come five of the 19 so-called hijackers have been proven to be alive and wondering why their names and faces are on the FBI list of dead terrorists? How could the FAA, NORAD, the CIA and FBI all be so incredibly incompetent - all at the same time? There is no proof a commercial airliner hit the Pentagon. More than likely it was a military plane, a "friendly," which is why the Pentagon's sophisticated missile defense system didn't fire at the incoming plane. If Flight 77 didn't hit the Pentagon, where are the passengers? Based on the military exercises going on that day, many of us believe we know what happened, but only a truly independent investigation with a lot of high level government officials put under oath, including Bush, is going to give us the answers.

There is one thing we all can do. Thankfully, John Ashcroft is leaving. Bush intends to replace him with a new thug, Alberto Gonzales. Ashcroft has refused to release all the videos from the Pentagon "attack." I would like everyone to file a Freedom of Information Act with the Department of Justice asking for a copy of all their videos (click here). It's time we the people put some real pressure on the Justice Department. Instructions on how to file a FOIA is found here.

Tell the families of 9/11 to shut up and go away!

That was actually a demand shouted at me in an e-mail by some chowder head who crowed that Bush is the best president since Ronald Reagan! Where does Dunderhead get off demanding that these good, decent, Americans who have lost their loved ones shut up and go away? With all due respect to that e-mailer, he should read the research on my CD regarding KAL Flight 007 and then come back and tell me Ronald Reagan is a saint. He was a pretty good president, but the events following KAL 007 clearly show a cover up - a cover up that Reagan knowingly and willfully participated in. Here are a few of the family members this e-mailer wants to just shut up and go away who only want the truth:

Carol Ashley, mother of Janice Ashley, 25, Fred Alger Management, 93rd floor, WTC Tower One; Kristen Breitweiser, wife of Ronald Breitweiser, 39, Fiduciary Trust International, WTC Tower Two; Patty Casazza, wife of John F. Casazza, 38, Cantor Fitzgerald, 104th floor, WTC Tower One; Beverly Eckert, wife of Sean Rooney Aon, WTC Tower Two; Mary Fetchet, mother of Bradley James Fetchet, 24, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, 89th floor, WTC Tower Two; Monica Gabrielle , wife of Richard Gabrielle Aon, 33; WTC Tower Two;

Bill Harvey, husband of Sara Manley Harvey, 31, Fred Alger Management, 93rd floor, WTC Tower One; Mindy Kleinberg, wife of Alan Kleinberg, 39, Cantor Fitzgerald, 104th floor, WTC Tower One; Carie Lemack, daughter of Judy Larocque, Market Perspectives; passenger, American Airlines Flight 11; Sally Regenhard, mother of Christian Michael Otto Regenhard, 28, Probationary Firefighter, L131, Red Hook, missing at WTC; Lorie Van Auken, wife of Kenneth Van Auken, 47, Cantor Fitzgerald, 105th floor, WTC Tower One; Robin Wiener, sister of Jeffrey Wiener, 33, Marsh Risk Technologies, 96th floor, WTC Tower One

For Shawn Hannity and other high paid media pundits who call the people above kooks, nuts, conspiracy theorists and unpatriotic for questioning the events of 9/11: who gives you the right to call those who have suffered and had their lives changed forever such things for asking serious questions because they haven't been given answers? Instead of flinging the old, worn out labels, why don't talk show hosts invite Professor Griffin, family members and other professionals with the experience and credentials who are questioning the collapse of the towers - why not have them on their shows and have a grown up dialogue?

Why don't all these high-paid GOP promoters have some of the eye witnesses on their programs who can give an accounting of why they believe Flight 93 was shot down? Professor Griffin gives a superior accounting of this aspect of 9/11 that can't be denied - except by those who can't handle the truth. I suppose my question is rhetorical: O'Reilly, Hannity and others wouldn't dare - not if they want to keep their multi-million dollar incomes from their books and radio/tv gigs.

For those who send me cranky, rude and often profanity laced e-mail calling me a traitor for writing about 9/11 - who are you to tell me I can't ask questions? What? The First Amendment only applies to those who are afraid of the truth? I darn straight guarantee you that if it had been Clinton in the White House on 9/11, the "conservatives" in this country would have gone bonkers looking under every column at Ground Zero and questioning the entire sequence of events. However, because it's Bush, who has sold conservatives a bill of goods with his God routine, how dare anyone question what our great leader does or says! What hypocrites.

What kind of Americans don't want the truth, no matter how painful? Have we become a nation of cowards? How can we be the home of the brave and the land of the free if our people are too afraid to question their government?

Is that what it's come down to in this country: question 9/11 and just because it's a Republican in the White House, you're suddenly a traitor? I would like some jackass to say that to my face.

I am becoming increasing ashamed of my fellow countrymen who practice cosmetic patriotism, spout all kinds of warm, fuzzy rhetoric, but when it comes down to finding out the truth and nothing but the truth, even if it is critical of their favorite president, the messenger is now evil. I challenge all these media pundits and those Americans who haven't looked past Dan Blather to read Crossing the Rubicon and The New Pearl Harbor. Then come back and tell me you don't have serious questions about the official fairy tale sold the American people about September 11, 2001.

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Blind loyalty is a very dangerous path to follow. Who knows who actually won the election earlier this month? The vote fraud is massive. There are some incredibly dedicated people out there compiling the evidence and perhaps a year down the road, we'll get a good accounting.