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By: Devvy
January 2, 2017

Like millions of Americans, I was and am still against the worthless Department of Fatherland aka Homeland Security. Too much power consolidated in one place, the bigger the more corruption and rot and that's just what's been happening with DHS over the years.

We have been invaded and continue to be invaded no different than if it were foreign troops. Illegal aliens from all over the world continue to flood across our southern border while the gutless cowards in Congress have done virtually nothing for decades.

Instead of a legitimate president calling up U.S. troops and putting them all across the four border states, the criminal impostor squatting in the White House has made sure the border stays porous while Americans continue to be murdered, raped or robbed by criminal illegals.

"The murder of fewer than 20 Americans at Columbus caused President Woodrow Wilson to call out the entire U.S. Army and the entire National Guard. To put that in perspective, President Wilson put more National Guardsmen along the US / Mexico border than we have troops of every type in Iraq today. He then backed them up with the entire U.S. Army."

Mexican man charged with rape in Kansas had 19 deportations, removals from U.S., December 30, 2016

"A Mexican man accused of raping a 13-year-old girl on a Greyhound bus that traveled through Kansas had been deported 10 times and voluntarily removed from the U.S. another nine times since 2003, records obtained by The Associated Press show.

"Three U.S. Republican senators — including Kansas' Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts — demanded this month that the Department of Homeland Security provide immigration records for 38-year-old Tomas Martinez-Maldonado, who is charged with a felony in the alleged Sept. 27 attack aboard a bus in Geary County. He is being held in the Geary County jail in Junction City, which is about 120 miles west of Kansas City."

Really? Grassley and Roberts were both in the Senate when Republicans controlled both the House, Senate and Bush, Jr., was in the White House. They did NOTHING to lock down that southern border and now they've got their kickers in a twist because a 13-year old child was raped by yet another filthy pig illegal alien. Too little too late for that little girl.

Jeh Johnson, the latest pimp to head DHS is just as rotten and corrupt as his boss, Barry Soetoro aka Obama. Thankfully his anti-America backside will soon be gone. THIS is his legacy along with Obama and the U.S. Congress: 39,456 Americans were murdered by illegal aliens in 2016. Illegal aliens have murdered more than 67,092 people inside the USA since 9/11. 94% of the same incumbents reelected in November will shortly be sworn back into office. The same 94% who have allowed this to continue along with activist judges allowed to remain on the bench.

While Texas' governors and our state legislature have allocated more millions and millions in an effort to stop the invasion at our southern border, the hordes just keep coming. They come, they disappear into big cities and continue stealing jobs that belong to Americans, our resources and clog our courts with tricks designed to keep them illegally in OUR country. And they kill and rape our fellow country men and women.

Despite the best efforts of Dr. Edwin Vieira, yours truly and really a small number of those who get it, efforts to reconstitute the constitutional militia in our states to plug the holes in border enforcement has gone no where. Just like Congress, the same gutless cowards keep getting reelected to the state capitols who do nothing but put more Band Aids on a patient hemorrhaging to death on the operating table.

Mexican pirates vs. constitutional militia, May 24, 2010

The violence has increased since I wrote the column above. As if that weren't bad enough, hundreds of employees of DHS have turned into criminals selling us out:

The Enemy Within: Bribes Bore a Hole in the U.S. Border

"It was not an isolated case. A review by The New York Times of thousands of court records and internal agency documents showed that over the last 10 years almost 200 employees and contract workers of the Department of Homeland Security have taken nearly $15 million in bribes while being paid to protect the nation's borders and enforce immigration laws.

"These employees have looked the other way as tons of drugs and thousands of undocumented immigrants were smuggled into the United States, the records show. They have illegally sold green cards and other immigration documents, have entered law enforcement databases and given sensitive information to drug cartels.

"In one case, the information was used to arrange the attempted murder of an informant. The Times’s findings most likely undercount the amount of bribes because in many cases court records do not give a tally. The findings also do not include gifts, trips or money stolen by Homeland Security employees."

Every once in a while the 'all the news that's fit to fake', NY Times actually does a public service and the column above certainly does that by exposing the level of corruption inside DHS.

Supposedly, new safeguards have been put in place: screening for new applicants seeking a job have to pass a polygraph and get more training along with much needed more internal affairs investigators. It's really not that difficult to spot a rotten apple who takes out a $40,000 boat on the lake while making $45,000 a year in salary unless they inherited money from a deceased family member, won the Lotto or come from money.

Going back to the article above:

“Corrupt C.B.P. law enforcement personnel pose a national security threat,” a Department of Homeland Security report released in May concluded. The report also revealed numerous problems with efforts to root out corruption among Border Patrol and customs agents. The report said the “true levels of corruption within C.B.P. are not known. ”

"Convicted former border and immigration agents give different reasons for taking bribes, from financial troubles to drug use. But for many, it was simple greed...

"But the issue of bribery extends well beyond front-line agents at the border. Department of Homeland Security employees who enforce immigration and customs laws and provide citizenship benefits and aviation security have also been arrested or indicted on and convicted of charges of taking bribes.

"Last month, Daniel Espejo Amos, a former immigration service officer at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in Los Angeles, pleaded guilty to taking $53,000 in bribes from immigration lawyers on behalf of 60 immigrants who were not eligible to become naturalized citizens of the United States. Mr. Amos certified that the immigrants met the requirements for citizenship, even though one person's English-language skills were so poor that copies of test answers were given to him so he could memorize them for a naturalization interview.

"Transportation security officers and screeners with access to secure areas of airports that could be used to smuggle weapons and even carry bombs onto planes have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes as well, records show."

The U.S. Congress spends a massive amount of time on legislation and spending for unconstitutional cabinets like the Federal Department of Education, the EPA and dozens and dozens of agencies. Their attention should be focused on one of the most serious issues for America: Border enforcement and providing the necessary funds for areas like Inspector General's and their staffs to go after the maggots who sell us out by taking bribes from illegals, drug cartels or corrupt immigration attorneys who care nothing for our laws or our security.

Instead of wasting $66 BILLION BORROWED dollars last year on the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education, that money would have gone a long way in fighting the illegals invasion and rooting out corrupt employees in DHS, including sadly, a small number in the U.S. Border Patrol who really do a great job despite being hamstrung by Jeh Johnson and the dirty traitor currently sitting in the White House.

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'Cleaning the swamp' is going to require a lot more than people realize if we're ever going to reduce the size of the out-of-control U.S. government and return to a limited form of republican government for all Americans.

That will only happen if we the people make the commitment to devote our time and resources aside from work and family obligations and go after the same incumbents returning next month to Congress and demand the job done. Trump can't do it alone.

Link: Has DHS Opened Your Mail Yet? They Did Mine -That would be me

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Instead of a legitimate president calling up U.S. troops and putting them all across the four border states, the criminal impostor squatting in the White House has made sure the border stays porous while Americans continue to be murdered, raped or robbed by criminal illegals.