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By: Devvy
December 5, 2016

"The measure of the wealth of a nation is indicated by the measure of its protection of its industry; the measure of the poverty of a nation is marked by the degree in which it neglects and abandons the care of its own industry, leaving it exposed to the action of foreign powers." Congressman Henry Clay, 1824

Last week there was great rejoicing as Trump and Pence brokered a deal with Carrier to keep 800 jobs in the US instead of shipping them to Mexico. However, it's more complicated than some realize and the number smaller than what's been bandied about. Hundreds could still lose jobs at Carrier's Indianapolis plant, despite Trump deal: "Whatever deal Trump struck with Carrier does not appear to have salvaged jobs at a separate branch of United Technologies in Huntington, Ind., that makes microprocessor-based controls for the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration industries. That branch will move manufacturing operations to a new plant in Mexico, costing the city 700 jobs by 2018."

The wonderful concept of "free" trade so revered by globalists and many libertarians has all but destroyed our most important job sectors: manufacturing, industrial and agriculture. NAFTA, GATT and all the other "free" trade agreements and treaties have gutted what made America the most prosperous nation on earth. I know time is in short supply, but please bookmark and read this column I wrote in January 2014. Very critical we try to educate our fellow Americans about how America built a nation like no other and her industries while protecting them.

Libertarians and globalists use words like isolationism and protectionism as if it's some sort of disease. One of the most important books I've ever read referenced in my column above is: America's Projectionist Takeoff 1815- 1914: The Neglected American School of Political Economy by Michael Hudson. If you read the comments on Amazon you'll understand why this book is so important in understanding this issue.

Going hand in hand with the issue of treaties is the equally important trade deficit:

From Todd Lipscomb, Founder of

"Our nation is arcing towards decline on several fronts involving deficits. Large deficit spending by the government that involves either printing money or borrowing abroad cannot be sustained. However, just as vital is the drain our trade deficit puts on the economy. Both are more intertwined than many realize. Simply put, the less we make in our nation, the more the government must borrow to try to sustain spending. The trade deficit leads to national insolvency.

"Yet, the opposite is true, too: the MORE we make in our nation, the less the government has to borrow. When we buy more of what our people make, we put them to work without the government needing to spend on a stimulus plan. Those folks get off of welfare (less government spending), start paying taxes (reducing the budget deficit) and have the opportunity to at least have a shot at what it is supposed to mean to be American.

"Even a small move would make a tremendous difference. If, for instance, 10% of our people would shift one or two purchases a month to Made in USA, it would create hundreds of thousands of jobs! However, if we took it to the next level, we would really heal this great nation and stop the decline!"

"Todd also wrote this absolute truth two months ago: Federal Debt and Trade Deficit are Intertwined

"As the battle over the Washington's budget deficit heats up again, it is timely to point out that even a partial solution to the trade deficit would be a huge source of government revenue without raising taxes. Presently, the billions of dollars that leave our economy daily mean not only fewer jobs at USA factories and their suppliers, but also much less tax revenue collected at every level of government.

"For example, if a factory that employs 10,000 Americans moves to Asia, we're not just putting Americans out of work. We're also losing all the taxes those employees would have paid, those the workers at their suppliers would have paid, and so on. That web of economic activity not only disappears, but so do the tax revenues that would have been collected!

"Thus, the more that is Made in USA, the more tax revenue the government collects. Indeed, the correlation between the rise of the budget deficit (excluding Social Security transfers) and the trade deficit since 1970 is very tight. We not only vote USA when we purchase Made in USA, we add tax revenue to the government without raising taxes!"

We can turn things around. The TPP is dead now that Donald Trump is president-elect. Despite the never-ending attacks on him, Trump is no dummy. He understands currency manipulation, trade and tariffs. But, Trump is going to have to go up against rotten globalists in the Senate like Mitch McConnell to get any treaty ratified. Not to mention slimy Paul Ryan in the House. Did it not make you want to vomit that Paul Ryan was once again made Speaker of the House last month? Same old sell outs reelected to CON-gress spit in our faces again.

That's where we come in. We the people. We MUST keep an eye on treaties Trump negotiates and make damn sure the globalists in the U.S. Senate hear our voices if they refuse to ratify any treaty that puts American workers first. That includes the damnable H1-B1 visas while Americans collect food stamps. Nintey-five million Americans out of work while the U.S. CON-gress continues to bring in tens of thousands of foreign workers for their billionaire buddies in the Silicon Valley and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's special interests. I say NO MORE.

Trump constantly refers to 'we' in his speeches and rallies unlike the criminal impostor in the White House who loves no one but himself. Obama/Soetoro's speeches are all about him. Trump has said he needs our help and he does. While he plows along we the people can help create millions of jobs for OUR fellow country men and women.

Yes, once again I am talking about the Christmas season and really, everyday of the year. Christmas shopping went into full gear the day after Thanksgiving. Sadly, as usual, I saw media clips of hundreds of shoppers lined up before the sun came up trying to get 'good deals' on crappy foreign junk in electronic stores.

Once again I ask: Please make Made in USA your commitment this Christmas. Click on the book.

Things are awfully tough for tens of millions of Americans. May I suggest these as great gifts that keeps the money and jobs here in America - especially at the local level where you live?

Years ago my niece, her husband and two children lived in Las Vegas. I gave them a one year family membership gift to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. It was very inexpensive and a gift that gave all year that took one phone call. That museum like others all over this country have special presentations, programs, field trips and many other activities all year long. Instead of some cheap piece of plastic crap from COMMUNIST China, Christa and her family went to dozens of weekend programs and activities for a year building memories and educating her two children; ages 6 & 8 at the time. A great Christmas present for the grand kids!

Perhaps a family member is out of work or struggling with two jobs. How about a gift certificate at their local Jiffy-Lube or equivalent? It's always very important to keep our vehicles serviced so they last longer. You'd be surprised how grateful someone will be to receive such a thoughtful gift. You can do this with any number of businesses in the form of a gift certificate or perhaps a pre-paid phone card that won't come across as charity but rather as caring.

(And, speaking of charity - although I like to refer to it as simply giving, most energy companies have a program where when you pay your electricity bill each month there's a box at the top of the bill where you can donate $1, $3 or $5 to help someone in your community that lives at the poverty level pay their electric bill. Just add the $1, $3 or $5 to your check after you check the box and that's all it takes to help people in your community who need it. There but for the Grace of God that could be me - hopefully there's someone who cares and simply wants to help without any fanfare.)

Remember: If we all make the commitment to buy just 5% more Made in America products we CAN create one million jobs for OUR people. Please see the One Million Jobs Project. Yes, I do purchase a few products made outside the US. I buy 'fair trade' soap for the shower and two make up foundation items from Trilogy in New Zealand. A minescule percentage of my yearly spending. I have never been against fair trade.

Don't listen to the propaganda by the disgraced 'mainstream' media, in this case USA Today: Unwinding NAFTA unrealistic, unlikely to restore jobs. Bull. Remember America BEFORE NAFTA and how our factories hummed and Americans were employed. After the poisonous GATT/WTO major industries like steel disappeared. Well, by God, we CAN turn it around if we support American workers and demand made in America products.

There is one other job sector that I want to highlight here and that's customer service reps in foreign countries. I absolutely will NOT speak with a foreigner in New Delhi, India, the Philipines or any other country when I need a service rep for a product or service.

Recently I had to deal with one regarding one of my energy accounts. The rep who came on the line could barely speak English. I politely ask: Are you located in the US? Response, no I'm in Mexico. I said I want to speak with a U.S. representative, give me a supervisor. Long story short, if I dialed (and went through the endless press this button, then next one and the next one) the number 4 times I would get a U.S. rep 25% of the time. So, that's what I did. Yeah, it was a drag but my perseverance helps keep that service rep lady's job in Houston, Texas, instead of someone in Mexico.

That's not the first time. Once I had to deal with Dell and sure as the sun shines the person answering my call was in New Delhi, India. After politely making my request I was transferred to a U.S. operator here in Texas. I do not want any of my personal information or my business being sold on the black market in some foreign country. I want to do my part in keeping Americans employed. I hope you'll do the same. In 2014 companies began bringing back their call centers from overseas. Five million Americans are employed in that industry. We can increase those numbers by simply resisting as I do.

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If you can't find what you want at a store tell them you'll find it on line and that you want Made in USA. If you'll notice many TV commercials these days show a little Made In USA box to let people know. Retailers are getting the message. Since NAFTA was signed by Billy Clinton 20 years ago I always tell a clerk or store manager when they ask if I found what I needed if I did or not. If I didn't find what I needed I tell them: I do not want foreign junk. I want Made in America or I go without. Or, I will get it on line, but you can keep the crap from COMMUNIST China or COMMUNIST Viet Nam.

Here is the master list of Made in America on my web site

Made in USA

It's back! The U.S.-made rubber ducky - Yeah! A very popular bath toy for the kiddies.

If you can't find what you need on those two sites, use a search engine and type in: rubber rain boots or soaps made in America or USA and see what comes up. You'd be surprised how many small to medium businesses out there still make fine quality products here in America.


1 - Donald Trump denounces globalism: 'We pledge allegiance to one flag -- the American flag'
2 - Heritage Foundation Drafted NAFTA, President Trump Can Scrap It

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The wonderful concept of "free" trade so revered by globalists and many libertarians has all but destroyed our most important job sectors: manufacturing, industrial and agriculture.