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By: Devvy
November 24, 2016

First, I hope my readers are having a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving. I'm thankful I am able to be with some of my family in Northern California mixed in with two stories I'm looking at for columns. My mom is 89 years old and getting up there. Every day I can spend with her now is a gift for which I am very thankful.

We the people haven't had much to celebrate this past year watching our country continue sliding into tyranny. However, those of us who voted for Donald Trump across this land sent career criminal, Hillary Clinton, packing. We the people also sent the strongest message to the cowards and crooks in the U.S. Congress. We also killed the dangerous Trans Pacific Partnership - another 'free' trade treaty that would have finished off our sovereignty and more jobs. But, all that is for future columns.

Today I am also thankful for the good done by people not just here in the U.S., but in joint efforts like this first story. Every morning the first web site I click on is Each time you click the link on the front page it provides a small portion of food for dogs, cats and projects for critters around the world.

Earlier this year they highlighted a massive project that needed donations. It was way cool! The largest ever rescue and transfer of thirty-three lions rescued from circuses in Peru and Columbia and re-located to South Africa. My, God, the torture they endured is beyond cruel. Their captors starved them, broke their teeth and took out their claws. Some of them had never stepped on grass in their lifetime.

Moving that many lions at once was a breath taking mission and it cost a lot of money. But, the folks heading this up, Animal Defenders International (ADI), came up with a creative way to raise funds. They needed several hundred thousand dollars for the plane and all that goes with it. So, if you donated $7.00 it covered x number of miles for the plane. Now, that's a great way to raise the money so that even someone living on a fixed income like me could donate. I did several $7.00 increments.

Some might think this is nothing considering the massive problems we have in this country, but that's how magnificent animals like lions and elephants become extinct. This is a wonderful story. I hope you'll take the time to click here and look at those beautiful lions and part of the flight preparations. For me, it was heart warming. Look at their faces. The one lion smelling flowers. Probably the first time in his life. Dedicated folks who were determined to rescue them and now all 33 will live out their lives in a sanctuary.

My second story is also one of giving - for a sister and brother. Tens of thousands of innocent children are stuck in foster homes, separated from parents unfit to care for them. The lucky ones are placed with decent Americans who open their hearts to help innocent children either abused by their parent(s) or are in a dangerous home; domestic abuse, drunks and the dopers. Good people across this country volunteer their time and help raise resources to try and get as many children adopted out to good, responsible families as possible. Sadly, it's not enough.

One family decided to open their hearts to a little girl and then found out she had a brother. Mom and dad already had three teenage daughters. They not only adopted that sweet little girl but her brother, too. It takes great consideration for couples to adopt children who come from foster homes because those kids are often abused or traumatized by conditions in the home. It not only takes extra money to feed and clothe them, it takes a lot of love and patience. Not just from the adoptive parents but also their children who now have a new brother and sister.

In this case, it appears to be working out wonderfully. Here's the happy pictures of a new life for two innocent children and the family that's come to love them. God bless them.

I thank all the good people in the world and here in our own country who do good things everyday of the week without recognition. Some are random acts of kindness, some require a lot of planning and in the case of the Scudder family, a lifetime commitment.

As ugly as things are in this country it's uplifting to see good, positive things being done by our fellow Americans.

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It's good for the soul to see organizations like the ADI helping rescue God's magnificent creatures from barbarians only interested in their filthy lucre.

It helps to restore our faith in mankind in a world where mankind has lost it's humanity. Think Rwanda and the Middle East.

Each of us can, even in our own small way, make this world a better place and set an example for future generations.

And so I leave you with two of my top favorites I've collected over the years. If they don't make you smile, well gosh, you should! Here and a second one of the same girls here. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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I thank all the good people in the world and here in our own country who do good things everyday of the week without recognition. Some are random acts of kindness, some require a lot of planning and in the case of the Scudder family, a lifetime commitment.