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Vote Fraud: What They Aren't Telling You

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By: Devvy
October 24, 2016


Trump loyalists plan own exit poll amid claims of 'rigged' election

Major Election Fraud Alert – Is This How They Are Going To Steal The Election From Donald Trump?

How Hackers Can Sabotage 2016 Election Without Changing Any Ballots -"This is something you and I discussed more than a month ago, and even more recently, just the headlines this morning – the Homeland Security Secretary is urging states to get help. People in Pennsylvania have been alerted to possible attacks. There’s a report of a secret meeting between the FBI and the voting officials in Florida.

O’Keefe Undercover Video Reveals Dems Planning to Use Women as Secret Weapon Against Trump Fans

Cuban Community: Hillary ‘bruja mentirosa’ — ‘lying witch’

24 Percent of FL Clinton Supporters Would Consider Voting Trump to ‘Shake Up The Political System’

NY Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney: Hillary Clinton ‘Destroyed’ New York as Senator; Imagine What She’d Do to Country as President

[WATCH] Hidden Cam Catches New York Official Telling How They Cheat At Elections

James O’Keefe to Trump: ‘More Video Coming that HRC was personally involved in directing violence at rallies’

Double-voting – even triple-voting – found in US elections, September 12, 2016

Here's what voter fraud looks like in 23 states

Short clip: Watch as a voting machine is hacked: FOX: Diebold Electronic Vote Fraud Confirmed

More Illegal Voters Surface in Philly

Trump Calls For Election Observers As Border Patrol Agents Warn of Fraud

Proof: Thousands of GOP votes likely stolen in Pa.

CBS4 Investigation Reveals Another Dead Voter, Fraud Cases And Gaps, October 11, 2016. So who is the person registering and then voting using a dead person's name? Detectives should run fingerprints on the sign in sheet.

Hillary campaign staffer: Ripping up GOP voter forms 'fine'

Non-citizen voters in Virginia, October 7, 2016: "A study conducted by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) showed that in the key swing state of Virginia voter registration rolls have been tainted with the presence of at least 1000 non-citizens...The study surfaced in the wake of Andrew Spieles, a young Democrat admitting he registered 19 dead people in Harrisonburg, Virginia to vote.

"The eight county sample showed that 1,046 non-citizens managed to register to vote and, according to Adams, were only caught because they renewed their driver’s licenses and told the truth about their non-citizenship status."

WATCH – Police Raid Democrat ‘Voter Registration Operation – What They Found, WOW

Voter fraud 'much more widespread' than Virginia, Pennsylvania - Refusing to crack down

"Adams, a former U.S. Department of Justice lawyer who authored the book “Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department,” said states have plenty of tools they could use to purge their voter rolls of fraudulent voters, but they refuse to use those tools.

"One of the tools is the jury-duty process. Persons who register to vote get placed in the pool of jury duty applicants in most states, but it’s only when they get a notice calling them to serve on a jury that many will then admit they are not citizens. There are methods of cross-checking the jury duty rolls, as well as the driver’s license rolls.

“I wish Virginia was doing that,” Adams said. “The governor vetoed legislation last year that would have required it.”

And, who is Virginia's governor? Why long time bagman for Hillary Clinton, Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Trump New Voter Registration Soars: 2 Million Door Knocks in a Week and a Half, October 6, 2016

Rise of the Trumpocrats! Ex-Dems swarm to GOP nominee

Video One - A Warning to the people of this country: Mischaël Modrikamen is a Belgian lawyer and politician. He is the co-founder and leader of the People’s Party. He is the vice-président of the Alliance For Direct Democracy in Europe.

Two: Message to American voters from the citizens of Brussels. Filmed 11 days before the devastating Islamic State terrorist attacks in Brussels on March 22, 2016. WATCH.

Clinton Adviser: ‘Seems Odd’ To Put Tributes To ‘Four Guys’ In Benghazi Statement - How incredibly insulting to four Americans slaughtered in Benghazi because Clinton's State Department refused requests for more security more than 600 times.

Very important: Rigging the Election - Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

Alleged voter fraud in Tarrant County triggers investigation, the largest in Texas history, governor says, October 16, 2016

Prof. John Banzhaf: ‘We Are Heading into a Perfect Storm’ of Election Fraud

"Remember that Illinois and Arizona, their election systems were hacked. The FBI did an investigation, and one of the most astonishing things they found out is that this was not a bunch of master hackers. This was not a major foreign power with a lot of hacking ability. They were using common programs, which you or I could download from the Internet and do it. We have two professors who have just gone out and shown just how easy it is."

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Hillary Clinton’s Disclosure of Nuclear Response Times During Debate Was ‘Unconscionable’ - Hildebeast did it to impress the viewing audience making them think she's so smart and experienced.

Pat Caddell: ‘Polling Is All Over the Place… Shock Potential Is Enormous’

Trump announced during his Gettyburg address, October 22, 2016, after the election he intends to sue every one of those females who have made accusations against him and he would also litigate against the Democratic Party for paying agent provacaturs to start fistfights at his campaign rallies causing cops and civilians injuries, some quite serious. It's about damn time someone held those thugs accountable.

Woman Backtracks on Assault Claim After O’Keefe Video

"A woman who accused a Donald Trump supporter of punching her outside a Trump rally in North Carolina is backtracking after James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released video showing Democrat operatives claiming she was a trained activist.

"69-year-old Shirley Teter of Asheville now says it is possible that 73-year-old Richard L. Campbell merely touched her accidentally, as his attorney had claimed all along.
Video: Corey Booker: 'With Hillary Clinton, We Will Rise'

"Originally, Harris told local ABC News affiliate WLOS, “He stopped in his tracks, and he turned around and just cold-cocked me.” She also added a pointed, rhetorical question — namely, whether “people find a Trump supporter punching her in the face deplorable.”

If you don't know this true accounting of a historical event, you will find it very interesting. Not that it should happen again but vote fraud is nothing new. I encourage you to read the story:

The Battle of Athens 2 August 1946

"On 2 August 1946, some Americans, brutalized by their county government, used armed force to overturn it. These Americans wanted honest, open elections. For years they had asked for state or Federal election monitors to prevent vote fraud -- forged ballots, secret ballot counts, and intimidation by armed sheriff's deputies -- by the local political boss. They got no help.

"These Americans' absolute refusal to knuckle-under had been hardened by service in World War II. Having fought to free other countries from murderous regimes, they rejected vicious abuse by their county government. These Americans had a choice. Their state's Constitution - Article 1, Section 26 - recorded their right to keep and bear arms for the common defense. Few "gun control" laws had been enacted."

WATCH – Media Obsessed With Leaked Trump Audio but Ignore RACIST Bill Clinton Video

The last debate, Project Veritas and the crimes of the DNC

Klayman: Proof top Muslim aide and girlfriend Huma Abedin greases pay to play bribery schemes for Hillary Clinton!

Another jackass: Olbermann: Trump’s Wait-and-See Approach on Election Results ‘the Moral Equivalent of Treason’

Rasmussen Poll: Most Voters Say Clinton Should Have Been Indicted

Magic Bullet: Rush and Caller Reveal How ‘Clinton Cash’ Uranium Revelation Turns Democrats into Trump Voters

WikiLeaks: Bill Clinton’s Top Aide on Foundation Conflicts of Interests: I Could Name ‘500 Different Examples’

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We know Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, California and the City of Chicago are the proven worst with Texas now under scrutiny in certain areas for vote fraud. WE don't need some court's approval to prove human, electronic or ballot vote fraud.