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By: Devvy
October 17, 2016

Cable network anchors, pundits and so-called reporters continue to chant Donald Trump can't win the election without the women's vote. Really? Trump draws tens of thousands of supporters at every event across this country. Sometimes as many as 1,500 or more can't get in because the venue is full. Crooked Hillary has trouble filling a room which seats two hundred.

Has anyone taken a look at those Trump supporters? Are 25,000 of them at an event all white males? Hardly. In some pictures from his appearances it appears women out number men and they aren't all Lilly white, either.

Female voters for Clinton care nothing for the victims of illegal aliens or their grieving families. They care nothing for the slaughter of American citizens by illegals. Over 64,000 Americans have been killed or murdered by illegals since 9/11. In November 2015 an illegal from Mexico, described by his defense attorney as a drunk, broke into an apartment and raped a 6-year old little girl. He has been convicted and faces 50+ years in prison.

The Democratic/Communist Party USA is 1000% for illegal aliens aided and abetted by too many Republicans in Congress (Paul Ryan and Juan McCain to name two) and the criminal impostor in the White House. They don't give a damn how many Americans are victims of illegals:

Study Finds Nearly 70,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens Released Back Into the U.S.

“I think it's important for the public to understand that ICE is able to identify more criminal aliens than ever before and yet they're not allowed to uphold their sworn oath to uphold the laws because of the policies put in place by this administration to deliberately suppress immigration law enforcement,” Vaughan, a former foreign service officer with the State Department, told TheBlaze. “The result is that not only are illegal immigrants not being detoured from settling here but once they get here, even if they have shown that they're a threat to the public by committing crimes [the administration] ignores it and they are sent back into our communities.”

"One case highlighted by Vaughan referred to Amado Espinoza-Ramirez, an illegal alien living in Chicago who was charged with 42 counts of predatory sexual acts on children in 2012 yet was released from ICE’s custody shortly thereafter. Espinoza was mandated to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet yet somehow removed the device, disappeared and failed to show up at his hearing, the Daily Caller reported. ICE said the decision to release Espinoza-Ramirez from custody “was made based on the fact that he had no prior criminal convictions, no prior immigration violations, and is the parent of a U.S. citizen child.”

Think it can't happen to you, your son (yes, boys have been raped by illegals in this country) or your daughter? Or your grandmother or mother? Yes, illegals in this country have raped women in their 80s. Hillary Clinton got caught writing in email leaked by Wikileaks she wants open borders. That vagina you want to put in the White House wants to continue flooding this country with the dregs of the earth endangering all of us.

God forbid your family is wiped out by a drunk illegal driving in your area or your child (or you) is raped by an illegal. Then don't cry, "How could this happen?" Every president and Congress, both parties, since Ronald Reagan opened the flood gates in 1986 has allowed this massive invasion to continue. A vote for Hillary Clinton will make sure it continues. If you actually believe Hillary cares about you or your family you are either in denial or know nothing about who that witch really is.

Muslims should never have been allowed into this country. They use their fake religion which in reality is a political party to run rough shod over OUR Constitution as they work towards making toxic 'Sharia Law' the law of OUR land. I covered this thoroughly in my book as well as the illegals invasion. Some of it will make you sick to your soul.

Muslims are taught to lie from an early age. Deceit is their specialty. Violence and hatred their dogma. Have female Clinton voters forgotten about San Bernadino and Orlando? In November 2014, a Muslim named Nolen went to his workplace in Moore, Oklahoma, stabbed Traci Johnson, 43, several times and then cut off Colleen Hufford's head; she was 54. That murdering piece of crap was trying to convert other workers to Islam. When that didn't work, he resorted to the usual by Muslims: sickening violence.

This country has been flooded with Muslims and Muslim refugees for years under the Muslim in the White House and with the full support of Hillary Clinton. We have no idea who these people are or even where they really come from. Vetting? That's BS. The murdering couple in San Bernadino is a prime example of the failure of our so-called vetting system and coddling Muslims.

Think next time it won't be you or someone you love who is beheaded, raped or blown up by one of those Muslim zealots? Think again. Another 9/11 is coming but in the meantime we will see more slaughter on a 'smaller' scale (one dead American is too many). If your family is a victim of a Muslim zealot, don't cry, "How could this happen?" Well, we've been invaded by Muslims for years while Americans have been too afraid of speaking out because they might be slapped with some label.

Hillary Clinton wants to increase the number of Syrian and other Muslim refugees coming here by 550% sucking down tens of millions in welfare - ALL borrowed debt slapped on our backs, our children and grand children. Thousands and thousands more infiltrated by jihadists who want your head or want to blow up your loved ones because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton Says Vetting Refugees Is Impossible

Hillary Clinton is directly responsible for the death of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty. Ten other Americans were injured in the attack in Benghazi, Libya. THAT is an undeniable fact.

Hillary Clinton and Barry Soetoro are directly responsible for the destruction of Libya and the current mess in the Middle East with those savages who call themselves ISIS. THAT is an undeniable fact. Hillary Clinton Supplied Cash, Weapons, Tanks, Training to Al-Qaeda to Kill Gaddafi & Weaponize “ISIS” in Syria. Apparently that also doesn't bother female Clinton voters.

So which of the unconstitutional spending promises Clinton's made over the last year and a half that means more to you than stopping the invasion by illegals flooding across our border, stop bringing in terrorists playing refugee or the deaths of four Americans in Libya and the dozens by Muslims in this country over the past ten years?

Clinton wants to continue destroying not just jobs but she wants to eliminate OUR borders and suck us into world government. Clinton, as we know from the latest batch of Wikileaks emails, lies through her teeth. Out of her own mouth she has a public opinion (that's the BS she feeds you) and a private opinion. She has lied about supporting the final nail in our coffin: TPP - Trans Pacific Partnership. That 'free' trade treaty will completely destroy our sovereignty. It means all the blood shed during the Revolutionary War will have been for nothing because once freedom is lost we may not ever get it back.

American Worker Forced to Train Foreign Replacement Reveals How Hillary Clinton Betrayed Him

So which of the unconstitutional spending promises Clinton has made is more important to you than keeping America free? Do you have any idea what it would be like to be governed by some foreign body over in Europe while the last of our critical job sectors move to foreign countries and millions more Americans have no jobs? Are you so self-aborbed in your little world you care nothing for the suffering of your fellow Americans?

It WILL get worse like Hell on steroids if Clinton somehow is elected. Did you not watch her speech when she said "We are going to raise taxes on the middle class"? The people sitting behind her bobbled their heads and clapped like that's a great idea. ZOMBIES and most of them were women.

One of the most important issues in this election is the U.S. Supreme Court. Three justices will likely retire if that dirty traitor gets into the White House. Ginsburg, 82, Kennedy, 79 and Bryer, 77. It's not just filling the late Anton Scalia's seat. It will likely 4, possibly 5 over the next four years. Clinton will pick them fairly young so they stay on the bench 25-30 years. Female Clinton voters care nothing about the Second Amendment because they know NOTHING about that amendment. Those empty headed women are a danger to this country because they listen to the anti-Second Amendment propaganda idiots who also know NOTHING about that amendment and why it is the most important next to the First Amendment. A Clinton court will bring serious trouble over that amendment.

Obamacare has been a total and complete disaster for the middle class. Millions and millions of Americans lost their doctor and saddled with new health care plans they can't afford and don't want. Wake up, female Clinton voters. Your candidate has supported that unconstitutional financial monster from the time the pig she's married to was president back in the 90s. How's that worked out for you and your family? Get ready because early next year another 1.4 million Americans are going to lose their Obamacare health care and it doesn't matter which party you vote.

As for the rank hypocrisy of Clinton being offended by rough language from Trump 11 years ago - well, Hildebeast takes the cake along with her 'outraged' supporters:

Hillary Clinton Loves Beyoncé, Whose Song Lyrics Rival Donald Trump's Decade-Old Lewd Comments

"If you recall, Hillary said Bey’s visual album “Lemonade” is “great.” Like “Formation“? SO GREAT.

Oh yeah baby, oh yeah I, ohhhhh, oh yes I like that
I did not come to play with you hoes, haha
I came to slay, b*tch
I like cornbreads and collard greens, b*tch
Oh yes, you best to believe it

"Oh wait. Best part coming up!

When he f*ck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, cause I slay
If he hit it right, I might take him on a flight on my chopper, cause I slay"

Others: Q-Tips lyrics (I know, one cringes using the word lyrics to describe their filth as music)

'I'm the undercover brother dump your ho in the trunk. Save all the sad songs and the tearjerkers. N****s step up it's the lyrical worker.' Hot Sex, Midnight Marauders, A Tribe Called Quest." And, " 'N****s got g's but its not really mack to me. Keep it soft like we killers and often gat. You walking on me guaranteed you be crawling back.' Things We Do, Amplified."

Pusha T who is working directly with the Clinton Campaign: We don't drink away the pain, when a n**** die we add a link to the chain, inscribe a n**** name in your flesh. We playing on a higher game of chess, once you delegate his bills, who gon' f*** his b***h the best?' Nosetalgia, My Name Is My Name."

Snoop Dog: "Look here b***h, you fine and I dig your style. Come f*** with a n**** and do it "Doggystyle".' B***h Please, No Limit Top Dogg." And, "Cause when I bust my n*t I'm raising up off the cot. Don't get upset, girl, that's just how it goes.' Gin and Juice, Doggystyle.

A$AP Rocky: "She rolling Swishers, brought her b***hes, I brought my n****s, they getting bent up off the liquor. She love my licorice, I let her lick it.' F***in' Problems, LONG. LIVE. A$AP."

50 Cent: "Get on top, get your bounce around like a low rider. I'm a seasoned vet, when it come to this s**t. After you work up a sweat, you could play with the stick.' Candy Shop, Get Rich or Die Tryin'."

JAy Z, Beyonce's husband: "F*** all y'all haters, blow d**k. I spits the game for those that throw bricks. Money, cash, hoes, money, cash, chicks.' Money, Cash, Hoes, Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life."

THAT is the filth parents have allowed their children to purchase (including concert tickets for parents and children) making all of the above multi-multi millionaires pumping out their crude filth. All supporters of Hillary while she is offended by Trump. Think Clinton doesn't take their campaign donations?

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Clinton Staffer Says I Could “Grab [Her] Ass” and Not Get Fired; Ripping Up Ballots is “Fine”

Next we come to Hillary's well coordinated 'bimbo' attack against Donald Trump the past ten days. OMG, what a circus that's now being exposed for the big, fat lies put out by Clinton's dog media and supporters: Here it is: List of Debunked Groper Allegations by Corrupt Media Against Donald Trump

Trump Sexual Assault Accuser Sent Glowing Email To His Assistant In April - This past April. That liar is pictured with feminist pirrahna, Gloria Alred, boo-hooing for the cameras during a presser.

Rather than put all the articles and links here about the false accusations as well as all the Wikileaks dumps telling the world what a liar and crook Hillary Clinton is, I created an Appendix. It contains what I believe are the most credible articles on all the females who have come out and made accusations against Trump that are now proving to be lies: "Mindy McGillivray says Donald Trump nudged her at a concert at Mar-a-Lago at a concert on January 24, 2003. She went public with her story this week. There was no such concert at Mar-a-Lago on January 24, 2003."

The Appendix also has all the credible pieces pertaining to the last dumps from Wikileaks exposing Clinton as a pathological, dangerous woman which is why Friday before last the old Trump tape was released and then the flood of bimbos. To divert voters attention from who Hillary Rodham Clinton really is and why it would be the death of this country if she gets into the White House. There are dozens of items so bookmark and read when you have time.

The final debate is Wednesday the 19th. It will be moderated by Democrat Chris Wallace from FOX News Network. I have no doubt Hillary will stand there and lie through her teeth, tell females how much she cares about them and their children. It's one of her staples over the decades when nothing could be further from the truth. And, folks: Quit believing all the polls that Hell-cat Hillary is leading in all the polls. That simply isn't true. If it was how do you account for this MSNBC poll (a Marxist-left propaganda network that adores Hildebeast) October 14th: 84% said they will not vote for Hillary.

A real woman would never vote for Hillary Clinton which is why I refer to them as females. For all the talk about silly empowerment and strong women baloney out there, unless you're one of the mega-millionaires like Megyn Kelly, Clinton supporters come across to me as whiners who want someone else to pay for their life choices. They want the producers to pay for their wants and needs while declaring how 'empowered' they feel. Make me gag.

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They want 'free' everything from child care, 'free' college to birth control without caring how any of it will be paid in violation of the U.S. Constitution. They want mother government to take care of them. That is NOT someone who is independent and self-reliant. It's a person dependent upon the system to prop them up. Paid for out of someone else's wallet and labor. Grow up, wake up and see Hillary Rodham Clinton for the evil, conniving, selfish globalist she is before it's too late.

If you haven't listended to this brilliant piece, you should. Liar Liar Pants On Fire Hillary Song. Trump should play it around the country before he comes out on stage.


[Devvy's hot new book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions is now available. The most important issues destroying America are presented along with constitutional solutions neither the Republicans or Democrats will pursue. Get your copy now. Excellent discounts for 2 or more books, or bulk orders.]

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Has anyone taken a look at those Trump supporters? Are 25,000 of them at an event all white males? Hardly. In some pictures from his appearances it appears women out number men and they aren't all Lilly white, either.