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By: Devvy
August 1, 2016

Painful as it was, I watched large segments of both conventions. I haven't belonged to any political party since 1996 (I left the Republican Party that year) and have been to two Republican conventions; 1996 in San Diego and 2008 in Minneapolis/St. Paul. They are very carefully crafted, scripted events. Well, except for this year when ignorant supporters of communist crank, Bernie Sanders, went off the rails. Adding in corruption by the DNC to ensure Hildebeast Clinton got the coronation and the scramble was on to corral the herds. On the Republican side we watched citizen of no country, Ted Cruz, fry himself in hot oil after the equally foolish 'Never Trump' players stomped off the field after losing in their efforts to defeat Trump.

As someone who has been in the trenches for the past 26 years, I know all the players, the agendas and who controls the players. However, this election cycle for president has shocked the world because of Donald Trump. In a good way. The global elites are in a panic and doing everything they can - with the help of fools who represent the 'Never Trump' constituency - to destroy Trump and make sure he doesn't receive enough electoral college votes to win. Sure, the focus is on voters and polls. But, ultimately, if you know how the system works, it's those critical electors from the Electoral College that matter.

John Kerry won the presidency in 2004. No question vote fraud put Bush, Jr. in the White House. Bush lost Ohio and because he lost that state Kerry had the required number of electoral college votes to win. Not my opinion, but proven by an epic forensic examination of ballots and other evidence.

There are those working to abolish the electoral college for nefarious reasons. I can't highly recommend enough the book, Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College. A quick read at 100 pages it's critical voters understand how it works and how it's been manipulated by political whores for their desired outcome. I didn't fully understand it until I fell into doing what I do, but it's very important Americans understand the system, why it was put into place and why it works.

"There is no national election for president, only separate state elections. For a candidate to become president, he or she must win enough state elections to garner a majority of electoral votes. Presidential campaigns, therefore, focus on winning states, not on winning a national majority. It also means that — at least in theory — electors can thwart the popular will and vote for a candidate not supported by the voters of their state. In practice, however, electors are pledged to cast their votes in accordance with the popular vote, and "faithless electors" who go against the popular vote are extremely rare."

Of Interest: 10 Presidents Who Won with Less Than 50% of the Vote - Includes Billy Clinton & Bush, Jr.

Going back to the conventions. As I said, while it pained me greatly, I watched a lot of both conventions during the evening hours. Not too many surprises if you know the game. However, watching Bill & Hill Clinton was truly obscene. I'm old enough to have lived through the Clinton years in the White House as well as done enough research on both of those career criminals to make anyone sick. Those two upstanding citizens stole furniture, china and art work from the White House they were later forced to return. THAT is a fact.

"Paul Goldman of the Democratic National Committee said, "Mr. Clinton didn't just take the White House china; he took its soul and flushed it down the toilet." Attribution see link below.

Bill and Hillary's 11th House Crime Spree is meticulously chronicled by Barbara Olson who was murdered on 9/11. She was on Flight 77 that allegedly crashed into the Pentagon; I believe that's not true, but she did die that day. Available on Amazon: The Final Days.

The scandals that plagued the Clinton's while soiling the White House were endless: Bloodgate, Cattlegate, Travelgate, White Water, Commerce Dept's 'pay to play' which resulted in the murder of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, the murder of Vince Foster (allegedly had an affair with I believe bi-sexual Hillary), renting the Lincoln bedroom and the one which should have resulted in Bill Clinton being tried for treason, Chinagate. Of course, millenials know nothing of all those which is what Bill & Hill are counting on. The rest of her supporters and decades long clean up crew don't care, she has something for everyone. A very accomplished carnival barker. For an accurate and comprehensive list of the aforementioned plus Billy's 'women', click here.

The Chinagate scandal is now back big time. EXCLUSIVE: ANOTHER '90s scandal returns to haunt the Clintons - billionaire accused of being front for Chinese Communist bid to influence Bill's 1996 election finally faces being questioned after years on the run, July 29, 2016

"A Chinese billionaire at the center of a 20-year-old Clinton foreign donor scandal is being called in to answer questions from Congress about his role in the influence-buying scheme, in a move that could revive yet another Clinton controversy from the 1990s. The House Oversight Committee told Daily Mail Online that it will seek an interview with Ng Lap Seng, 68, who evaded congressional investigators for years.

"He has now re-appeared in the United States and is being held in New York on unrelated bribery charges. One campaign group is even suggesting that Congress grant him immunity from the charges in return for testifying. Ng, a Macau businessman with ties to the Chinese government, was accused of funneling over $1 million in illegal foreign donations to support Bill Clinton's reelection campaign in 1996."

Watching Bill Clinton stand on that stage recite his love story about meeting Hildebeast was almost too much to bear. So lovely, so wonderful a spouse. Show a little weepy, Billy. He forgot the part about Chelsea Clinton being the daughter of Webster Hubbell. No question Billy is not her father in my opinion and for that I feel very sorry for Chelsea. Hillary Clinton has lied to her own daughter and the world about her biological father. I always give credit where credit is due: I do believe Bill Clinton truly loves Chelsea as if she were his own. His body language and open affection for her over the years is genuine. After introducing her mother on stage that night, body language was everything. While Chelsea obviously adores her mother, if you watched Hildebeast, there was a detached coldness as she embraced Chelsea. A fakeness.

(When Billy left office he pardoned more than 100 convicted felons and one in particular in serious trouble. "Former CIA Director John Deutch...Deutch's pardon spares the one-time spy chief and top Pentagon official of facing criminal charges in connection with his mishandling of national secrets on a home computer." He did not pardon Web Hubbell.)

What Bill Clinton left out of his soppy recitation is his endless affairs - some for more than a decade each: Jennifer Flowers and Dolly Kyle Browning. Bill Clinton screwed anything from 16-60 the entire time he's been married to Hillary. Some have received wide media attention from Paula Jones, his groping of Kathleen Willey while in the White House, and of course, to the hapless intern, Monica Lewinsky. The one woman who could have brought Bill down for good is Juanita Broaddrick and her credible charge of rape against him. Even Democrats at the time who saw the documentation in a 'secured' location in a congressional building came away in tears. They knew Juanita Broaddrick was telling the truth: Bill Clinton raped her.

For a man who supposedly was so enamored with his wife, loved her for 43 years, what a great person she is, blah, blah, blah, Billy has spent ALL of his married life dipping his wick in an endless list of women. A serial adulterer.

How the two of them stood on the stage and celebrated after Hildebeast's speech. Two of the biggest crooks ever to serve in public office. A total failure as a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State and a husband who has never been able to keep his zipper closed for which Billy has absolutely no regrets. Hooray! Let the balloons loose and celebrate! How obscene.

None of Bill's cheating has mattered to Hillary Clinton - except when it got big coverage in the media. That's when she hauled out her wounded wife persona and forgave her cheating man. Enough to gag a maggot. Of course, she probably isn't too worried these days as Bill looks like a skeleton half the time and I believe has Parkinson's Disease. NO self-respecting woman would put up with what Billy has dished out to the poor, suffering Hildebeast for all the world to see, but then again, it is and always was a marriage of ambition for power hungry Hillary.

None of the above seemed to matter to all those screaming delegates cheering on one of the most corrupt, least accomplished public 'servants' in the history of this country. It doesn't matter to Hildebeast voters regardless of their skin color or lot in life. As I said, Hillary has something for everyone as she has perfected the art of lying through her teeth for the past 40 years. Any campaign promise will do for votes. One example: Hildebeast is going after Wall Street and the big banks. Sure. They own her sizable backside. She's taken millions from Wall Street and now we're to believe she's going to pinch off the teat that's been squirting green cash her way these past decades? Well, it does sound good on stage with all the lights, confetti and koombaya.

The Clinton's are a target rich pair for Donald Trump. Hildebeast's unprecedented failure as illegitimate Secretary of State alone can severely damage her as ISIS continues their savagery that is surely going to spread here in America. Not to mention the Benghazi slaughter on her watch.

Everyone believes that since the Director of the FBI, James Comey, let Hillary get away with crimes related to her email servers that she is off the hook. Perhaps not. Comey may have just set Hildebeast up for a fall: The Clinton Foundation. Those 33,000 emails Hillary destroyed, I believe, are crossovers relating to another 'pay to play' while she was playing Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation. We are to believe 33,000 emails were nothing but chit-chat about her daughter's wedding and yoga classes. Horse manure. Where there's smoke there's fire and right now a massive forest fire is starting to smoke. The only thing dirtier than Bill and Hillary Clinton is a dirty baby diaper.

(Who writes and sends 33,000 emails on any subject? I know there were over 66,000 but, jeez, one would have to spend all their time doing nothing but emails. I mean how many emails is that per day while she held office illegally as Secty of State? 66,000 total? Where's time to go to yoga classes that obviously haven't done much good.)

The Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a scam that has enriched those two career criminals beyond imagination. Unfortunately, they have dragged their daughter, Chelsea into the sewer right along with them as she draws a huge paycheck as a salaried member of that phony foundation. That scandal is will follow her from now until November and hopefully afterwards so someday Hillary Rodham Clinton will go to prison where she rightfully belongs. Julian Assange of Wikileaks who released the emails ten days ago that forced out the detestable Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as head of the DNC, said last week that another huge batch of emails are going to be released this week that will bring an indictment against Hildebeast. From his lips to God's ears.

Meanwhile, some important lawsuits are still making their way through the courts:

Judicial Watch Goes to Court On Clinton Testimony, July 22, 2016
Judicial Watch Special Report: Hillary Clinton's Secret Email Scandal
Klayman and Freedom Watch Move to Depose Lawyers of Hillary Clinton Who FBI Director Comey Said Last Week Permanently Destroyed State Department Documents in Email Investigation; see filing here.

Question: Why haven't those Clinton lawyers been charged with destroying government property?

There's one other thing that could cause Hildebeast to drop out of the race and that's her health. I believe she is hiding serious problems. What you see in these videos are not normal. Hillary can't seem to make speeches without shouting. Even during the parts that are benign, she seems to always want to shout. We know she sometimes wears special glasses due to the concussion she suffered about four years ago. I think it's something more serious. Her 'official' doctors say she's just fine. Hillary has the money to see any doctor in the world and keep it secret. She was the most traveled Secretary of State in history.

I've seen all the declarations that people are not going to vote for either Hildebeast or Trump. Stay home on election day! Stop being so damn foolish. We know what's at stake here: Likely 3-4 appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Second Amendment, the illegals invasion will be unstoppable as will bringing in millions more Muslims and refugees, and a third term for the criminal impostor in the White House. Clinton will continue Obama's planned destruction of this republic make no mistake about that. Loretta Lynch will remain as Attorney General and we will continue to sacrifice our military in the Middle East as Hildebeast is a war hawk.

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If that's your desire, don't vote and congratulate yourself on being part of the continued destruction of our country. I've said it in so many columns during elections: Ballots are more than just a presidential candidate. There's candidates for your state capitol, Congress critters, sheriff's, local offices and sometimes state constitutional amendments. So don't bitch if later down the line some jerk becomes your sheriff or mayor. Which reminds me of a catchy phrase I saw the other day: Life's a bitch, don't vote for one. Naughty me...

I am voting for Donald Trump. He deserves the chance to do his best to right the sinking ship. I don't care if you have to hold your nose as you did when you voted for Romney and McCain, vote. I don't care if you have to hold your nose with a clothespin but refusing to vote IS a vote for that wretched piece of baggage. Is that what you want?

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RNC request Clinton not receive national security briefings starting today has been denied:

1 - HIGH TREASON: Hillary Sells Arms to Qatar, Transfers 20% of US Uranium Production To Russia,
Sides With BLM Over Land Grab, Receives TONS of Money from Nigerian Terrorist Billionaire, July 28, 1016
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6 - Hillary Clinton fired for lies, unethical behavior - Watergate Investigation
7 - Hildebeast: Putting modern US missiles in the hands of the Taliban
8 - Hillary Clinton under fire after saying America should 'empathize' and 'show respect' to its enemies

[Devvy's hot new book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions is now available. The most important issues destroying America are presented along with constitutional solutions neither the Republicans or Democrats will pursue. Get your copy now. Excellent discounts for 2 or more books, or bulk orders.]

© 2016 - and Devvy - All Rights Reserved

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Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party. Devvy is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.

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I've seen all the declarations that people are not going to vote for either Hildebeast or Trump. Stay home on election day! Stop being so damn foolish. We know what's at stake here: Likely 3-4 appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Second Amendment, the illegals invasion will be unstoppable as will bringing in millions more Muslims and refugees, and a third term for the criminal impostor in the White House.