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By: Devvy
November 10, 2014

"Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it. I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience." -Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

This is a column conservatives and independents won't like. Don't take away our hope. But, what if that hope is based on an illusion?

Last Tuesday history was made in many races. The shellacking given the Democratic/Communist Party USA was long over due; millions of Americans are ecstatic. But, ah, yes, there is always a "but" - those who expect certain cancers to be cured simply because the Outlaw Congress is now controlled by Republicans are going to be crushed when it doesn't happen and it won't based on the past actions of the incumbents now reelected and newly elected candidates who ran on the standard boiler plate smaller government, lower taxes, stop Obamacare. The same incumbents who will keep us in more undeclared wars, operations or occupations further bankrupting we the people.

Americans just reelected the very same people who have destroyed this country because it was time to punish the Democrats and "I would never vote for a Democrat". The very same incumbents who have allowed a criminal impostor to usurp the office of president. The very same incumbents who refuse to refer rock solid evidence to a federal grand jury proving Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Obama, Barry Dunham, Barack Dunham presented a poorly forged birth certificate to verify his alleged birth place (which is not the issue - he was born with dual citizenship making him forever ineligible), is using a stolen social security number and submitted a poorly forged selective service card which is a federal felony barring that individual to every work for the U.S. government including the Executive Branch.

The very same incumbents who have destroyed YOUR God-given rights as defined in the Bill of Rights: the "Patriot" Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, the NDAA, continued spying on us by the NSA and a lot more. The very same incumbents who have allowed the insane waste of YOUR tax dollars to be spent on thousands of projects that have zero constitutional authority to the tune of hundreds of billions of BORROWED dollars. The very same incumbents who continue to steal from we the people for unconstitutional expenditures like foreign aid and trillions of BORROWED dollars for social programs from unconstitutional cabinets like DHS (Dept of Health and Human Services). The list goes on. But, it really was all over with the primaries.

When Patrick Henry said "I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience", it is no different than today. And, as I have said ad nauseum so many times over the past two plus decades: If your incumbent didn't get the job done in the 2, 4, 6, 10, 20 or 30 years they've been in the Outlaw Congress what makes you believe they will get it done this time around? Chuck Baldwin, in a recent column, summarized some of the failures and promises of the GOP in the past and correctly summed up the con job known as the 'Contract With America':

"During the congressional elections of 1994, Gingrich promised the American people that if they put Republicans in charge of the Congress, they would pass legislation to eliminate five federal departments (Education, Energy, Commerce, Interior, and Housing and Urban Development), 95 federal domestic programs, and slash federal spending across the board. The GOP promises made during the ’94 elections became known as the “Contract With America.”

"GOP promises during that election cycle proved extremely successful. In the House of Representatives there was a 54-seat swing to the Republicans, which gave them a majority of seats for the first time since 1954. In the U.S. Senate there was an eight-seat swing, which allowed the GOP to capture both houses of Congress.

"During the succeeding congressional session, many of the elements of the Contract were indeed passed by the Republican-led House of Representatives. It was quite another story in the GOP-led Senate. In the Senate, most of the promised bills were either killed altogether or seriously compromised through a variety of watered-down amendments. A few bills--and I mean a precious few bills--made it somewhat intact out of the Senate. At the end of the session, very little of the Contract survived. In fact, during that time, Republican senators reminded everyone that the Contract With America was only the promise of the GOP House, that the GOP Senate never joined in that promise."

Just a bit of history on the scam 'Contract With America': "Do you know Newt [Gingrich] was caught on tape saying the ridiculous "Contract with America" was nothing but a PR tool for incoming freshmen members of Congress? Yes, that's a fact. They were obtained by Roll Call. Old Newt pulled a fast one on faithful conservatives. His votes killed MILLIONS of jobs and sent them south of the border and overseas."

Ronald Reagan also promised to get rid of the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education; abandoned after he was elected. "While campaigning for his doomed-to-lose bid for the presidency, Bob Dole said on Sept. 9, 1996, while in Georgia, “We're going to cut out the Department of Education.” At that time, the GOP presidential platform read, in part:

"Our formula is as simple as it is sweeping: The federal government has no constitutional authority to be involved in school curricula or to control jobs in the workplace. That is why we will abolish the Department of Education, end federal meddling in our schools, and promote family choice at all levels of learning. We therefore call for prompt repeal of the Goals 2000 program and the School-To-Work Act of 1994, which put new federal controls, as well as unfunded mandates, on the States. We further urge that federal attempts to impose outcome- or performance-based education on local schools be ended.

"Of course, just the opposite has taken place and, in fact, the goals for creating the “New Communist Man” was given a huge boost with President Bush's deceptive “No Child Left Behind” program. As for the repeal of the School-To-Work Act of 1994, Council of Foreign Relations kingpin Henry Hyde explained it this way: When carried to its logical extreme, it chooses careers for every American worker. Children's careers will be chosen for them by Workforce Development Boards and federal agencies at the earliest possible age …" (Rest at link)

The insidious 'Common Core' was shoved down everyone's throat, promoted by slime like Jeb Bush. Thankfully, many state legislators and parents could read between the lines (inculcate Marxism ideology into young children's minds) have axed it in their states. How many reelected incumbents or candidates who won said they would work to get rid of unconstitutional cabinets like the EPA - a key tool in destroying capitalism? Not a one. Just more Band Aids fighting endless EPA rules and regulations.

Patrick Buchanan also wrote an accurate assessment of last Tuesday's "big win": The Kumbaya Temptation

"Did America vote for the GOP to go back to Washington and work with Obama? Or did America reward the GOP for promising to return and continue to oppose Obama's policies? Is the answer not obvious? What Republicans are hearing now is the siren song of a Beltway elite that just got its clock cleaned, an elite that revels in Republican defeats, but is ever at hand to give guidance and counsel to Republicans when they win. And that counsel is always the same: Time to put the acrimony behind us. Time to reach out and take the extended hand of the defeated. Time come together to end gridlock and move forward. And invariably this means move in the same old direction, if a bit more slowly. Consider several areas where the kumbaya temptation is strongest." Rest at link above and worthy of taking the time to read it.

How many incumbents included getting rid of the unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve as a priority? How many incumbents included getting rid of unconstitutional foreign aid, get us out of the UN, get us out of all those destructive "free" trade treaties that have killed more than 10 million secure, good paying jobs, stop the rape of the American people by stopping ALL payments to the BIS (Bank of International Settlements), World Bank, IMF (International Monetary Fund) and kill the rape of our labor with hundreds of billions to the USAID (United States Aid for International Development) under the State Department? Not one.

There are four very important bills sitting in Congress for almost two years; they will die December 31, 2014. Did your incumbent sign on and and work to get them passed?

Get us out of the UN - Given a 1% chance of getting passed even though it should have been done decades ago. It most certainly could have easily been done when new world order puppet, George Bush, Jr., had a Republican controlled House and Senate. That bill was introduced by Paul Broun, Jr., [R-GA] who is leaving office at the end of this year. At this time there are 10 co-sponsors; all Republicans. Perhaps some of them will re-introduce it in January, but that will not happen unless a huge number of Americans demand it. Regrettably, the majority of people in this country know nothing about the UN or it's crucial role in enforcing the ultimate goal of one world government.

Get us out of the destructive, unconstitutional NAFTA - Given a 0% chance of passing; thank John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi. At this time there are 0 co-sponsors. In 2000, we had the golden opportunity to get America out of the incredibly destructive WTO (World Trade Organization)/ GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), but it was killed by John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi.

"During the hearings on that monster GATT/WTO, French financier, the late Sir James Goldsmith, testified in front of Ernest Hollings committee. He demonstrated that GATT would gut the American textile market. The following are some quotes from the Washington Times, Dec. 6, 1993, which accurately reflect Sir Goldsmith's statements during the hearings: "Global free trade will force the poor of the rich countries to subsidize the rich in poor countries. What GATT means is that our national wealth, accumulated over centuries, will be transferred from a developed country like Britain to developing countries like Communist China, now building its first oceangoing navy in 500 years. China, with its 1.2 billion people, three Indochinese states with 900 million, the former Soviet republics with some 300 million, and many more can supply skilled labor for a fraction of Western costs. Five dollars in Communist China is the equivalent of a $100 wage in Europe.

"It is quite amazing that GATT is sowing the seeds for global social upheaval and that it is not even the subject of debate in America ... If the masses understood the truth about GATT, there would be blood in the streets of many capitals. A healthy national economy has to produce a large part of its own needs. It cannot simply import what it needs and use its labor force to provide services for other countries. We have to rethink from top to bottom why we have elevated global free trade to the status of sacred cow, or moral dogma. It is a fatally flawed concept that will impoverish and destabilize the industrialized world while cruelly ravaging the Third World."

Those "free" trade treaties along with the fiat currency issued by the unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve fed by a "federal" income tax have killed the middle class, further impoverished the poor and enriched the wicked.

Restore Glass-Stegal. First introduced in 2011 and again in 2013. 1% chance of passing. 83 co-sponsors; all Democrats with a few Republicans.

A bill to stop federal income tax on social security. (Why doesn't AARP support that one?) 0% chance of passing. Besides the sponsor [R-KY], the two co-sponsors are Republican. Taxing SS is the back door to double taxation, yet few seem to care. Why haven't powerhouses like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity pushed for passage? Why didn't Dirty Harry Reid introduce a 'sister' bill in the Senate and get it pushed through?

The Republican elite who run the GOP in the House and now the Senate vow to get the crushing Keystone Pipeline passed which will throw thousands of Americans off their land. Instead of going for the solution, they choose to destroy people's lives:

Six reasons Keystone XL was a bad deal all along
Keystone XL pipeline: Good for Big Oil, bad for the economy
No Drilling in ANWR - Blame the Republicans
Industrial Hemp is the crop that will really cut down dependence on foreign oil

I urge you to please call your senator: NO on the Keystone Pipeline

What about all those candidates who won their elections? Take Joni Ernst from Iowa. She is the new darling senator-elect who apparently hasn't read the U.S. Constitution. I saw her interviewed on Greta Van Susteren's show as she gushed about going to the Senate to work on behalf of Iowans and their values. I'm sorry, Ms. Ernst. You seem like a nice lady with lots of spunk, but the job of U.S. Senators has nothing to do with representing the people of Iowa - that is the domain of the U.S. House of Representatives under the limited areas defined in Art. 1, Sec. 8 of the Constitution. Of course, with the disaster known as the Seventeenth Amendment on the books, the states have ZERO representation in Congress - a complete opposite of the intention of the Framers.

If you go to Ms. Ernst's web site and look at issues, it's pretty much the standard boiler-plate stuff on the economy. Ms. Ernst believes the income tax code needs to be redone top to bottom. Sure, keep raping we the people to give ALL federal personal income taxes to the UN and other transfer payments; see here. She obviously knows nothing about the current tax code because if she did, Ernst would know the truth: the federal income tax does NOT apply to domestic Americans.

She's also jumped on the dump truck about health care: "Real and Meaningful Health Care Reform - Joni is staunchly opposed to the Obamacare law. Joni supports immediate action to repeal Obamacare and replace it with common sense, free-market alternatives that put patients first, and health care decisions back in the hands of each of us rather than Washington bureaucrats."

All commendable, but the real constitutional solution is to replace Obamacare with nothing as I wrote in detail about in this column that I hope you will take the time to read over lunch or coffee. The Outlaw Congress has ZERO constitutional authority to legislate health care. While she's right about free market alternatives, Congress after Congress has done nothing but pile up more and more regulations driving up the cost of health care. How many of those job killers will be eliminated now that the Republicans have control of the House and Senate? Wanna bet?

[Just a quick update on my lawsuit here in Texas to stop direct election of U.S. Senators. Governor-Elect Greg Abbott's staff attorneys who represent the defendant in my case, the Secretary of State, have predictably filed a Motion to Dismiss. My response is being worked and will get filed. The hearing date where I stand to argue my case to Judge Jenkins who will surely throw it out is December 4, 2014 at 2:00 pm, 53rd Judicial Court in Austin, TX. Jenkins doesn't want to take on a political earthquake even though this is NOT a political issue, it's a legal one, so I will file an appeal.]

I checked the web sites of dozens of candidates - many who were elected. Not one of them addresses the disabilities of our monetary system, the misapplication of the "federal" income tax against 90% of Americans or any of the issues above.

Will Obamacare be repealed?

Mitch McConnell Surrenders on Obamacare Repeal (Oct. 29, 2014)

"Yesterday, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said he won't move to repeal Obamacare if Republicans win a majority this year. In a Fox News interview, McConnell was asked if he'd push for "getting rid of the Affordable Care Act" as majority leader. "It would take 60 votes in the Senate. Nobody thinks we're going to have 60 Republicans," McConnell said. "And it would take a presidential signature. No one thinks we're going to get that."

Mitch McConnell willing to kill Obamacare with just 51 votes (October 30, 2014): "Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., says he would be willing to repeal Obamacare with a simple majority if he takes over as majority leader in January, his spokesman told the Washington Examiner on Thursday."

You don't need to repeal it. As a brilliant constitutional attorney I know who is a dear friend said, the Outlaw Congress can simply pass one bill that reads: No U.S. citizen is required to purchase health care in any of the 50 states of the Union and henceforth all funding for Obamacare is now ending. Reality: The usurper in the White House would immediately veto it. The truth is the Republican controlled House could have killed Obamacare years ago and they have not: Election Results: “What's Going To Change Is Only Who Is Going To Screw You — Not Whether You'll Get Screwed”

"Folks, keep one thing in mind, as I noted on WBAL yesterday — Obamacare could have been destroyed "at will" by the Republicans at any time since all spending must originate in the House. As a result, since the Republicans have held the House since the first midterm of Obama's Presidency, they could have at any time stopped it by refusing to pass the appropriation necessary to fund it. They could have also cut off the runaway spending and thus the deficit at any time via exactly the same means, never mind the 2011 debt ceiling "fight" when an immediate and permanent end to deficit spending, and the destruction of your purchasing power that it causes, could have occurred simply by the Republicans refusing to pass a bill — that is, refusing to act instead of acting."

The House must cut off ALL funding for Obamacare, all those committees and panels - all of it. Americans have been devastated with massive increases in their premiums and more will kick in next year increasing premiums by double digits.

The number one problem for any constitutional legislation sent to Barry Soetoro aka Obama will be a veto so Boehner and company will compromise us into the grave. I had to go do a refresher on veto power the day after the election. This is a short three page precise explanation: The Presidential Veto and Congressional Veto Override Process. The GOP picked up 7 seats in the senate. That means you still have 45 incumbents who have not addressed critical problems like the "FED". It also means they don't have enough to override the illegitimate president fouling the White House unless they can get a small number of Democrats to vote with them to override a veto.

The big issue is stopping the complete and total destruction of our culture and further bankrupting this country: Amnesty and the phony "pathway to citizenship" for liars, cheats and thieves, illegal aliens. Comrade Obama wants his way on this because he serves his global masters, not the people of this country. In late August 1998, Bill Clinton speaking in Ireland in response to a question as to what would he do if removed from office through impeachment: "You know, by the time you become the leader of a country, someone else makes all the decisions." The only time that serial liar ever told the truth while in office.

I covered this in a recent column (Could lawsuit stop Obama's Toxic Plan for Amnesty?) and I pray enough Americans will write those letters to Trey Goudy, Steve King (IA), Louis Gohmert, Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions and I would add Sen. Mike Lee to the list.

Boehner and McConnell are going to try to sell us out because they hate constitutional government and those of us fighting for it. GOP Establishment Gears up for Civil War Against Tea Party,

Boehner's Secret Amnesty Talks with Obama Revealed.
Cruz, Lee Threaten 'Procedural' War on Senate Floor to Stop 'Lawless Amnesty'
Obama's Illegals Spreading Chagas All Over US
Obama’s Border Policy Fueled Epidemic, Evidence Shows - Several children have already died.
List of 134 Cities Where Violent, Criminal Illegal Aliens Were Sent After Release by Obama DHS: "According to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement arm of DHS, 36,007 criminal illegal aliens were released into the United States in 2013. Responding to a request by Sen. Chuck Grassley, ICE recently provided a list of raw ZIP codes -- not cities and states -- where criminal illegals, many convicted of violent offenses including murder, rape and kidnapping, have been dumped by the administration."

Elections bring in group of trailblazing lawmakers with potential to reach new heights- Harvard graduates to experienced individuals; very bright well meaning individuals and not one of them addresses the core cancers like the "Fed". Those incoming new freshmen (and women) will get their marching orders. Perhaps it explains why all those tea party candidates elected in the 2010 landslide caved at the first real challenge: raising the debt ceiling limit in 2011. This is for Newly Elected Members of Congress. Harvard, the home of the most powerful secret societies that run our country.

"It provides intensive seminars on major public policy issues such as foreign policy, health care and the Federal budget, led by prominent scholars and practitioners representing viewpoints from across the political spectrum. It also offers an unmatched set of workshops to help new Representatives make the most of their first weeks and months on Capitol Hill. These workshops focus on the "how" of getting things done in Washington, and are led by current and former senior officials from Congress, the White House, cabinet departments, regulatory agencies, and the national media."

Does anyone really think constitutional government is the focus of all those workshops? Think abolishing the unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve is a subject of discussion? Orientation? More like indoctrination.

We are about to enter the make or break phase in our history. It's really too late to stop the financial tsunami rolling across this country that is going to shock the hell out of millions of Americans. As Dr. Edwin Vieira wrote in one of his columns, The Road Not Taken is almost upon us.

Economist: Financial Collapse Will Cause Civil Unrest to Erupt in America by 2016 - Rampant corruption combined with economic woes to spark "revolution" (If it takes that long)
Most People Cannot Even Imagine That An Economic Collapse Is Coming (Nov. 2, 2014)

The election last Tuesday wasn't just about the Outlaw Congress. The Republicans swept the state houses with even more seats as well as more governors. We are making progress in the state houses: Arizona Voters Approve Proposition to Reject Federal Acts

PHOENIX, November 4, 2014 – "Today, voters in Arizona approved a ballot measure that follows James Madison’s advice to stop federal overreach. With 80% reporting, the tally held steady and increasing at 51-49%. Approved was Proposition 122, a state constitutional amendment that enshrines the anti-commandeering doctrine in the state constitution. The language amends the state constitution to give Arizona the ability to “exercise its sovereign authority to restrict the actions of its personnel and the use of its financial resources to purposes that are consistent with the Constitution.”

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I've included an Appendix for everything about the election last Tuesday as well as a complete list of all gains Republicans made in Congress, the state houses and governors seats as well as other items. I know the Internet has been drowning in opinions about last Tuesday. I selected what I think are important. Read when you can; not in any particular order. Knowledge is power and as I said, we're in for the fight of our country, our lives, the future for our children and grandchildren and mostly it will be against Benedict Arnold's like John Boehner and the other GOP establishment incumbents who do not represent we the people or the best interests of our republic.



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How many incumbents included getting rid of the unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve as a priority? How many incumbents included getting rid of unconstitutional foreign aid, get us out of the UN, get us out of all those destructive "free" trade treaties that have killed more than 10 million secure, good paying jobs...