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By: Devvy
February 24, 2014

Everyday I get a dozen emails with all the screeching about martial law will be declared tomorrow! Bank runs will start next Tuesday! DHS buys another 70 million rounds of ammo! always directing you to the some web site.

I feel confident in saying that 99% of those sending out emails filled with hysteria have no idea what martial law really means. The same applies to the writers of endless pieces about the roof caving in tomorrow. Being the inquisitive type, I had an overall idea about what martial law means, the problem was I didn't fully understand it. Not until I took the time to read a column written by Dr. Edwin Vieira titled: A Primer on Martial Law (August 31, 2009).

By becoming educated on what martial law is or isn't, it then becomes obvious the hysteria and splashy headlines is just more junk on the Internet. Self-proclaimed "experts" who have no facts to offer, they just keep people riled up. Get those readers to web sites that have a hundred different products to buy because that's how they stay in business. What I is see is too many in the 'freedom movement' or whatever you want to call it who are in it strictly for the money (and to stroke their big egos). A thriving cottage industry. What amazes me is the same people who read hysterical pieces on a daily basis never call the writers on why their dire predictions never come true. Instead, they keep going to web sites peddling fear like a moth to a candle.

Yes, it's true the Department of Fatherland Security (DHS) has been buying billions of rounds of ammo for the past several years as well as other alphabet soup agencies. The question is why? My personal belief is the shadow government who own and run the criminal syndicate, the Outlaw Congress, know full well there is no economic recovery underway. Just the opposite is true. The banking cartels and global elite have looted the wealth of this nation since the unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve was birthed in 1913. Due to the nature of fiat currency and the massive, never ending spending and borrowing ($2 BILLION dollars a day with the interest slapped on our backs) by the thieves in the U.S. Congress, the power brokers know a financial catastrophe is rolling across this country. Americans are growing more enraged by the day as their lives and livelihood are being destroyed.

The Road Not Taken by those very same incumbents in the Outlaw Congress is the reason for our dead economy:

"Yet every other time since 1788, America has stumbled down the wrong monetary road. Not, however, “the road less traveled by”—for that would have been the road laid out according to constitutional principles—but instead “the road most traveled by”, the road that essentially every modern nation has taken. The road which has “diverged” from monetary units actually composed of silver and gold, honestly weighed. The road which has settled instead upon monetary units consisting of debt and administered through fraud: The first false step, to redeemable paper currency; then to redeemable paper currency declared to be legal tender; then to irredeemable paper currency declared to be legal tender; and even, as from 1933 to 1974, to the prohibition of the private ownership of gold altogether. And to make matters worse, now the central bank and the government treasury responsible for emitting the latest of these “bills of credit”—which have turned out to be “bills of discredit”, because of the Ponzi nature of their emission—have demanded, and will continue to demand, serial “bail outs” from common Americans, in order to keep the paper pyramids from collapsing.

"Today, America finds herself once again lost in “the yellow wood” of monetary chaos, at a point where “two roads diverge[ ]”—

"One road leads to “more of the same”—“monkey business as usual”, as it were, both politically and economically—aimed at propping up domestic as well as foreign zombie banks; subordinating the United States Treasury to the cabals of private financial power-brokers in New York and London; and, one may be assured, expanding the fraud of irredeemable legal-tender paper currency to the supra-national level, with a new “global currency” which will surely strip America of her economic sovereignty, and likely will attenuate if not eliminate her political sovereignty, too."

The money and power brokers responsible for the 2008 meltdown know what tens of millions of Americans don't know: The problem wasn't fixed after the unconstitutional bail outs for banks and the auto industry. The unconstitutional stealing from you me our children and grand children under TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program) was more borrowed debt. Since the treasury was overdrawn $10.3 TRILLION dollars at the time, all the "money" for TARP had to be borrowed slapping even more debt on we the people. A very expensive Band Aid. Because the wrong road was taken, the big hurt being unleashed on the American people will make 2008 look like prosperity.

One thing people should remember is the meltdown which reached a cresendo in September 2008 didn't start that month. Experts like Peter Schiff, Dr. Edwin Vieira and many others were warning as far back as 2005 what was coming. By summer of 2007, big red flags were flying everywhere. Unfortunately, Americans either weren't paying attention or they didn't really understand what was going on with the housing market and Wall Stree banking institutions. Our economy is so huge, it isn't going to drop dead from one day to the next - unless the shadow government engineers it to their advantage. There is a build up underway for another massive financial bubble because the disabilities of our monetary system has not been 'fixed'.

The liars and thieves in the U.S. Congress, as a dear friend of mine said to me not too long ago, are riding the tiger and can't get off. If they do, the tiger will devour them and that's exactly what they've done to us: the congressionally created 'national' debt by both parties along with the four mammoth Ponzi schemes, Social Security, Medicare, "free" prescription pills and Obamacare are eating us alive. Massive unpayable obligations that tragically, tens of millions of Americans now depend on for their very survival. The destroyers knew exactly how to enslave a once self-reliant, independent people.

The other day I forced myself to watch a short clip of House Speaker, John Boehner, stand there on the boob tube with a straight face and say the only thing he and the Republican controlled house could do is sign off on a new deal, no strings attached, to raise the debt ceiling limit through March 2015. In essence what Johnny boy did was simply throw more kerosene on the fire. Pat Buchanan had words of wisdom in one of his recent columns:

"Consider what would be needed to roll back Big Government. First, the major entitlement programs Medicare and Social Security would have to be peeled back. But any effort to raise the age of eligibility, or reduce the benefits, or trim cost-of-living adjustments, would meet with ferocious resistance, led by the AARP.

"Indeed, many Tea Party members are themselves among those enjoying, or about to enjoy, the benefits of these programs. Would they back cuts in either one? Democrats say these programs must be expanded, and they will resist any cuts as fiercely as the Republicans would resist any increase in payroll or income taxes. Social Security and Medicare recipients number in the scores of millions. Four million Baby Boomers reach eligibility every year now. That is more then 10,000 every day. Is any party, even a GOP that controls the White House and Congress, going to take on this army?

"Consider that other entitlement, Medicaid. Thanks to Obamacare, the number of beneficiaries of Medicaid is soaring. And even should the GOP capture the Senate in 2016, a Democratic minority would filibuster to death any bill to cut Medicaid. As for interest on the debt, another major element in the budget, it has only one way to go, up. For the Fed freeze that has held interest rates near zero for five years must some day end." It's worth the time to read the whole column.

Boehner has been in the Outlaw Congress 23 years. For more than a decade, the GOP controlled the House, the Senate and the WH for eight of those years. What did they do? They ran the 'national' debt into outer space:

January 1995: $4.9 Trillion through January 2007 when the Democratic/Communist Party USA took control of the House: $8.7 Trillion

All borrowed debt. So tell me, why would anyone vote to reelect any incumbent during this primary season when all they've done is run us into unpayable debt because it is in the truest meaning of the word: unpayable. Dumping 25-30 million illegal aliens into those systems won't save them, it will simply drive the current whopping $122 TRILLIION dollars in unpaid liabilities (exclude Obamacare because those numbers aren't even known yet) to numbers so high, any talk of 'solvency' will be a cruel joke.

Rep. Trey Goudy recently said the House would use the power of the purse against Obama. Really? That's nice talk but where has the House been the last 50 years? It's not just the impostor in the White House, they're all responsible for this tragic mess. When Dr. Ron Paul was in the Outlaw Congress, he tried hard for many years to get the "FED" abolished. In 2007, he introduced another bill; there wasn't a single cosponsor so the bill died.

A monetary collapse can bring massive civil unrest as those of us paying attention saw in countries like Greece and the rioting we're seeing right now in Venezuala. When people have lost everything and have nothing more to lose, the picture gets very ugly. Empty bellies makes for angry mobs and violence.We live in a very dangerous time in the history of this country. As more and more Americans who do care about freedom and liberty and stopping the massive spending by both parties bringing us all to financial ruin, learn the truth about the disabilities of our monetary system and hijacking of the U.S. Constitution, the anger and rage is building and the evil doers know it. Their preparation: buy billions of rounds of ammo. It also helps create shortages in the private sector.

The big problem we have is this: No leadership in preparation of a meltdown. Do you stand there and let your house burn to the ground and then call the fire department? The same applies to our situation today. The dragoons in DHS are preparing for civil unrest while people are constantly distracted by Hillary the Hun possibly running for president, the ignorant running around shouting martial law will be declared tomorrow and other noise on the Internet.

So how do you checkmate government tyranny? By becoming organized. Not to over throw the U.S. government, but because it is your duty under the Second Amendment. Yes, I'm talking about the constitutional militia. Again. A few weeks ago, one of my email friends sent me a note about playing golf with some very educated men. One remarked that talking about the militia could get him in trouble! What? Has that learned gentleman ever read the Second Amendment?

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Way back in March 2005, Dr. Edwin Vieira wrote a column titled: Homeland Security: For What and For Whom? It was just the first of so many of his scholarly columns trying to educate all of us about things like the true meaning of the Second Amendment. In May of the same year, Edwin wrote this one: Are You Doing Your Constitutional Duty For "Homeland Security"? That was when I really began to fully understand the Second Amendment and why the constitutional militia is so important right now at this time in history.

There are 3,144 counties in these united States of America. If there were a constitutional militia group in every county in this country or even just half the counties, I guarantee you the thugs in Washington, DC., would go nuts. Just imagine tens of millions (remember there are more than 90 million gun owners in this country) of men (and women if they choose) who, ideally under the direction of their local sheriff or someone else highly trained, who have been given comprehensive classes on the founding of this republic, what the Declaration of Independence really means and the U.S. Constitution. Those militia chapters or units, whatever you want to call them, are organized and fully educated on what freedom and liberty really means vs tyrannical government. THAT would be a game changer.

While everyone is jumping up and screaming about what is going to happen, where is their plan? I know Greg Evensen and others like him have been trying very hard over the years to get folks educated and prepared, but it needs to be done on a mass scale. The Second Amendment is the militia (not the National Guard, not the Army) and it's long past time those in this country who say they are pro-Second Amendment get off their backsides, quit talking about the next lawsuit to stop 'gun grabbers' and put high heat on their state legislatures to reviatlize the constitutional militia.

It's been great to see hundreds of sheriffs across this country take a stand against the feds, but it's not enough. That courageous sheriff needs bodies standing behind him under state authority. I've received a number of emails recently from individuals in a few states who belong to or are working to build militias. That is good because one of the most important functions of a well regulated militia can be to help first responders and law enforcement for disasters like Katrina. I firmly believe that if Louisiana had the constitutional militia operational, we would not have seen the overwhelming misery that came from such a deadly hurricane. We would also not have seen the military or national guard trying to confiscate weapons from those most in need of them at the time.

I know some of the men working on getting militias up and running are also trying their best to get their state legislatures to wake the hell up and smell the smoke before they choke on it, but they can't do it alone. It takes boots on the ground. One thing that irritates me to no end is to get email from jocks who run militias (like here in Texas) who tell me, "We don't need the stinking state of Texas to tell us what to do". I-G-N-O-R-A-N-C-E. They couldn't be more wrong:

True v False Militia & Why the Difference Matters

"Although some of these private “militias” claim “common law” as their basis, they cannot stand on such a foundation. For “common law” had nothing whatsoever to do with the formation and operation of the Militia in any of the Colonies or independent States prior to ratification of the Constitution. All of those Militia were the products of charters or statutes. And in none of them did judges or sheriffs play any directing role. Under the Constitution, therefore, the same pattern must obtain today.

"As wholly private organizations with no legal authority peculiar to themselves—for certainly not a single one of them has been empowered by a State statute to participate in the activities they have taken upon themselves—these “militias” are necessarily not parts of the government of any State or Locality." Do take the time to read that column because it's very important as we take our case to our state legislatures.

Constitutional sound money bills in as many states of the Union and revitalizing the constitutional militia under state statutes are two things that would send the destroyers of this nation into a tail spin. Money and a police state. Total control of we the people, but we the people can and must stop them. The solutions are right there in the U.S. Constitution.

Do you know how the constitutional militia ties in with a constitutional sound money bill that 49 states of the Union so far have not passed? How many sincere Americans who are trying to save our country know why the 'purse and sword' is the constitutional, non-violent path we should all unite behind? Priorities vs importance. Life and death issues vs getting bogged down in all the distractions and minutia on the Internet that won't solve anything - like all the time wasted reading articles that offer nothing but anxiety to the reader instead of solutions.

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If you don't know the answers to the questions I posed above, I urge you to get the 4-disc DVD titled: The Purse and Sword. Watch it in segments with as many like minded people as you can gather and then go after your state legislators; house and senate. You'll know what I mean after you view the entire presentation. If money is right, 3, 4 people chip in and reduce the financial burden. And, please do visit my web site because I have very important (free) information posted about constitutional solutions and educational tools that helps all of us fight smart.

I know I sound like a broken record but if all we do is 'talk' to like minded people, the only thing accomplished is we all know the words to the same song. Those learning tools on the front page of my web site are powerful weapons for educating our fellow Americans.


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By becoming educated on what martial law is or isn't, it then becomes obvious the hysteria and splashy headlines is just more junk on the Internet. Self-proclaimed "experts" who have no facts to offer, they just keep people riled up. Get those readers to web sites that have a hundred different products to buy because that's how they stay in business.