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By: Devvy
November 17, 2013

"When all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated." —Thomas Jefferson to Charles Hammond, 1821. ME 15:332

Every few years, the same bleeding heart members of the Democratic/Communist Party USA start beating the drum to raise the minimum wage. Factually challenged bureau-rats in some state legislatures also want to continue punishing the employer by passing higher minimum wages in the private sector. Those mental midgets claim this will benefit the worker. Nothing like twisting logic upside down to get more votes and it's not just confined to Marxists. This is what a Republican had to say a few years ago when raising the minimum wage was the rage in the Outlaw Congress:

"Whether people like it or not, we need to go ahead with it," said Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., who supports the idea. "There's a general agreement among Republicans (opposing the raise) that "maybe we don't like it much, but we need to move forward with it just for political reasons." So you see, this isn't caring about the little guy, it's about politics and votes.

Where does the U.S. Constitution, Art. 1, Section 8, give Congress the authority to dictate to any private employer what they can and can't pay an employee? America is a free enterprise system. A system driven by competition and hard work. Do most Americans understand what Fascism is? Fascism is defined as a system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls; oppressive, dictatorial control. For the federal government to centralize the labors of the common man under laws that dictate socioeconomic controls is to strangle free enterprise and competition.

Poltroons in Congress can wrangle about tax cuts for the rich and raising the minimum wage, but it will NEVER cure the cancer, only prolong it. Those sandbaggers in Congress are the ultimate liars who have led us down the path of slavery and unless the people stop rewarding such deceit with reelection, the game will go on with the losers being we the people. I can tell you real men who birthed this republic would never have allowed any Congress to get away with this type of oppression and the deliberate destruction of a free enterprise system.

As for "tax cuts for the rich", thieves like Nancy Pelosi, who has a net worth of $58 million bux, might not be financially bothered by paying more in taxes, but the common man is being destroyed by them. Former Congressman Ron Paul introduced several bills in the past that would boost the economy and create jobs through spending. All ignored by those caring Republicans and Democrats in Congress - including Nancy Pelosi and Dirty Harry Reid.

It should be noted when Ron Paul introduced the TIPS act to help the very people who make minimum wage and see their tips taxed, there were more than 300,000 service workers in Dirty Harry's own state of Nevada. Did he support the bill? Not a chance. The bill died in committee - not a single Republican or Democratic/Communist Party USA rat in the Outlaw Congress supported it.

Dec. 12, 2000 - Paul Calls for an End to Withholding Taxes -Congressman calls current revenue system 'inherently deceptive'

April 4, 2001: Congressman Paul Introduces Legislation to Abolish Withholding Taxes

January 29, 2009: Ron Paul Introduces Tax Free Tips Act - Waiters, waitresses and other employees who receive tips would not pay federal income tax on them.

Why the silence from the thugs who run the SEIU (Service Employees International Union birthed by the Communist Party International) who don't give a tinker's dam about their members when those bills were introduced and died? If they cared so much about their workers, they would have fought to get Ron Paul's bill passed through Congress because those bills - especially the TIPS Act - would have greatly benefited their membership.

As the gluttony of the bloated federal and state governments continues to grow unchecked, the burden of taxation is killing off the middle class; for those with a combined household income of less than $35,000 a year, it literally is living one can of beans to the next. Those ever so benevolent politicians with a Gestapo agency like the IRS to carry out their dirty work, continue to upchuck the only way to help those hard working folks who really do need a break is to continue raising taxes for more useless federal, state and county jobs that produce nothing and raise the minimum wage level of pay.

Such stupidity actually hurts minimum wage workers. A sure recipe for failure, but then again, most politician's thought process is driven by campaign contributions and reelection. Politicians tend to be weepy, cowardly, emotion driven creatures who can't seem to help themselves.

While those same career politicians sell financial poison, the reality of raising the minimum wage tells a different story: Minimum Wages and Unemployment: Case Closed - "In short, the preponderance of the evidence over the last 75 years is that low-skilled jobs (mostly held by the less-educated and less-skilled young and minorities) are extinguished by government wage fixing."

I have every respect for any individual who gives an honest day's work for a day's wage. Traditionally in this country, workers are compensated for their labor according to their skill, education and experience. Minimum wage jobs were never meant to be a 'living wage' because those are jobs that generally require little to no experience, i.e. high school drop-outs, unskilled workers, or by college students because of flexible schedules and retired folks looking to supplement their retirement income and stay active. Paying an entry level clerk, a hotel maid or burger flipper $100.00 an hour isn't going to solve the problem.

Besides the endless confiscation of someone's hard earned labor via more and more heavy, progressive taxation, the single biggest reason why making the minimum wage $100.00 an hour isn't the solution is the "Federal" Reserve. It's the devaluation of our currency and the purchasing power of the "dollar" that is the problem. An issue completely ignored by most adult aged Americans in this country.

Sadly, the owned by Wall Street Outlaw Congress did not abolish the unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve six years ago when Ron Paul introduced a bill. Hell, most of them had to be dragged kicking and screaming to even sign on to a bill to audit the "Fed". As Dr. Edwin Vieira wrote in one of his articles: The Road Not Taken (Nov. 2011):

"Today, America finds herself once again lost in “the yellow wood” of monetary chaos, at a point where “two roads diverge”—

"One road leads to “more of the same”—“monkey business as usual”, as it were, both politically and economically—aimed at propping up domestic as well as foreign zombie banks; subordinating the United States Treasury to the cabals of private financial power-brokers in New York and London; and, one may be assured, expanding the fraud of irredeemable legal-tender paper currency to the supra-national level, with a new “global currency” which will surely strip America of her economic sovereignty, and likely will attenuate if not eliminate her political sovereignty, too.

"We must not be enticed down that wrong road by the illusion that we can convince Congress to reinstitute some kind of traditional “gold standard” that pulls the Federal Reserve System from the pit of its own incompetence, profligacy, and criminality, by somehow returning Federal Reserve Notes to redeemability in gold

"My “Cross of Gold” address to this audience in October of 2010 said all that needs to be said against the substance of proposals of that kind. Of course, I shall be the first to commend the proponents of such plans for their patriotism, imagination, courage, and optimism. But, as General Sosobowski reputedly said when General Browning reviewed the plan for the ultimately disastrous Operation Market Garden: “I am thrilled that your great Field Marshall Montgomery has devised such a plan. I promise you that I shall be properly ecstatic if it works.”

We are too far down the road to ruin brought to all of us by the same incumbents Americans keep reelecting over and over and over. I urge you to take the time to read all of Edwin's column because he provides the only solution left to us for our very survival.

Unless and until Americans fully understand the disabilities of our monetary system, they will continue to take the road to financial destruction by demanding more Band Aids to "fix" the problem. Of course, this requires an investment in time and the ability to understand the subject matter. While no one likes to say it, tragically, we have tens and tens of millions of adult aged Americans who are so under educated, it's heart breaking. Graduating high school seniors who read at seventh grade level. We've all seen clerks at a grocery or convenience store who can't make change unless the computer tells them the amount. So sad, but those who have done their homework know it has all been by design.

I knew nothing about the "Fed" and our debauched currency until I was 40 years old when I was handed a book that had a lot of information about it; that's where my journey began 23 years ago. I read the chapters on the "Fed" and said, what a minute, that can't be right. The "Federal" Reserve is part of our government. After all, it's called the Federal Reserve! How wrong I was. Dozens of books later, thousands of hours of reading them, Dr. Vieira's two volume tome, Pieces of Eight, as well as so many of his speeches, I learned the truth about the central bank. It IS the head of the beast dragging us over the abyss. A ravenous beast devouring everything in its path, sucking the life blood of this country for 100 years come Dec. 23, 2013.

Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution - should have won a Pulitzer Prize in economics. That two volume set is available at Amazon; every State Law Library received one. Most major law-school libraries received one as well as a few big-city libraries. The cost of that book is about average for law books of the same caliber. If you live near a State Law Library or law school, call and see if you can check out a copy if they have it. The three pieces below are certainly required reading:

The Federal Reserve System as a Parasite by Dr. Edwin Vieira
A Caveat Against Injustice or, An Inquiry into the Evils of a Fluctuating Medium of Exchange By Roger Sherman, 1752
Congressman Louis McFadden spoke before Congress in 1933 about the evils of the Federal Reserve System; a very famous speech printed in the Congressional Record. A real eye opener.

If at all possible, get the single best DVD set I've ever seen for the cure: The Purse & The Sword. This is an eight hour presentation by Dr. Edwin Vieira. Here are some of the reviews:

"EVERY ONE needs to see this video!”

"A fantastic tool for tea party, constitutional, and home school groups.”

"I don't know how to give a higher rating to this video. Dr. Vieira explains how the government and the people are to lawfully deal with economic and homeland security issues. He has created a sort of "visual constitution" through which it becomes easy to see how we should be operating as a nation - and where we are failing. Not only is this the best explanation of these processes I have ever seen or read, but he does it with such a common sensical approach that it is easy for anyone to understand it. This video should be shown in every high school and college. It should be played on every public access station in the nation. It should be shown on PBS every week. EVERY ONE needs to see this video!"

A constitutional presentation like nothing you've ever seen before with the only solutions if this country is going to survive. If money is tight, pool your resources, get a copy and share. Get your group together and watch it in two hour increments and then go after your state legislatures. You'll understand why I say that after watching the full presentation.

Power Point Presentation on Lawful Money. This slide presentation was put together by a dear friend of mine. It is an exceptional way to explain our debauched currency to people - especially minimum wage workers. Once they understand the problem, people will realize they've not been given the solution (raising the minimum wage), but rather more of the same down the path of ruin. Please do share this with your mailing lists, family, friends and activists. That site is a treasure trove of knowledge: "The documents, presentations, videos and audio recordings on this site are evidence of the unconstitutional and illegal activities engaged in by those holding fiscal responsibilities positions within the General Government of the United States and the Federal Reserve System Board of Governors and management."

Additionally, this (The US Inflation Calculator measures the buying power of the dollar over time) will help folks understand the value of a dollar. In 1913 (the year the unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve Act was passed) you could purchase an item for $20.00. Today, that same item will cost you $473.03; an inflation rate of 2,215.1%.

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People always say they don't have time to read. Well then, they don't have time for freedom, either. Knowledge is power, but only if we acquire and use it.

Freedom is our noble cause. Stay the course. Stay focused on finding when the problem started so we can all pursue the only solution at this point in time (The Road Not Taken). Folks are going to have some spare time with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. A perfect time to share this information with family, friends and members of our state legislatures. Forget the thieves, liars and crooks in Congress. It's too late. We crossed the Rubicon years ago. ALL of them have thrown away our freedom and financial future by not addressing the "Fed" beast and their lust for taxing us into poverty. Now, it's up to us.

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2- The U.S. Constitution & Money: Corruption & Decline by Michael Rozeff, Emeritus Professor of Finance, University of Buffalo
3- A Cross of Gold
4- Miracle on Main Street: Saving Yourself and America from Financial Ruin by the late, great Tupper Saussy
5- Demand Congress stop withholding taxes now

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© 2013 - and Devvy - All Rights Reserved

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Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party. Devvy is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.

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Where does the U.S. Constitution, Art. 1, Section 8, give Congress the authority to dictate to any private employer what they can and can't pay an employee? America is a free enterprise system. A system driven by competition and hard work.